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Books for the religiously well rounded child

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I don't have a particular religious belief system. I am a spiritual person who believes there are good things to be learned from all faiths/belief systems. I want to raise religiously well rounded children. If they grow up and choose to be Baptist, Muslim, or Atheist i do not care. I do however, think it's important to have a grasp of stories and teachings from all religions in order to foster an understanding and acceptance of all the Earth's people (and less importantly, to understand the Christian religious symbolism of Moby Dick - OK maybe that's not important but it is interesting )

I'm looking for books for toddlers and young children that will teach the stories of many different religions without too much (hmmm how to say this)moral directing? I don't want the end of the story to be "This proves God, Allah, the Spaghetti Monster want you to live this way and if you don't you are not living in accordance with their will/teachings." Just a simple - "there was a man named Noah and he did this" and the next story "Gilgamesh lived a long time ago and he did this"

Any book suggestions?
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I'll be watching this thread. I hope you get some responses. I have a sufficient background to pick out a decent anthology of bible stories, but I've been holding off because I'd like the give it to the kids at the same time as some books with stories from other religious traditions.
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My kids are really enjoying Idries Shah's books. They are stories from the Sufi tradition (Muslim). They are not overly preachy (or preachy at all)... and basically allow the reader to come to his/her own conclusion. We actually found them at our library

Two examples:
"The Man with Bad Manners"

"The Boy without a Name"
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I know I have posted this book this week for another thread question, but I just absolutely love it.

All-of-a-Kind-Family shows a family with five daughter living their regular lives while observing Jewish traditions. It's not preachy at all, it's simply a background of their lives. It's very sweet, and the portrayal of the family is absolutely heartwarming.
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Oriole, thank you for reminding me of the All of A Kind Family books - I read them as a child and they were among my favorites! I learned a lot about Jewish traditions as well as life in New York City in the early 1900s. Really, really fabulous books.

I have a 3-year-old son, and friends have passed a few Christian-themed books for young children on to us. I especially like "9 Fruits Alive" and "Badger's Lovely Day" b/c they relate contemporary scenarios to various scripture passages on how to be kind and help each other. I also like "Badger's Easter Surprise", b/c it connects the story of re-birth in the spring to the story of Jesus' resurrection. Not sure if this is what you are interested in, but you can check them out if you like.

Looking forward to seeing what others recommend, too!
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