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2 I understand why you feel dirty, but I hope you are able to get past that quickly. I don't have herpes, but I've had other STDs, and I've felt the same way. Including having to go back to previous partners and telling them. It sucked and made me feel awful. But getting infected WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

My sister has had herpes for over 20 years. She is still angry at the man who infected her. Without knowing where you got it, I can see that it would be easy to turn that anger on yourself. But IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

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I agree with Karen. And I know it's easier said than done, but don't be so hard on yourself! Sooooo many people have herpes and other std's. It happens. You're getting treatment and hopefully itclears up asap. I also am a closet crier and will do *anything* to avoid crying in front of people. Could you take a bath and cry it out some?
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I completely agree--no reason for shame or guilt! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I'm sure it would be hard at any time, but with late-pregnancy hormones going wild, it has to be even harder.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry. That is a hard pill to swallow! I hope you allow yourself some space to heal emotionally and mentally. Overcoming all that you have overcome is no easy task and when it comes back to slap you in the face it HURTS! *HUG*
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I have herpes. I have Type 1 (and which type you have DOES make a difference - HSV1 is typically much less problematic). I got it through oral sex while my partner had a cold sore on his mouth. Go figure. So you could have gotten it from your current partner - who knows!

You do NOT have to have a section. However, I do recommend that you do some major suppression therapy (valtrex, or the like - I'm not a fan of meds but IMO since you're having an outbreak so close to your EDD I think the risk of not taking them is higher than the risk of taking them) as well as dietary therapy (re: the lysine suggestion). And lower your stress! Stress is a HUGE trigger for HSV. If this means going for massages 3x a week and taking nice warm bubble baths every night, do it!

If I were you, I would simply look for an outbreak when you go into labour and then make a judgement call then. IF you have had it for a while, you have been making antibodies for a long time which will significantly reduce the chances of your baby getting it IF there is any kind of shedding. Breastfeeding will also reduces the chances so make sure you nurse exclusively and don't give in to supplementing.

I've had HSV1 for two years now. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant. I have NO concern about it at all. I'll keep an eye out for a lesion when I go into labour, but I'm really not worried the tiniest bit about it. When I first found out I freaked out so scared that I wouldn't be able to have a vaginal birth again so I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that the only reason I would consent to a cesarean is if I have a lesion that CANNOT be covered up (there is some kind of clear liquid that they can put on it that essentially seals it off - like glue or nail polish sort of - or sometimes they will just drape something over the lesion).

Remember, you are not doomed to a cesarean, not yet. You still have time and you still have options.
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Aw mama. I'm sorry you're stressing about this. I imagine it must be tough (I know I'd be reacting similarly to you.) You've gotten some really great feedback here. I agree, go have a good cry over it & try to put it behind you. It really, really sounds like the mamas who've posted who have herpes don't give it much thought at all. I think you'll look back at this & think "what a waste of energy to have stressed over it!" (I do this a lot, so I try to remember it as it happens.)

DP gets oral cold sores and I've always worried about him spreading it by touching them and then touching the kids or me.
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fwiw, a family member of mine has GH and still had a vaginal delivery.
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just wanted to add some more of support as you navigate this difficult situation. sounds like some PPs have some great tips/ideas for you.
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That is WONDERFUL news!!! Sucks that you're still dealing with any vaginal issues this close to birth, but I'm so happy for you that it isn't GH and is hopefully something that goes away on its own shortly.
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that is so fantastic! whew. you must feel So relieved.
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what wonderful news!

I thought it might be yeast - I used to get perineal fissures, and in researching it, I found many many people who had been told their fissures/sores were herpes when they were in fact yeast. It just happens that way with some, where the yeast is external rather than internal.
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Okay, so it stinks that they don't know what it is for sure, but what AWESOME GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is fabulous!!! And it's totally possible to have an external yeast infection-that's how mine was that lasted over a month before the internal symptoms appeared. I would do garlic internally, lots of probiots, and an antifungal cream or tto externally, as well.
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That is awesome!! I had the same thing happen to me a few years back. They told me they were sure I had it and then all the results came back negative. Never did figure out what it was though. Just some sort of yeast infection/irritation. Hope you feel better quickly!
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That's great that the results were negative! What a relief.
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Woohoo! That's great news!
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woohooo!! That is so awesome! I bet you are sooo relieved!!!
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