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Books and movies with twins in them?

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Just thinking of a fun present for my sister and her little boys this year. All and any suggestions are welcome.
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Anything with the Olson twins (ick. If you can stomach that...LOL!) and The Parent Trap are all I can come up with...
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The Bobbsey Twins, of course! By Laura Lee Hope. Just beware, if you are buying the older books instead of re-issues, they had some questionable content. I recall one visit to the Southern states that had some terrible stereotypes.

I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joosse is a beautifully illustrated picture book about a mom and her two sons and the lovely way she recognizes what is special about both of them. I don't think it says that they are twins, but they could be...

The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas

Are stories about look-alikes okay? The Prince and the Pauper by Charles Dickens
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There's a book I read in the '70s called Me and the Terrible Two, about a girl who is dismayed when rambunctious twin boys move in next door (then ends up realizing they like her and are actually pretty fun). Otherwise, I can think of twins stuff, but it's mostly for adults or creepy!

There must be more twin books for kids -- it's such a fascinating idea ...
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Not as the main characters, but the Weasley twins in Harry Potter.

There was a whole series about twins from different countries written a while ago - http://www.mainlesson.com/displayaut...author=perkins - haven't read them.
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It's not HUMAN twins, but this nonfiction picture book about twin polar-bear cubs looks very sweet: http://www.amazon.com/Pair-Polar-Bea...080268&sr=1-41
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http://www.loislowry.com/switcharound.html baby twins

One of the families Ann Martin's babysitter's club watched for had twins.

But neither of those really says "fun for twin boys" to me.

Three Terrible Trins has triplet mice.

http://multiples.about.com/od/family...tpkidbooks.htm has a list of twin/multiples books. By My Brother's Side is a bit older and about boys.
T is For Twins: An ABC Book is for toddlers and includes places for pictures of the twins themselves.

http://www.doubleupbooks.com/ might be helpful My Twin Brother and Two is for Twins look particularly interesting for kids.
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I'm reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Two sets of twins (sort of)
I'm only about a third through so I don't know if it's a positive twin story.
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Two of the main characters in Spiderwick Chronicles are twins.

Also, there was a book I loved when I was a kid - it was from the 40's or 50's, I think, and was about a toddler boy whose mom didn't want to get his haircut, because he would lose his beautiful curls. The toddler's older siblings are twins. Sorry I can't remember the name!
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