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Hi Jamie, so court did not go in my favor yesterday. The judge ordered a new hearing in Nov. however I am still scheduled to appear there in Dec unless the Nov hearing goes in my favor. With what we already discussed is everything still in line for it going in my favor? It didn't go well yesterday but it will happen happen at the Nov hearing instead?
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Something has/is shifting. And I feel that this is very up in the air right now. I don't feel a decision has been made yet about how this will go. I keep hearing that you need to 'keep your nose clean'. We have spoken enough that I know your intentions and how you are living. But this is not up to me. So take that for what it might mean to you. Do not give any reason, even minute, for them to grant the other side anything. I will say that I still feel like this will get moved up to your area. I am hearing that. But I can feel the energy of what is against you in this situation. I feel like this really coincides with what we have talked about in our last session. About your self esteem and your strength. You are making changes right now that are against how you have been doing things. You are making more positive choices for yourself. But the energy has flowed one way for so long. So when you shift it, you suddenly are going against the current. It's very natural to 'make waves'. Don't stop what your doing and the positive changes you are making. It will take strength on your part as well as trust. This is up t you.

You can do this!
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