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Connor and Seamus are here. UPDATE #5 - Page 2

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Congratulations Sasha and yes, may they both come home soon!

( herrrrre we go everyone...baby time!)
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Congrats on your sweet boys! I pray that you are able to bring both boys home with you!!
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Congratulations, mama! Glad to hear the boys are doing well. Keep us updated!
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Congrats!!! Glad to hear everyone is doing well!
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aw, congrats!!! i hope they chunk up soon so they are able to come home asap!!
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Yay, how exciting! Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boys!
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Congratulations,I love their names.
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Connor and Seamus! healing vibes and strong prayers headed your way for your two blessings!
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Congratulations and welcome Connor and Seamus!

I hope you're able to bring them both home soon.
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DDCC YAY CONGRATS!!! Sounds like evyerthing is going well! I'm so glad you made it to 35 weeks! Post some pics if you can for all of us MoM's
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Congratulations on your 2 boys! I hope you're all together at home soon!
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Congratulations, mama!

I'm glad to hear you are all doing well and hope they are both home with you quickly.
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Thank you all.

Also thank you for the complements on the names we have had them picked out for a long time now and they really mean a lot to us so that made me very happy to see how many people liked their names.

I went back looking and saw KittyWitty had posted for me on the weekly chat and I want to say thank you to you I wanted to let you guys know as soon as possible but didn't know how to do it. I have a friend that knows my password and could post it on facebook, but there was no way he was going to figure out were and how to post for me on my DDC or even what one was. So thank you.

Today is a sad and good day. Connor was doing really well but had a sudden drop in... well just about everything. He has been taken off feeding for a while and is being given antibiotics and the touch of apnea that he had at the beginning has gotten worse. But things change so fast for these little guys hopefully I will have a better update as soon as possibly this afternoon.

Seamus had a rocky start but is actually starting to pass his brother up health wise. He is tolerating breastmilk through a tube really well and it is a big maybe cross your fingers that I "might" be able to put him to the breast this afternoon. He is on room air now as well.

Hopefully both of my boys will be filling good and healthy soon.

I feel great, my dr has managed to get me to stay until Saturday I miss my other children so badly I can hardly wait to see them all together.

Oh! And one more thing. I wasn't sure if my original description explained it well or not but both boys were born vaginal so no c-section. In fact it went really well not a tear or anything, my legs and back from being on bedrest so long hurts more than anything else.
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Congrats Mama!!! Your little ones are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry today has been rocky. You're right, though. Things change awfully quickly - for good or bad - with the little bitty ones. I hope the good news is coming quickly!

And hooray for a vaginal birth! I wasn't sure from your initial description if it was a stat c/s or a fast vaginal birth. So glad it was the latter! I'm glad you get to stay on for a bit and be with them, too. Hopefully you can find some way to be closer until they're home.
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I was afraid I'd make you mad posting about it before you did, Sasha. But I was excited. I'm glad you're not mad at me.

I hope Connor does better! I'm sorry he's having setbacks.

And for the vaginal delivery!
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Thank you everyone.

Sorry it has taken a while to post anything but I have been having trouble getting to a computer. We are staying at a GREAT charity orginization very close to the hospital but the computers are hard to get some privacy on during the day and I am just too tired at night. Our laptop has been having issues and not really working right, maybe a virus? So if you are on facebook with me and are getting a bunch of fronterville spam that is SO NOT me, my friend has been using my account to play the game and get stuff for his people on the game. I wouldnt mind except some family have been thinking I am not updating about the twins but playing that game. I am going to have to put a stop to it for the time being.

That being said my update is bitter sweet. Seamus (our little guy) is doing GREAT other than the tube for feeding he is completly off of everything. He is taking 2oz of breastmilk at a feeding (although through the tube, still hasnt figured out how to suck). It is amazing how well he is doing and yet sooo tiny.
Connor is having a rough go at it. He has an infection. From what they tell me it is something that sometimes just develops in premature babies and that he didnt catch it from anyone or anything. So they are having to pump a lot of fluids with antibiotics through his I.V. but his little veins keep closing up and then they have to move the I.V. and it takes forever and he screams so hard when they are trying to get it back in, it is one of the most painful things I have ever had to let happen as a mother. I know it has to be done but it breaks my heart everytime. So yesterday they tried to put in a deepline I.V. but couldnt get it in. They are going to try again today. I am so scared about this but it is coming to the point were putting the I.V. in 4 plus times a day is torture for the poor guy. I am praying they get it in today and that the antibiotics work out the problems he has been having. He keeps having apnea episodes that they believe are caused by the infection. Please keep praying.

My body is doing something strange. I kept having high blood pressure reads after the twins were born, so they put me on blood pressure medication. I am still having trouble with this and everytime I do anything but lay down my feet and legs double in size with swelling withen 30 minutes. Should I be worried? I have never had a blood pressure problem before, even while pregnant with the twins.

My dh is gone to go get the kids and bring them over for the day, I am so excited! I have not seen my other 5 children since I first let for the hospital Monday morning. I had gotten to the point were I couldnt even look at anything child related without bursting into tears. I am hoping having them spend the night will be just the thing I/we need to get us through another week and then hopefully we will be able to bring them all back up for another overnight visit. And then... who knows... maybe just maybe prayerfully we will be able to bring BOTH of the twins home.

Will try to update in a couple of days, sooner if we can get out laptop fixed.
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