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Which one do you prefer?

I'm still waiting for my first PPAF (my LO is 12m) and am not actively charting yet, but will likely get started pretty soon. When we conceived my DS I charted all of half a cycle *on paper* before I got my BFP. But this time I'd like to do online charting.

What are the pros and cons of FF vs TCOYF? I'm already signed up for both, but wondered what you all thought of them.
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I found FF easier to use overall and seemed to be more accurate for me. Though usually it was off on my O date since I always o'ed the day of the temp drop not the day of the rise.
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I love FF and when sharing mine/reading others I find its a lot easier to quickly decipher things compared to TCOYF charts.

That said, TCOYF book is awesome and always a recommendation from me... but I think they would really be better off to join forces with FF to make both a bit better.
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Yeah, I love the TCOYF book! I read it before I got preg with my first and it rocked my world. . even when not TTC I love really understanding how things are working with my cycle.

I have noticed that most mamas are using FF though.
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oh for pros and cons... i don't know much about TCOYF but I know that FF has more features and is easier for many of us to look at a wonky chart and almost instantly spot a problem with it. So that would be a big pro in my book.

Plus, you dont have to pay for FF to get it to work for you, but if you do pay you get a lot of added features that I personally feel are totally worth it.
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I like FF better but haven't decided about buying a VIP membership just yet.
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I've used both FF and Ovusoft for many years. I prefer the Ovusoft and found it to be more accurate. It also has features automatically that FF doesn't (on the free FF version at least). For example Ovusoft will add or subtract a 10th for each 1/2 hour off of your regular wake time. They also say where you're at in the cycle and forecast AF, pregnancy, fertile times, etc.

I also like the layout of Ovusoft better, the symptoms you can add, etc. I will add that I'm referring to the software, not the free beta version. I didn't like that one at all.
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