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Newborn and Cold Season

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Any other of you get nervous about how our babies are being born on the brink of cold season. I'm especially directing this towards parents who have kids in school - like my 5 year old just started kindergarten. I was going to put my 3 year old in preschool but I think I'll just keep him out until spring so at least minimize exposure since big bro will be bringing home enough.

Anyone else nervous? How are you feeling about it all?

p.s. I haven't had the baby yet.
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Check out my kids birthdays.


And they both started in daycare at 7 weeks old () Poor Charlie got his first cold when he was 8 weeks old. Fun? No. But not much I could do about it. They immune systems have proved to be pretty stellar so far this season. Im hoping all that early exposure will pay off in some posative way.
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DDCC from December - I don't have other kids but I don't think I'm as worried as I would be with a baby born earlier in the fall or summer. I think I've already had a minor cold so my circulating cold virus antibodies are a little higher than they would normally be. Since the last few weeks of pregnancy include a pretty sizeable 'immunity injection' I figure he'll be pretty well protected. Plus I'll be passing on even more antibodies with colostrum (and probably after catching another minor cold).
If I were due in August or September I wouldn't be as confident since my immune system wouldn't have the chance to switch over to 'winter-mode' yet.
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I'm not super stressed out over this because my older daughter is only 3 (and going to be home schooled anyway) and most of her friends aren't in daycare. I have found that putting the baby in a mai tai style carrier makes it difficult/impossible for curious people to touch her or get very close. (Plus it makes for a happy baby.)

I am thinking twice, however, about allowing the baby to accompany Alice to a weekend story hour that will have lots of school age kids at it.

Advice I read in a magazine in a doctor's office lobby was to make your older child(ren) "hand washing police" and have them be "responsible" for making sure that anyone who wants to touch their sibling wash his/her hands first.
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Anders is getting over his first cold and he's under 2 weeks old. Sad? Yes. A little worrisome, too. But he's actually not super bothered, and it hasn't become a cough or had a fever or anything. I've just nursed him really often, and have used a Nosefrida with him when he seemed frustrated.

It really hasn't been a huge deal, honestly. DS1 and I have also been sick (DS1 gave it to Anders, and I'm not entirely sure where DS1 picked it up!). I think I'm the most miserable, with DS1 a close second!
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I'm a little worried because I already have friends who want to come and see us, but they have kids in public school/preschool. I don't want to be rude, but I really don't want their kids coming around while my baby is so small and new. The only friends I plan on letting in with kids are those who don't put them in daycare or public school. That's the only way I can keep these germs outside of my house. I just don't need to be dealing with a cold for everybody, myself included. We'll see what happens.
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Originally Posted by rparker View Post
Advice I read in a magazine in a doctor's office lobby was to make your older child(ren) "hand washing police" and have them be "responsible" for making sure that anyone who wants to touch their sibling wash his/her hands first.
I love this! My DD (5 yrs) will be all over this, she's always telling about how many responsibilities she's going to have once BabySister gets here.

I'm trying not to obsess over cold & flu season. My plan of attack is to babywear, wash hands like crazy, boost everyone's immune system with elderberry syrup and Vit A, and not let people into my house. Not letting people visit may border on rude, but I'm ok with that. Most of my circle of friends are very aware of spreading germs and will wait until they are well regardless. Of course, there is one perpetually sick family that seems to think cough, runny nose, and exhaustion is normal.
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I'm a little nervous, but part of that is b/c my best friend's baby has already had RSV. Both of my big kids are in public school and I know that colds will just be a fact of life; the baby will be in PT daycare (although with just one other baby). We will stay in for the first few weeks a bit more than I did with my son, who was a summer baby, and when I take the baby out, s/he will be in the sling as much as possible.
I like the hand washing police idea, we will try that. My children are at very rules-focused ages and I know they will be hardcore. ;-)
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Thank you everyone! It's nice to be able to talk with other mothers who are in the same boat as I am.

I never felt worried with my youngest because I didn't have anyone else in school. My husband just tries to remind me that I'll be breastfeeding and that's probably one of the best things I can to preventative-wise. He's very optimistic about it all. I'm currently sick with some kind of kindergarten sickies.

I think the hand washing police thing is a great idea. Thank you!

I also am big on baby wearing and I will not hesitate to refuse people holding my newborn for the sake of hurting feelings. Baby will be Moby-wrapped to me at all times!
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