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Connor and Seamus are here. UPDATE #5 - Page 4

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What wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!

as for the extra milk - hooray! - please do consider donating it locally. The hospital lactation consultant might know of a place. Or post here in your local Tribe forum, or check MilkShare.com

I have several friends whose babies have had donated milk. It is a great gift!
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Thank you all, your support really does mean more to me than you all can possible imagine.

The stuff with my MIL has and IS driving me insane. I am so angry and I am having a very hard time letting it go. It doesn't help that we keep finding out more and more things that went on and each new thing drives the anger level higher. For instance we have a friend house sitting for us now that none of us are there and he calls up the first night and asks "Sasha... umm... I'm looking in your fridge and... what was Mazzy eating this past week?" Turns out that even though we gave her $200 for a weeks worth of groceries MIL had spent it all on cakes, frozen meals and CANDY. This would be bad enough but it makes it down right abusive when you take into account that Mazzy (our oldest dd) is diabetic! I called and asked Mazzy about it and she told me that she hadn't wanted to worry me and had been making herself some things we had in the freezer before hand, but other than that just kind of going without!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO mad and horrified that could have been deadly for my daughter! MIL will never, ever, ever watch my kids again.

Sorry about my tantrum. I'm just having a hard time dealing with this on top of everything else. We are trying to find a place to rent close to the hospital so we can all be together but having a hard time finding a place that doesn't require a lease.


It is amazing how well things are going and how good God has been to us. Both boys are just waiting to learn to eat and other than that they are perfectly fine. I asked the care team how long this will take and they told us that ultimately anything can always happen but that they can have a pretty good gauge on how long it usually takes based on there current behavior with nipple and based off that they are saying at least 2 weeks but probably closer to 3 weeks. They were really confused about this because it is pretty unusual for preemies that are born at 35 weeks to have this hard of a time with sucking so they asked if my due date could have been wrong. It was like a light bulb went off! Of course my date could have been WAY wrong. My daughter was 17 months old and I was still nursing her and I had that spotty period you have right before you are going to start having your regular menstrual cycle again. So several months went by and I realized I hadn't had my period yet so we took a pregnancy test and sure enough I was. By the time we finally got around to an ultrasound it was determined that I was 17 weeks pregnant and surprise surprise pregnant with twins! So now the doctors are way more relaxed about some of the set backs the boys have been having because it is all stuff they would have totally expected from them had I only been 32 or 33 weeks along. Ultimately we will never know though.

I took some great pictures the last night. I have no idea how to do it but as soon as I can pin my dh down long enough I am going to have him download some pictures and post them for you guys. Will try to update again in a few days.
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Oh! almost forgot. I asked at the boys hospital about donating milk and they dont have a program for it but there is a woman at the charity house we are staying at who has a preemie at another hospital in the city and she said she overheard the nurses there talking about having a low back supply in there donor milk freezer so I am going to call them this afternoon and see how I can go about doing that.

Also I think my medication must finally be working because I am not swelling now unless I am late in taking it. Have appointment with the doctor for myself next Friday. Have any of you ever heard of someone developing a blood pressure problem AFTER the baby is born???
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Your MIL sounds infuriating!!! I am so sorry you are having to deal with that right now, too.

donating the milk sounds great! I'm sure the stress is not helping your blood pressure, either. I hope you find a rental soon. Some hotels have good extended stay programs that might work maybe? Might be cramped, but sounds safer than with your mil! I can't wait for pictures!
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Just remembered one more thing! (can you tell that I am on a computer with a good Internet connection for the first time in days?)
I finally posted my complete birth story: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1273507

When posted the first post on this thread I was SUPER super sleep deprived and put in a couple of oopsies about the time and weight of the boys. So I went ahead and fixed that. Ok... so now I have to leave this lovely, lovely computer with its fast internet connection.

Talk to you guys in a couple of days, keep those babies cooking.
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Wow Sasha, so much going on! Oy, that would really make me angry if MIL did that - especially with a diabetic child.

Sounds like things are going okay with the boys - and wow, a change in due date totally makes sense!

I hope thing continue to improve and they figure out the nursing thing.
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Oh wow - you are definitely right to be annoyed at your MIL. I'm glad your dd didn't have any glycemic issues while you were gone!

That's so exciting that the boys are doing so well - I can't wait to see pictures.
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Grrrr MILs!! I would be furious if someone fed my kid nothing but junk, and he isn't diabetic. Thank goodness your DD is old enough tolook out for herself!

Wish I had tome to write more, but I wanted to mention that pre-eclampsia can start or continue up to 6 weeks past birth, IIRC. Have your diva been checking your urine at all? I'm glad the med is starting to kick in.
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Wow, Sasha. I just read your birth story as well as your other posts and I have to say I am so impressed with your strength going through everything you have in the past few months. I'm so glad to hear your boys are doing better.
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I'm so happy to hear how well both the boys are doing! I think of them and you often and send good thoughts for lots of health and short hospital stays.

How horrible about your MIL. That's the last thing you need to be dealing with.
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Hey everyone guess who finally has pictures posted.
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They are beautiful!!!!!!!
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Oh those pictures are gorgeous!!!
And when I see them together, I still think about your story of them comforting each other in the womb
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So adorable!
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Originally Posted by karen1968 View Post
Wish I had tome to write more, but I wanted to mention that pre-eclampsia can start or continue up to 6 weeks past birth, IIRC. Have your diva been checking your urine at all? I'm glad the med is starting to kick in.
EEK! I so didnt know that! I think I would have been way more afraid when I was doing my super swelling if I had known. I had always thought it was just a while you were pregnant thing. My face is almost back to normal and I am finally wearing my shoes and wedding band again. So hopefully that means I am out of the danger zone but I am still taking the blood pressure meds 3 times a day, they didnt test my urine at all after the boys were born.
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So bad news good news time.

Remember when the doctors thought we had TTTS (twin to twin transfer syndrome) and they put me on bedrest? Then later they decided it was just twin discordance because the condition didnt get any worse? Well when the boys were born they still didnt think that was the problem because of something complicated that I didnt understand but had to do with equal blood results. Well today they did an echo-cardiogram on Connor because he still acts kind of weak and a little floppy and sure enough it came back that the muscle tissue of his heart is too thick. So they are doing an EKG in the morning and then the cardiology team are going to meet about a plan of action and a course of treatment and then we are supposed to all meet together on Friday. So... turns out it was TTTS after all.

They put the twins in the same crib together! They even bundled them up in the same blanket together! For some reason that science can not explain some times twins will perk up and start developing a lot faster when they are put together like that so their doctors felt like the boys would benefit from this treatment. I took some pictures and later tonight I will post them, cutest thing ever, totally reminds me of that wonderful ultrasound of them!
The boys have this nurse during the day that is really supportive of me trying to nurse the boys and has been really great at helping me get them both on to attempt tandem nursing. They still show NO desire to suck, from me or a bottle or anything, but they do latch on. Progress is progress and I am thankful for it.

Today was a very emotional day for me. Last night one of their doctors came over and had a long talk with me. He talked really sweet and yet at the same time very to the point about how exhausted I looked. He explained how it might be a good idea for me to go home and be with my other kids for a while and take a little break. We talked about how I needed to go home and do all the things I would be doing if I was still pregnant, getting things ready for the boys, spending extra time getting the older kids ready for the twins coming home and getting rest. We talked about a lot of other things as well and ultimately dh and I agreed that spending 2 days home and then 1 day at the hospital with the twins and then repeat that cycle would be best for everyone... I understand the logic behind all of that... but it still breaks my heart.

When I was trying to nurse the boys yesterday Seamus spat up on me and I leaked milk all over the place... I have refused to wash that shirt and keep it put up and take it down every so often.. it smells like new baby... Yeah... I have cried waaay too much today. Cant make up my mind if this is all normal response to a really rough and emotional situation or if I might be slipping into PPD. I just want my boys home so bad.
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for Connor! I hope they get it figured out soon. And for you for all you're going through!
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Sasha, that is so sweet that they have put the boys together! I'm sorry to hear about Connor. The doctor is probably right about you needing some time to rest, but it has to be so hard to be anywhere but with the twins right now. You are so strong! Hang in there. Maybe it's some comfort that wherever you have to be, they still have each other?
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It has got to be hard to have to choose where you are. But it probably isn't a bad thing for you to catch up on sleep a little. Can you pump in the meantime so your milk supply doesn't go down?

I can't wait to see pictures of the little guys together.
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How difficult to feel divided like that.
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