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Anyone else not do the 12 week Nuchal testing?

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I need some reassurance that I made the right decision.

I passed on the NT and any other genetic testing, as I did with DS who is perfectly healthy. My reasoning was 1. To limit u/s to 2…I had a quick, early one to see the HB for peace of mind since I had an early m/c weeks prior. I knew we would get the 20ish week anatomy scan to see all the parts. 2. I felt like if we did find out there was the possibility of a chromosomal issue then all it would create is stress and worry in my pg since I knew I wouldn’t do an amnio or terminate the pg.

I don’t know why I can’t stop questioning whether I should have done it or not. I guess I am feeling more risk b/c I am 2 years older (33) than I was during the last pg, and the stats honestly scare me of how often chromosomal issues can occur and how it exponentially increases with age. Plus, the million preggers around me (literally about 10 close friends or family members all due in March or April) have gotten them and wave the u/s pics around and say how everything is great, yet I don’t currently have that reassurance.

My OB is really supportive of my more natural decisions, include forgoing all the NT/genetic testing, but I am still questioning my decision!

I am now sort of on edge waiting for the anatomy scan which is still another month away for us.

Thanks ladies!
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I don't do any testing and this is #4.... and I'm 33 too and thought the exact same thing!! I decided it was early pregnancy jitters and took the energy to focus on eating right, loving my other kiddos and getting enough rest.

Because, in the end, what would it change for me?! It would only create worry and stress during the pregnancy. I love this kid no matter what, I'll cross the bridges when I come to them, if need be. We've got hospitals near by, if my baby is born with problems, we'll take an ambulance and go to them!

I just have to take a deep breath and let go!!

It's hard to have all the other u/s pics, I know what you mean, I just privately get the satifaction out of hearing them gasp 'you DONT have a u/s?!!' Yes, can be done.

A supportive mw makes all the difference, or I use my gf who is a doula. I talk her ear off with my worries! meg
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we didn't have it done last time, and won't this time either.
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I've never been offered the NT scan, but we do refuse the other genetic tests. I agree with the PP, it wouldn't change anything other than causing stress, and I've heard the rate of false positives can be ridiculous.
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We didn't do the NT or any other genetic test with DD and we aren't with this one either. Just like you, we wouldn't do an amnio or terminate based on the results from these tests.
For us, I feel like the tests would cause me more stress, and it is not as though I would feel completely relaxed for the remainder of my pregnancy if I were to get them done and everything looked fine. There is always something to worry about when your kids are involved
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I passed on the nuchal screen mostly because my doctor warned that many insurances don't cover it unless you are technically high risk, which I'm not because I'm not over 35.

I'm still on the fence about whether we'll do the quad screen at 16 weeks. I've heard so many false positive stories, and I too am worried about it creating unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I am 32, so a little uneasy, but the odds are still basically reassuring. My doctor told me the odds of problems actually go down as the pregnancy progresses, because many babies w/chromosomal issues miscarry naturally.

So in short, skipped the nuchal but not yet sure about the quad, which I think has a higher false positive rate than the nuchal?
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Blanca 78 - is the Quad testing the same as what is also referred to as the anatomy scan which i thought was around 18-20 weeks. i think i had with DS at 20. and not sure about false positive rates on that one, though i did know many on the NT which was another reason i skipped it. I also read on MDC somewhere that the anatomy scan doesn't really detect most major defects in the heart. Could be true for rest of organs?!

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I'm not gonna bother with any of it - (any testing what-so-ever.) I didn't bother with any of it with the last pregnancy either. It's much more peaceful this way and from everything I've read there is very little they can do for you even if they detect a potential issue.

Issues are pretty rare though, so just do your best to be healthy and try to relax.
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We did not do it the first two times, but I did choose to do it this time, because I'm 36 (almost 37). I've known a number of people whose babies ended up with DS or other issues that can be detected through these screens. Some knew ahead of time, others were surprised, so from observing their situations I see that it is easier to accept and deal with if you have time before baby arrives. I have a rough time PP anyway, I wouldn't want to add any more emotional stress to it should there be an issue. I'm concerned about false positives... but we'll cross that bridge if/when.
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The quad screen is just a blood test done between 16-18 wks. It does have a lot of false positives. My understanding is that the NT scan has a lot fewer false positives.

we did opt to do it this time(I'll be 36 next week) but I wasn't offered it with the 1st 2 pregnancies and wouldn't have done it then- I don't think we did quad screen either (although with #1 it was a triple screen, guess they added a test). I guess its because I'm older but I wanted that reassurance this time- but I would proceed with an amnio if it was abnormal.

I totally wouldn't worry about not doing it- especially if you wouldn't do anything with the results anyway.
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We were offered IPS (integrated prenatal screening) and we turned it down.

I still wonder if we did the right thing, but according to the booklet and our midwife it only tested for three things: downs, trisomy 18 and spina bifida. We felt that we wouldn't terminate regardless and the period of not knowing, or waiting for confirmation of a positive result, would cause undue stress.

If the baby has downs, we'll deal with it. If the baby has trisomy 18, the life expectancy is very short. I was taking folic acid 3 months before I conceived, so I knew I had definitely lowered the risk spina bifida.
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I found this helpful when we were trying to decide whether to do the screening or not:
(warning: it's a PDF file)

Basically the different tests do either one blood test, one blood test and an ultrasound, two blood tests, or two blood tests and an ultrasound. All tests are not available everywhere. The chart (pages 6 and 7) also lists the accuracy (how many affected babies are detected by the test) and the false positive rate.

The link above comes from this page, I thought I'd post it cause it has some other useful info.
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It is a breath of fresh air to read this thread!!

I truly believe everyone needs to follow their own path, but it is wonderful to hear of others who are on a similar path I am.

I also admire everyone's research and personal decisions. Congrats on our 36 year old mamas! I think everyone should have babies. 'Cause it's fun!
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I am not getting it done. With my last pregnancy I had it done (not really even knowing what it was) and walked out of the office with the advice to terminate the pregnancy without further testing. DD's nuchal measurement was so large, it was off the charts. Yet DD was born normal, healthy, full term and is a happy 3 year old today. I am never putting myself through that kind of hell again.

My advice is to go straight to CVS or amnio if someone has concerns or would terminate with a poor prenatal diagnosis. The "screenings" have too many false positive and false negatives.
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We weren't offered it with DS's pregnancy or with this one either. The only additional testing we were offered was the quad screen, which we declined.
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We've declined all genetic testing, and I feel very good about it. I was somewhat unsure this time about declining the anatomy scan (I don't know why, we've declined with all 3 of our DDs) but my perspective is that many of these technologies offer "guarantees" that aren't really there (a perceived guarantee of a healthy baby), and the rate of false positives (which means stress for no reason) is high enough to make it not worth it for me.
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I just had my first appt at 14w, and the dr said(nicely) "since you are already 14w, we're too late to do the test is that ok?" I said of course bc I would have declined anyways....i don't do testing bc it would change nothing and there's no point. She reacted like normal...like she knew I was in charge and it's my pg. It would cause stress for our family...and there's nothing that will change.
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I'm 32 and I declined it as well. I have declined it for my 2 previous pregnancies as well. I figure if there is a huge issue they will find it at the 20 week ultrasound. Though the chances for issues raises as you get older, the chance that there are no issues it still really high.
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DH and I feel no need to do any genetic testing for a couple reasons 1) it can be wrong and only gives a CHANCE and 2) we will no terminate for any reason so testing for us is pointless (again, because there is only a CHANCE, we see no reason to emotionally prepare for what could be, we will take things as they come).
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The way that I usually come to the decision with these types of things is to first ask myself what I would do with the information. If you would use it in some proactive way I think it could be a good choice but if you're going to really be stressed about any type of positive result and fret over further tests and generally not use the results to change the outcome, it seems like a waste, yk?
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