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How do you do a food challenge (dairy)?

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Dd has been off dairy for 4 weeks, and her symptoms improved dramatically after just a few days of being off. I am ready to do a food challenge. I know it probably sounds like I should just assume dairy was it, but teething was also going on and may have been a major factor. Anyways, I'm going to do a food challenge. I just need to know what to give her, how much of it, and for how long? I searched the web and couldn't find any guidelines. A friend suggested one serving of yogurt each day until I conclude that either she needs to go back of dairy or she's doing fine with it. Would that work?
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Well, one bite of dairy would be sufficient to give my dd bloody poop. I guess if you really want to be sure then you could give her a whole yogurt, but I would have it be only milk no sugar or additives like thickeners, so I think maybe just having her drink plain milk would be better.
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How old is your daughter?

We did an in-office dairy challenge. They gave DS 1 oz of milk every 15 minutes until he had had a toddler-sized serving. Four ounces total, I think? And I think they started with a smaller amount than 1 oz for the first "dose" - like they just made sure that it coated his tongue.

We were watching for anaphlatic reactions, and they kept us 2 hours after the challenge was over , for observation. BUT, they (allergy doctor) don't care about delayed reactions, and I think that's where DH and I disagreed. (I thought he had a delayed rxn of sleep disturbance, itchy eczema; DH thought he was fine.)

And you're probably interested in more intolerance, delayed reactions. And if you're re-introducing dairy (after a much longer time away from it, I think), does require starting with yogurt - or probiotics first - so that the system of enzymes and bacteria can re-develop in the gut to digest the milk.

I'm sorry, I'm not giving advice. I'm rambling. I would think you would want to know, "yes, this is the milk" and therefore start with a definite dose of the milk.
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I recommend doing it first thing in the morning, empty stomach. We did a glass of milk. It was obvious to us...within minutes DS had a runny nose. To be sure, we did it again 4 days later, and same thing. Runny nose, stuffy that night, and gastro issues. For him, it is multi-system and both instant and delayed reaction. Needless to say, he doesn't really even mind skipping the dairy now LOL. You definitely want to do something more plain, like milk, or cottage cheese, etc and not something mixed with other items so you can be sure.
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She is almost 17 months. Her main symptom (if related) was sleeplessness.
I looked to dairy because that is what affected her colic when she was an infant.
She eats oatmeal with almond milk in it every morning (after nursing). How about if I put dairy milk in her oatmeal instead? I don't think I could get her to drink plain milk. She only drinks water. And I know I can't get her to do anything before nursing.

Thanks again!!
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That would probably work. Pay close attention to her, I had no idea at all that DS had ANY symptoms from dairy until our Dr told us to eliminate it to see if it would help his allergies. It wasn't until we took it away and then tested it that I found all this out!
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