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IL-getting a birth cert. filed for homebirth

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Anyone have experience with this? I transferred after my UC with #4 and never needed to worry about it (the hospital did it even though she wasn't born there). However, now we live in one of the only counties with no health department. I have no idea what to do! Anybody have any idea?
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You will need a proof of pregnancy plus 2 'witness affirmations'. These do not have to be people who saw your birth, and can't be your dh; the purpose is for the state to be able to verify that the baby is your own (and not a stolen baby). Usually, proof of pregnancy is something from a dr's office or even a crisis pregnancy ctr that does pregnancy testing or u/s. If you're still pregnant, it would probably be a good idea to see a doc or something, to get a record that proves you're pregnant (did you ever see the doc we talked about a few weeks ago? If so, probably any official record of that visit will do--as long as there is some indicator that you saw him for pregnancy purposes).

I think in some cases, ppl use ONLY 2 affadavits, but no other proof of pregnancy, it's just that it can help (if you're not Amish/Mennonite--who get a somewhat automatic 'pass' based on 1st amend. religious freeom) to have some kind of pr. of pg, even from a crisis pg ctr run by volunteers.

The affadavits can be from anyone--family, friend, church member/pastor. Basically they are affirming that they witnessed your pregnancy and can say the baby is really yours. Here is one example that some parents have used successfully:

Parents’ names:_______________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Baby’s name:_________________________________ Baby’s date of birth:____________________________

Affiant’s name:_______________________________
Relationship to family:_________________________

I hereby affirm that I have been acquainted with the above-named family for ______________(months/years). I further affirm that I witnessed their recent pregnancy as it progressed and then met their new baby with them, soon after baby’s birth at home. To the best of my knowledge as a member of the family’s family/community, the baby they seek to register for birth certificate is their biological child.

Affiant’s signature/date:_____________________________________________ ___

Witness signature/date:_____________________________________________ ___

By the way--go to the county clerk's office/vital statistics if you can't do this through the health dept. If they have never recorded a homebirth, you may have to do some advocating--I'd call them before baby is born (or did I miss the birth announcement , in that case, call before you go in) to ask some questions. I'd do this anonymously (dial *69 to keep your ph number private if needed) Say you are planning a homebirth and need birth cert info, ask if they have ever registered hb. If they act confused, you can ask them to call the State to get info for you. I had to do that once, when I lived in a county where apparently the county clerk had NEVER before registered a hb (actually I called the State after one of my UCs and the county was all in a dither and ignorant. I got info that I passed along to them, including the ph number of the State ofc where I got my info...though that was nearly 18 yrs ago).

Remember, you are looking for the COUNTY clerk, not the Circuit Court Clerk/clerk of the courts. In my former IL county, both were in the courthouse and it was a bit confusing. You can look this up in the phone book under "County Name" for example "Union, county of", and all the county offices will be listed under that heading.

Anyway, hope this helps!
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Thanks! I haven't seen the doctor-our car has been acting up and so making the drive so far would be potentially a bad idea right now. I was in the ER for a UTI but other than listening to fht, I don't think there was any "proof". And I can't find any sort of crisis pregnancy center. I guess I should have thought of this and gone when I first got the positive test!

Thank you!
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Hearing FHT is 'proof of pregnancy'. Get the med report on your ER visit--and make sure it has listening to FHTs noted on it. If it doesn't, try to get ER staff to correct the report. It should be enough.

too bad about the car! Ah...modern life
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Good idea! Thanks!

We reallllly need a new van, but alas for money. Hopefully tax season will bring us one!
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I've been curious about this as well... I'm not interested in seeing a doctor for proof of pregnancy, though I wonder if my doc could provide that. He's pretty awesome, used to deliver babies until last year. Hmm.. I'm willing to go with affidavits if I have to. :/
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I had a (what appears to be on paper because my midwife was illegal) UC with my 2nd. I called the office of vital records and they sent me a packet with a worksheet to fill out and list of what I needed to provide in order to get the birth certificate. I think you will need to have the child seen by a doctor in order to get a birth cert in Illinois.

I still have the paperwork they sent me - it reads as follows (verbatim):

1. Fill out the worksheet completely.
2. If the child was born without the assistance of a midwife or medical personnel, you need to take the child to a medical facility and we need the paperwork from that facility stating that they have seen the child. If you were taken to a hospital after delivery we need to see the papers that were given to you.
3. If a family member or friend has delivered the child we need the name, address, relationship, and phone number of that person that assisted in the delivery.
4. The worksheet must be legible in order for us to type the birth record correctly.
5. We need photo copies of both parent's identifications. If the father is not listed on the birth record we don't need his identification.
6. If you are requesting copies of the birth record you need to submit the birth request form that is enclosed with the proper identification and fee.
7. Please include your phone number if we have any questions.

Hope that helps. It took me several phone calls before I could actually speak to the right people. There has to be a county clerk's office in your county so I would start there.
Good luck!
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