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2 month check up/vaxing? - Page 2

Poll Results: What are you doing for your July baby?

  • 20% (9)
    Full Vax
  • 16% (7)
    Delayed Vax (elaborate if possible)
  • 18% (8)
    Selective Vax (elaborate please)
  • 44% (19)
    No Vax
43 Total Votes  
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Fiona is mostly completely vaxed. We spend so much time at Children's Hospital, that A: can't take the chance of her getting a vpd there, and B: can't take the chance of her spreading a vpd to much sicker kids than herself.

Cora and DH and I have all gotten up to date on our Tdap, and just got our flu vaxes, mostly to protect Fiona. Along the lines of "correlation != causation", right after we got our flu vaxes, Cora got sick. Low grade fever, somewhat sore throat, some body aches. I figured, meh, it's just the body mounting the immune response, it'll be better in a day or two. Well, it just kept getting worse. Turns out, she had a viral infection totally unrelated to the flu. Just a coincidence of timing. This virus is making its way through all the local middle schools apparently. And now she's better, and I feel like death warmed over.
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er, I say "mostly completely" because she's 4 months now, and we're rescheduling her WBV that was scheduled for tomorrow morning, because I don't want to infect other kids at the doc's office, (and I'm really too sick to be out of bed except to pump), and I don't want to give her vaccinations if it's possible that she's about to get sick. We'll reschedule for about a week or so.
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Originally Posted by matthia View Post
We are active, outdoorsy people and I feel like the mortality rate of Tetanus is scary enough that I want him to be covered for it. Can you even get JUST a tetanus vaccine?
Nope. For kids under 7 you HAVE to get the DTaP. At 7 you can get just DT but there is no pertussis-only vaccine. However, if pertussis and tetanus are two of your biggest worries, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting the DTaP.

We were reconsidering getting the DTaP and pneumococcal for Edie sooner (like at 6 mos) but I am just not comfortable with such a little one getting vaccines that contain aluminum. I feel that breastfeeding offers her a lot of protection and she is not in daycare (however, I have two kids in elementary school so it's not like we are germ-free). Right now everyone in my family has a cold except for her.
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DDCCing- though my DD was born in July, I was in Aug DDC.

I'm in the selective, delayed vax category, and just keep declining each time we go to the ped. Our ped is very agreeable to delaying some indefinitely. (Hep B and chicken pox, esp.) I dont really think she needs the tetanus vax yet, but they really pressure for Pertussis around here, and we all know it's a package deal with that. DD nurses when we're home, and is getting pumped BM while at the babysitter.

The 2 things that concern me are the babysitter's kids, and the fact that DH is now traveling a LOT for work, and is on and off of all forms of mass transportation, and in and out of hotels.

DD is at the babysitter 4x/week, one of her 2 children is in a 1/2 day pre-K program. He often has friends over for play-dates while DD is there. They are all very intrigued by DD, and want to be playing with her, touching her, "helping with" her binkie, etc...all.the.time. So, it's probably just a matter of time till she gets something from them besides love and attention! But I dont know if that warrants giving her vaxes. IMO, it's more likely that she'd only get a cold, and she's 3 MO now, so I'm less afraid of caring for a sick LO, and I do have the time available to care for her if needed.

I feel like DH and I have pretty strong "constitutions," too, and are rarely ill during typical cold and flu seasons, or otherwise. Maybe we get really sick 1x every 2 years each? and maybe one mild to moderate cold 1x per winter each? I think being around our "healthy germs" will help her build an arsenal of beneficial flora in her body and the BFing might make up a good portion of the rest... does that seem reasonable?

So, I'm thinking selective, though I dont know which I might select, and definitely delaying them. DDs ped wants her back in when she is 5 MO, and I might just cancel that appt and forget to re-sched till 8 mos or so....?
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DS is 3, had Dtap and PC when we moved to Russia. He will have MMR next year in time for pre-k.
DD is 3.5 months. Today she had her first Dtap and PC shots. we will follow the British schedule delayed/spaced out. MMR we will do before school but not at 12 mths.

If I didn't live here, we wouldn't vax.
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