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Parallel Care/Rh --

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Hi! We've decided on a homebirth for our second child, but all of the sudden, I'm getting very discouraged over the Rhogam shot issue. What my m/w has done in the past is just phoned in the Rx, but my insurance will not pay for this. I must go to the hospital ER w/DOCTOR'S orders.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't just continue to see my hospital-based m/w and her back-up dr. for these types of visits. Out-of-pocket for this shot (not going through insurance) would be out of the question financially, as our birth costs are already hitting us hard (but worth it!!!).

Has anyone continued seeing a hospital-based healthcare provider for these types of circumstances? If so, were they ok with the fact you were just seeing them for insurance reasons? Was it tense? Should I even care?

I'm also worried about Rhogam shot *after * the birth. Will I end up at the hospital (if baby's blood type requires) after all that we've done to avoid that place???? Anyone with any idea??? My h/b m/w is out of town and would normally be here to calm my freaking out!

Thanks for listening!
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I am not having the Rhogam shot during pregnancy - I am very weary of it. I had it with my first two and they were both negative so there was no reason for it in the first place. Does your MW have a back-up OB that is somewhat supportive? My plan is that if the baby is born positive I will see him after the birth for the shot.
Good Luck,
edd 6/14/02
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The back-up dr. is very supportive, and I'm was seeing a CNM in his practice before deciding to switch to home. My h/b m/w had said she does recommend the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks for her Rh---moms, and she does blood typing at birth to determine baby's blood type. My first son was Rh--, like me, so I didn't have to do postpartum shot. I am just really concerned with having to get involved in hospital care for all of this.

I believe the cost of the shot is in the hundreds of dollars. Does anyone have a website that I could see that details the risks of *not* doing Rhogam (or WinRho/BayRho) at 28 weeks???? I know it's only a preventative, but I'd really like to get some solid info.

Thanks so much for your responses. My midwife is supposed to be back very soon!
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just wanted to say that my rhogam shot was $375!
to put it in perspective: my epidural was $220. crazy huh?
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