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The 'What Ifs'

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Hello Jamie!

My question involves my career.

I am an architect and have always been ambivalent about the profession. I did very well in school and am reasonably 'successful'. However, a part of me is dissatisfied and wonders 'what if'. I used to be very driven and passionate about architecture. Since school, I've felt it might not be the best fit and that I'm mediocre at it.

In the last couple years I've been pursuing photography as a serious hobby. It's not a lucrative field and I am anxious about making a change at my age!

My question to you is whether you see a better career path for me than what I am doing now (better as in I'd be better at what I was doing and happier). I would not mind sticking with architecture, since it's tough to let go of what I've achieved. I suppose I am suffering from a huge case of the 'what if's.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Kitty-
The What ifs....boy, I know so many people there right now. So much is changing in our world. Many people are realizing that they want to be doing work they are excited and passionate about, not just what pays the bills. I get asked this type of question all the time. I'm really happy to see people reaching for their full potential. It's a very exciting time!

I want to tell you that the vibe I am getting about you is that you are very good at architecture. I also see you staying in it. I think you have chosen the right path as far as career goes. That doesn't mean you will stay in it forever, until you retire. But I do see you happily in it for quite a bit more time.
I feel that there will be some shifting within your job. There is another person that is involved that comes to you with a proposition that livens things up for you. This will be soon as in by early 2011. This is a man by the way, but I can also see a woman in the background of this shift. Maybe they are partners.
This change will be what you need to get rejuvenated with what you are doing. It will be a new avenue of the field and will spice it up for you again.
It feels like it's doing some aspect of architecture that you have always thought might be interesting, but never really sought it out. Something like Green architecture.

I also want to tell you that I see photography being a mainstay in your life as well. I get the impression you will find a nice balance between both worlds, career and hobby. I think photography will become more than just a hobby, but not necessarily a profession. I can see you making a small business out of it.

The big thing for me is that I'm seeing a nice balance being struck. One where you begin to enjoy your profession again and find ways to have your awesome hobby as well.

I think it's great you are seeking. Trying to make sure that you are in line with what brings you the greatest joy, so that you are living a joyful life; not just one of drudgery work. Good luck with everything. From MPOV, it all looks really great!
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