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2nd interview! Crap, now what??? Tucson childcare options?

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We're just starting a preliminary search into our childcare options as I've been asked back for a 2nd interview.

It's not a for sure thing in the least bit, but it's bringing all sorts of emotions up for me. It really would be a dream job at this point in my life, except for the fact that it will be a huge change in our lives and, to say the least, daunting (even if it were partime, but it is sadly fulltime). Ultimately, it comes down to money for us, as we've been hit hard during these difficult times, just as it is for so many other families out there. It is helpful, I think, that it is a position I know I would do well at and feel passionate about. It'd be another story entirely if it were truly just a job to get us by.

So I have a tall order, I know . . .I'm looking for a child care option that hopefully will help us through this big transition of me starting work outside the home, that we can afford, and that understands/promotes the kind of childcare philosophies that we do (co-sleeping, extended BF, attachment parenting etc, etc, etc). If such an option exists in Tucson, PLEASE let me know. My mom's best friend (my 2nd mom in a sense) has offered to come to our home for a day or 2 a week, which will cover some of our childcare needs and keep DS in a familiar environment. I'd even be open to a small in-home childcare service if we could really be assured that my son will be safe and happy (even if it takes some time for adjustment) and attended to in ways similar to our parenting style (gentle, responsive, etc). I'm also looking into The Sandbox, as this was the daycare center I attended as a child and, from what I can remember, had a pretty good experience there. Has anyone on here had experience with them lately? I know they've changed locations since I went there as a child.

Lastly, any mamas out there have advice about returning to work when you have a little one who is 1 yo, still breastfeeding quite a lot and just on the verge of walking (does it quite well, but still seems to prefer crawling)? Practical and emotional advice would be greatly appreciated.

gratefully awaiting guidance,

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Hmmm....I'm not sure if I should go this direction, but I guess I will.

I was really lucky, I got laid off while I was pregnant. I found a job, eventually, that started when my son was 4.5 months old. I only worked every other weekend so our son was with my husband. When he was a year that job went away and I found another. Again, no childcare. When baby 2 was born, it was too much for my husband for me to go to work and leave him with 2 kids. I am now a SAHM. Money is tight and I hate that. However, we get by and we have always gotten by without childcare. I am so glad for that. My kids are flourishing because of ME. I haven't missed a first.

You don't sound like you really want to go to work. Do you really HAVE to. Maybe you do, which is so sad, but I'm just bringing it up because I sense you might need a word of encouragement from someone on the outside to say it's okay to live tight to stay home with your kids. Though, for some people, too tight is so stressful that it's not a good way to live.
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Thank SC for your story. You read right - I wish sooo much that we could find another way to do this. It's not so much a matter of living on a tight budget for us. We are used to that, you're right - it's not fun but it is worth it. Our situation . . .well, to say the least, if it wasn't for our kind and generous families we would be in a MUCH scarier spot. As much as I would prefer to stay at home with DS, I can't really stand relying on those who I know are sacrificing parts of their own tight budgets to help us keep a roof over our heads. DH does now have a job after 5 months without one, which is helping quite a bit but it was quite a pay cut compared to his last job (which wasn't all that high paying either). I truly don't see any other way at this point, even with my DH preferring the same as I - that at least one of us stay home with DS. We're taking advantage of every benefit we qualify for, which I'm so thankful for, but the only thing I truly see it helping us out with is our food bill. That, and healthcare. I buy smart so at least our food assistance has helped us avoid the nutrition pit falls that a lot of low-income families find themselves in (still can't buy everything organic as I would prefer, but the bulk of our veggies/fruits are).

I'm trying to keep positive in these rough months/years we've had. That's why I'm trying to focus on the fact that this position I've interviewed for is something I feel passionate about, I feel like I'd be making a difference in mamas and babies' lives. It is true that if money were not a concern, I would stay home with DS. But it is also true that if I can't be a SAHM, then I want to feel like I'm doing something that fits with my values, my expertise and my sense of responsibility toward my community - things I think this position will help fulfill. Plus, it's also a grant-funded position, so if the position is eliminated in a year or two hopefully we will be in a better spot and I'll be able to return to being a SAHM. DS will always be priority #1 and I want to do everything in my power to make this as gentle a transition as possible.

I hear your concern and I appreciate it. Still hoping though I can connect with moms on here who have experience with particular childcare providers or are maybe CCP's themselves.
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I'd offer to help out except my husband travels for work and we either go with him or go to my parents' while he's gone so I can't always provide care and that would leave you in a lurch.
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I sure appreciate your offer SC. If you come across a mom who's into AP and is a daycare provider, will you pass along my contact info? 520.272.0547.


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