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So... Anyone really miss being pregnant?

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I do. A LOT. So much so that I'm already daydreaming about another little one Anyone else thinking about another yet?

(DD is 12.5 weeks now) I've thought about it on more than one occasion. Every day I am thankful for how lucky I was to have a great first pregnancy. And despite the unnecessary, unplanned C/S, I'm thinking about it sooner than later...

I cried a little putting away my maternity clothes. I feel a little sad thinking that I wont be pregnant again for an indeterminate amount of time. It took us long to conceive DD, so maybe it's partially paranoia that we need to start trying again now if we want another in the next 5 years...

If it weren't for our desire to BLW, and the need to continue to heal from my unnecessary, unwanted C/S, I'd be dreaming about a late 2011 babe.

Is anyone else in my boat yet? I know I went a little early, with some fellow 7/18 ladies... and some of you are just 6 weeks PP or less, so I can understand if I'm out on this island alone for now...

Hope you're all well!
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NOPE! Me and pregnancy don't mix well though. I'm mostly uncomfortable or sick the whole time. :P

I am excited for another baby though. We actually just picked an adoption agency to adopt our next!!! We will start the whole process of applying and home study and such around Annabelle's 1st birthday.
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I do just a tiny bit, but not a whole lot. Having Ayla actually here, being able to snuggle and kiss her and seeing her beautiful amazing little face is a million times better.
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I had a fantastic pregnancy... no symptoms. I really like having my body back, well mostly.

I have however, been seeing pictures of my DS at birth a ton on my screen saver and there are a ton of babies being born in our friend circle which has choked me up emotionally lately. Such a fabulous time.
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Pregnancy, no. I am really, really enjoying having a tiny baby though and get kind of sad as he's getting bigger. I feel more sure that I'd like to have a 4th now. My pregnancy went pretty smoothly and I had a great delivery, but it seemed a little harder to put up with this third time.
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Its funny, with DD, I was wanting to get pregnant again the day after I gave birth, no joke! I was just SOOOOO pumped about the whole pregnancy and birth thing. We'd long before discussed and decided on waiting until 18 months after though, and then I later was glad that we'd decided this, because I don't think my body does fertility and nursing at the same time.... its pretty much one or the other!

Knowing this, I think I was a lot calmer about getting pregnant again after DS' birth, because thinking about getting pregnant=no more nursing. But I *am* already thinking about what it would be like to be pregnant again! Like.... "I know those are just gas bubbles, but what if they were little baby flutters!!!" We've talked about having 3 kids, but then I think... if we (only) have 3, then the next pregnancy will be my last.... and that makes me kind of sad! So, we'll see after the next one

Lucky for me, my good friend is 12 weeks pregnant, so I will have her pregnancy to obsess over for the next 30ish weeks!
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I miss some parts of it and we are planning for our next. Just as a bit of hope-it took us 5 years to have our first and then this one was a surprise just after my first turned one. So you never know!
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I kind of miss being pg, too. I felt like I just finally got to the "she's obviously pregnant not just chunky" stage and then he suddenly arrived (5 weeks early) and it was over.

The thought of actually having a 2nd baby to take care of at the same time though - I don't know how people do it! We're still struggling to get breastfeeding down with fewer pump-and-bottle sessions. For now that means nursing literally every hour during the day and only pumping/bottling at night so I can get some sleep.

But yes, the daydream is still there though. I had an unplanned CS too (breech) so we have to wait at least a year to TTC. I'm just going to cross my fingers that #2 won't be another preemie!
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I totally miss my thick, beautiful, non-oily pregnancy hair and nice skin.
Now I get so sad watching it all fall out and have to go back to washing my hair everyday or it's soo oily. =( I wish I could have that great pregnancy hair and skin all the time without actually being pregnant all the time!
But I just started excersizing again and am enjoying having my body back like a previous poster said.
No idea when (if?) the next pregnancy will be, but not right away. I'm feeling outnumbered as it is now!
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I don't miss the way I felt inside (queezy, heartburn, aches, pains, cramps, constipation...) but I do miss those lovely pregnancy curves. I seriously feel like I look stunning when pregnant, like mama earth. Now, I just have this flappy belly, leaky boobs, and a new scent of sour milk. Sigh. I don't feel so attractive. But I am happy that I can sleep a bit better now, and eat whatever I want, and drink beer...

So I guess you can tell that I don't really miss being pregnant!
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I miss being pregnant too (well most of it) even though I'm happy my little sweetie is here. I miss my body which I felt looked pretty awesome pregnant and just pudgy and fat now. I miss baby movements a lot and I miss the anticipation of the birth. This was our second child but only my first pregnancy and we're done having kids now so I'm sad I will never again get to be pregnant or give birth. My body seemed to do both pretty well.
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Not this time. This pregnancy was rough, I'm still debating whether or not to do it again.

Dh on the other hand, really misses the belly. Asked me the other day when we can have another baby.
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I don't miss being pregnant. I am still open to more children, but at this time I don't want to give birth again. I would consider adoption if my dh were open to it, though not right now.
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I do, mostly. I love being pregnant and my VBAC was so euphoric, I would love to try it again.

But another baby, eh...not so much. The baby stage is hard for me. I recently celebrated DD's 3 month birthday with the thought of "Yay, 1/4 of the year down!"

(Though, I think I am just still shell-shocked from DS, DD has been nothing but easy. I read on the board once, "it is the easy 2nd baby that tricks you into having a third.")
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LOL kdaisy~ or in my case~ the easy 4th baby that tricks you into a fifth!!
I'm ready to do it again and yes, I do miss being pregnant. I always do.
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