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Newborn in Mobywrap questions

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Hello everyone!
My baby is due very soon (anytime!) and I'm hoping to wear him a lot in the Moby. I didn't start wearing my older daughter in a Moby until she was a few months old and we always used the hug hold -- we both liked it and I found it very comfortable. So I'm thinking I'll use the newborn hug hold to start with, but in reading the directions, it sounds like the baby goes into the "pocket"/open seam on one side -- which is a little different from the hug hold I used with DD.

Does sliding them into the pocket just add a little more support when they're so little?

Also, I'd love any thoughts any of you have on the other holds for newborns -- do you find the cradle hold better/easier?
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We used the Moby a lot with J when she was tiny. She didn't like craddle carries of any type though so we always used an upright tummy to tummy hold.

Our Moby didn't have a pocket though. We just crossed it over the front then pulled the ches band up over her. It was very snug but not completely hands free as she didn't like having her head tucked in so, when she fell asleep, we often had to support her head with one hand If she'd let us tuck her head in then it would have been a very secure hands free carry.
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I used a kangaroo carry variant from birth to 3 months, with the pocket inside the cross instead of outside.
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My husband and I started wearing our baby boy when he was 2 days old in our Moby. We mainly did belly to belly but I had a friend who wore her baby in the hold you are talking about and her son loved it. My Moby had so much fabric that it being folded in half was plenty of fabric to hold in that way. I wish I had tried it earlier with my son. I'm sure there's a video online you could find if you're not sure. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the thoughts on holds, everyone! I may experiment with the cradle hold, just to see how it works and if we like it - especially since I think that may make nursing in the Moby possible, but am glad to hear many of you used the hug hold/belly to belly with your newborns, since that is what I'm most familiar with.
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