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Why does it have to be so hard to get (compassionate) help???

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Are all psychiatrists egotistical, self-righteous know it alls?
I had the WORST possible visit to a psychiatrist today. I am still reeling from it.
A little history: I have been in and out of major depression (including PPD)and have suffered from anxiety for the last decade. I have been on meds 3 times- twice on Wellbutrin, once on Zoloft. Each time I am on the meds for 6mos- 1 year, and wean off. I have seen 4 different therapists over the last 10 years. I don't take taking medication lightly- but I know myself. I know when I need to be on something, vs. when I can just get more sleep, take more b-vitamins, do more yoga , a few more psychotherapy sessions etc.
So I decided, at this point, to "check in" with psychiatry. Makes sense- after not having consulted with one for 10 years of being in and out of depression/anxiety and taking psychotropic medications on and off. Well, wouldn't you know it? As it turns out, getting an appointment with a psychiatrist is quite difficult. As in, no one is taking new patients, and the ones that are don't take my insurance. So I reluctantly went to my primary (family practice) doctor's office to seek a prescription and discuss meds. I couldn't see my doctor, so I saw another doctor in the practice, and that didn't really go so well. I had done a little of my own research and decided I really wanted to try Wellbutrin and Zoloft combined, because of my past experiences on both and that they are frequently prescribed together. The doc I saw refused to prescribe both. He made me chose. So I chose Wellbutrin. And, as expected- I've been lifted out of my low place, but still cant sleep and my anxiety is through the roof.
So I call all over town and finally get in a with the psychiatrist I saw today. When I made the appt, I asked if it was okay if I brought my 14 mo. The receptionist said it was probably fine. So I show up for the appointment. When the psych approached me in the waiting room with a disdainful look on her face. "I didn't realize you would have a CHILD with you. This just ISN'T going to work. You can't bring her in." WTF??? I offered to reschedule, as she went on and on about how it is inappropriate to have a child in the session, how her office isn't child-proofed blah blah. But then decides that she can talk to me for a "few minutes" today. Well the session was basically an insult session. Asking my history, employment, past medications, education, prior psychotherapists. If she didn't recognize a name of someone she would say "Well I have no idea of who that person even is!" (Like they don't exist or aren't credible because she hasn't heard of them.) I indicated my educational background was in psychology- so I understand a little bit about how brain chemistry works. She says, "well, they pass out psychology degrees like they hand out Starbucks coffee in the morning down the street. You just have to hand them a buck and they hand it over." (She seriously said this to me.) I stopped her there and said I wanted to stop the session and leave, that I didn't feel safe and that I felt really judged. (DD was being an angel, playing at my feet the whole time.) She softened a bit, said "let me just ask you a few more questions". Then preceeded to ask me how long I was planning on breastfeeding and said "you know, any medication you take is going to go straight to DD" I said, well, I know the milk transfer rate is less with certain meds than others- she insisted that they were all the same and went into some rant about how you can't compare medications because theraputic doses (in mg) of one med differs so greatly from another. Then she says- we'll you're in the drivers seat, tell me what you want. So I said I want a script for zoloft so I can try the two together. So- she goes into a schpeel about how she prefers some other SSRI, and maybe a mood stabilizer might be more appropriate, and zoloft can cause gi distress and that would be bad for DD b/c she has food intolerances blah blah blah. I ended up leaving in tears, with a RX for zoloft nonetheless. She said "you'll need to follow up with me in a month and I'd be more than happy to work with you"! Yeah right! I asked what my other options were. She said I could follow up with the NP at my OB's office, since she "knows" that person well. Yuck. Just Yuck. She also wants me to see a therapist in that office that she says would be "perfect" for me. I don't ever want to go back there again. Ugh. Sorry for the rant. I just need some perspective and needed to vent. Also-are any of you breastfeeding and taking a wellbutrin/zoloft combo. I know DD is fine with the wellbutrin, but I guess I'm just a little nervous (for DD's sake) about adding the zoloft to it since I didn't get any knowledgeable help with that today. I know they are fine individually- but in combo, I guess I'm not sure.
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i was on zoloft while nursing my first and pregnant with my second. neither of them seem to have any issues.

With the psychatrist, what a piece of work. I have dlet with professionals in other feild who have the attitude of well their sh*t don't stink. I wouldn't go back I would try and find somone else. if that isn't an option maybe give her another try and see if a second visit goes any better it may have just been a babd day but if it was a repeat of the same thing I would cut my losses.

Sorry you are going through this I hope you can get some help
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Trust is a huge part of therapy, and it sounds like that women blew away your ability to trust her multiple times during the session. I wouldn't see her again. I know how frustrating it is to try to find a good therapist, but I say continue the hunt because a good one is priceless. Good luck and I hope the new med combo helps you feel better fast.
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Sorry you had that experience. Glad you at least got the script you were looking for. Sorry I can't help re. the med combo question (Maybe Dr. Hale Medications and mothers milk website or LactMed might have some references to data? )

I work in the medical profession (with some amazing caring colleagues, and also some others who, shall we say, lack soft skills ...) and stories like this bother me. Whatever happened to the hippocratic oath "first do no harm"? It sounds like this psychiatrist said potentially harmful things....invalidating, condescending, disrespectful and needs to get some communication incongruencies resolved with her receptionist. If it were me, I'd be tempted to write a letter to both her and her medical licensing body explaining how what she said and did affected you. But then again, who has time for that? This is a prime example of how a good paycheque does not necessarily guarantee quality work!
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In my research and in talking with my midwife, zoloft shows up in very very small amounts in breastmilk, if it shows up at all. I don't know if the combo of the two together will affect anything, but by itself zoloft (in my understanding), is the safest antidepressant to take while breastfeeding.

Sorry this therapist acted like that, what a horrid woman!! Makes you wonder how she ever got a practice....*hugs*
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