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The Big C

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Anyone else trying this new show on Showtime?

Its kinda cute. The tree-hugging, government hating, earth loving brother cracks me right up. My favorite commentary from him so far:

(Nephew tries to yank his tooth because he wont go to the dentist for an abcess)

"OWWWW!! I begged your parents not to circumsise you when you were born, now I wish Id done it myself!"

Dont get offended ladies, if you havent watched the show, you cant appreciate that little gem. to go along with the character, it was REALLY funny.
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I like it... I have not watched the most recent episode but I really enjoy it...
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I tried it out but quit watching. I didn't think it was funny, I can't stand her kid or her husband and as a cancer survivor her story just falls flat with me.
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