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Thank you all so very much!!  It helps to know others have survived this and didn't go nuts :P


A couple weeks ago I finally decided that, despite my babies growing well and showing no signs of needing more milk than I was giving them, my supply was too low.  There was always just barely enough and they had to fight for every drop.  I started on fenugreek and life has improved bit by bit.  They sleep longer, go longer in the day without nursing, and get milk easily without the struggle.  This has improved latch TONS in combination with "laid back breastfeeding".  I no longer nurse them together and that has helped too.


They are just starting solids now.  I'm feeling a bit mixed about it, actually . .. they are loving eating but I know that it will just mean more work.  Once they get mobile I'll spend all my time chasing, feeding, and cleaning up after the little twinado wink1.gif

I am SO happy to report, though, that I finally feel attached to them.  The baby 'crush' arrived and I just gush over them now orngbiggrin.gif.  What a difference that makes . . .