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It's times like these when I'm thankful that I have a gluten allergy.
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post
It's times like these when I'm thankful that I have a gluten allergy.
I'd probably be thinner if I did.... grains and I haven't been the best of friends this pregnancy, which is unusual for me.
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i had a poptart once when i was a teenager visiting a friend on the other side of the country. i thought it was kind of gross and odd because he was vegan and they have so little nutrition in them that they were vegan friendly
never had a taostr strudel either though sticky buns have been a constant and unfulfilled craving for e this time around. i need to make some.. i need to get better enough to make some. maybe that is motivation enough?

i dont know if my head is playing tricks on me but i really feel like my body is gearing up for labour. i dont recall having many signs the last 3 times but i have been having *TMI* LOT of MB's the last few days, way more than usual.. im having a lot of bhx and baby is definitely lower now..im hoping the chiro today can help with the RLP. my ribs are feeling quite a lot better with the rest and extra bit of room. still sore for sure but its manageable now without pain meds. my cough is still quite bad at moments but i just have to still take it super easy, any physical activity brings it on. i have also been starving then when i eat i feel full right away and feel kind of sick from eating. not sure if that's a pre-labour sign either..or just something going on with my body in its healing process.. maybe nausia is a sign of me coming off the pain meds. i was warned that you can feel some detox symptoms coming off of codeine..but i feel a LOT better knowing it will be out of my system when baby comes. im also planning where the birth pool will go and trying to keep up on house stuff (even if it means others actually DOING the work) i have a chiro appt this am, my kids are ay school then getting picked up and staying over for supper at my midwifes house and then my friend is coming to do a healing session on me tonight. should be a good restful day. im going to have a hot soak in the tub before my chiro.

love to you mamas.
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Sounds busy, Meta! I am dying of jealousy about you sleeping all night, too! I can't go 2 hours without having to pee!

I don't really like pop tarts but will buy them for traveling when we're dairy free. Toaster strudels are so outrageously bad for you and awesome at the same time, though. I ate 3 today and I know the kids will eat them before I get more.
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I lived on pop tarts in high school. I don't usually eat them now unless I am forced to get food from a vending machine.

Quick note: My SIL is pregnant! I found out last night so I am really excited for her, it will be her first baby.

I have to run to my my midwife appointment and then work tonight.
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Toaster streudels are the bomb! I wouldn't let myself cut a coupon for them last week because my diet is crappy enough as it is.

Ok, so this morning in the shower I tried to check my cervix AGAIN, and FINALLY found it! Very high, but felt like 1-2 cm dilated, and no idea about effacement cuz I couldn't reach any further at all. Went to see my mw, got my GBS swab done, and she checked me -- 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced and head "very low". Then she said, "I don't know if you're going to make it to your due date, Julie." That made me start laughing out loud, because I remember her saying that last time, and I went to my due date... and beyond...

She was impressed that I was able to find my cervix because it was hard even for her to reach. So i was pretty proud of myself!

Also, I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks! Unfortunately,it's probably because I've been more nauseated and eating lots of carbs and crap, but oh well. My mw was happy so I'm happy!

And another funny thing... I'd asked dh a long time ago if he could get comfy doing ve's on me so we'd know where I was before getting in the car to go to the hospital (in case I was complete or whatever). He'd agreed at that time, but when I brought it up to him this morning, he was just kind of quiet, so I pressed him to tell me what the problem was. He said, "I just think I'll have a really hard time trying to figure out what I'm feeling. I would need to have several vaginas lined up in front of me so I could get a sense of what I'm feeling for." As soon as he said it, we both realized the hilarity of that visual image, and I was giving him a hard time that he was just using that as a likely excuse to get lots of action... So my mw said she'd set him up with some of her patients to help him get practice! Later on he made a comment about wanting to still work after he retires as a firefighter. i suggested he get a job doing ve's at the hospital.

Desiree, I didn't know you could access old DDC's, but I think I'm going to try. I'm very curious now to see where I was at this time with ds's pregnancy. I have a feeling that I too might find it depressing!
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Sounds like many men's dreams come true!

If you go under Pregnancy and Birth --->I'm Pregnant--->Pregnancy Archives it has the DDCs.
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Sounds like many men's dreams come true!

If you go under Pregnancy and Birth --->I'm Pregnant--->Pregnancy Archives it has the DDCs.
Thanks. I actually found it and was scrolling through. Turns out I didn't post much in that DDC. Oddly, none of us got that chummy. Or maybe I just wasn't one of the "popular" girls.

I did find my birth story though, and it turns out I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced at both my 37 and 38 week appts last time. So 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced now at 36 wks pretty much feels like it doesn't mean anything. Interestingly, I was complaining (Who, me? Yeah, I started a whole thread, just inviting mamas to complain with me) about this same round ligament pain under my left rib, my nausea and heartburn. I guess some things don't change!
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LOL!! I was just reading through my old DDC, at the end we separated the weekly thread into weeks.. like all of the 38 weekers had their own thread to commiserate in (my ddc was actually extremely active and very close )

Anyway... I had to laugh hysterically at this:

Anyone craving foods again? I am sooooo hanging for chinese food (garlic chicken from a restaurant that no longer exists to be precise)
this craving has dogged me all pregnancy... and it just recently amplified. I just read this to my husband and he was all.. omg not another girl!? hahahaha I guess we'll see in a few weeks.

Interesting to note that I also lost my plug that week. I don't think I had a whole lot of cervical action going on, I remained pregnant for another 4 weeks after this and was induced. I want to know I can do this... and I am reading some of the same fears I had last time. *sigh* I think I'm in a better place, a better frame of mind this time around...

Also.. speaking of cervices. Has anyone had theirs move up again?? I think mine did... I think mine was lower and more effaced because we'd been dtd daily for a few days and then stopped because dh was a little tripped out by the increase in activity. I may need to coerce him into more sex... I don't think EPO is as good, though I may start using that in abundance for good measure. My cervix is also nowhere near as effaced as it was last week. Kinda discouraging, especially with all of the contractions I have recently felt.
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I thought it was hilarious looking back how insanely ready I was to pop the kid out and get it over with. Just come out! This time I'm like "NO! Stay in, I'm not ready!". So funny how little some things change and how much others do. I can still barely believe I'm pregnant!
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Originally Posted by mzminty View Post

I did find my birth story though, and it turns out I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced at both my 37 and 38 week appts last time. So 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced now at 36 wks pretty much feels like it doesn't mean anything.
kind of depressing, huh. i was reading back and at 38 weeks with my last dd i was 4cm dilated and like 80% effaced and i went to 42 weeks
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Started hours ago when I got interrupted by big boys waking up the sleeping toddler...

Mmm, Poptarts! I have never had Toaster Streudels as I've always loved Poptarts and their (Toaster Streudel) commercials really irritated me. We try really hard to only buy natural foods now - no HFCS and hydrogenated oils and such - and so I don't buy Poptarts. I will, occasionally, buy the natural kind and, you know? They're NOT the same. They are reasonably good if you haven't had the real deal and aren't thinking about it, but still, I wish for something better! Not that I need to be eating junk food.

I am feeling SO drained today. I'm starting to think I'm coming down with something, which is NOT cool 'cause I'm still not 100% after being sick 3 weeks ago. Ugh. And we're supposed to go to a friend's house tomorrow and I can't go if I'm sick. So I'm dosing up on Elderberry Syrup and zinc and I'll see what else I can find. I just feel like I could sleep and not wake up for hours - ha. Like my kids and hubby would allow that!

We had weird half-of-the-house lights flickering last night at, oh, 2:45 in the morning! That freaked me out a bit and I was up till nearly 4 am. That could also be why I feel rotten.

Julie, your exchange with your DH is too funny. I found a decent video about cervical checks a couple of weeks ago. One way to practice assessing dilation is to measure various things - water bottles, coke cans, medicine bottles, etc. See how it feels to have the reach for each of those things. My MW was saying yesterday that for a long time she'd have one hand inside feeling and would mirror with her other hand (outside). She said she had a scale on her charts so she could always assess more easily with that second hand. I thought that was ingenious!

I have to say, having most of my last 7 years of life history on MDC is really helpful at times. I once went searching the boards for some diapering problem I had... And I came across a thread that was JUST like the current problem. Only it was from me. Three years earlier. Thankfully we'd solved the problem the first time and it definitely helped the second time. I have also had to search back to verify my babies' stats and development.

Oh, as I was soaking last night in an epsom salt bath (in an attempt to make my muscles and whatnot feel better), I wondered if it might not be helpful for those dealing with prodromal labor. Since it's mag sulfate and is absorbed through the skin, it might help calm contractions so mamas can at least sleep at night, eh?
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I'm typing a really short post mostly for my own benefit because I have to run out the door in a few to pick up my sister to go to our CSA for goodies - but I read everything and wanted to know where to pick up later on or tomorrow!

Not much to say - feeling a little crampy & a LOT contract-y - but the contractions are nothing new.

I also ate too much dinner so I'm ultra uncomfy. Blah. I think chocolate is what I need. It fixes everything. My sister and I always end up getting some obscene dessert when we sneak away from the kids like this.
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This thread moves so fast! But I love checking in to find new mamas in labor!

Pop Tarts... ok that's one of those foods that, looking back, I'm just amazed that my parents let us exist on those for breakfast. I remember a whole lot of pop tarts, toaster struedels and Entemenn's pastries in our breakfast rotation when I was growing up.I loved the cinnamon ones. dh likes to buy the TJ's pop tarts but I can't get real excited about them.

Julie- I laughed at your dh's suggestion. Heather, I often have medical students doing projects in my lab and when they do OB rotations they describe the same process. They go around measuring everything to get an idea of what 10 cm is like.

I think i've decided to stick with my current meds for the pupps and skip the dermatologist appt tomorrow. THe idea was that I could get a prednisone prescription tomorrow if I needed it. But I'm not thrilled about the side effects and the stuff I have is keeping it somewhat under control. The rash is clearing a little on my stomach and arms; my legs and feet are still bad. I think I can probably tough it out a couple more weeks.

My big kids aren't going to let me sit down for long tonight...
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I'm getting ready to scrub the house and vacuum. I also need to put my birth beads together and start a hat tonight!

Anyone else's stomach super tender like it's bruised? It just feels stretched to capacity. It's hard to imagine it getting any bigger! I'm terrified of uterine rupture and I know it won't happen and I'm certainly not nearly in that much pain but my anxiety is killing me!
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I, too, had pop tarts today. And I admit with shame that I have never had a toaster streudel.

Had an ob appointment today. Did the GBS swab. Am 50% effaced, almost 2cm dilated, and she agrees that I ought to keep wearing my pants since the baby is so low . Officially, she says that babies tend to do what they want to do, unofficially she says that she'll be amazed if I get to my due date. I love her. Sitting here tonight trying to decide if I feel crampy. Did have a contraction a minute ago, but I don't think this is the real event. I told her I'd wait until she got the test results anyway, and that's not for another 48 hours. My only worry is that I'll have back labor again like I did with ds. That sucked so much. I feel like I have constant low back pain the way it is.

I dropped off the little boy that I babysit for at the school today with his grandpa. As I walked by his car with my kids, he - at that very moment - locked his keys in the car with little Z buckled into his car seat. He (gpa) was just about beside himself. Had him go inside and get his daughter who was at the church for an event with her other child, and she called her husband who is a mechanic to come to pop the doors. Ugh. One of my fears is that I will do this someday. I'm paranoid about the location of my keys when I'm dealing with the kids. Luckily the weather was not hot whatsoever and little Z really could have cared less. I felt horrid driving away, but really there was nothing else that I could do there.

Hmmm....another contraction. Tomorrow is a potentially bad day for dh to take off work and he has a parent-teacher conference scheduled after school for our ds. This better be a figment of my imagination.
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I have been wanting to post the last 2 days, but Liam somehow put the keyboard on lockdown and I couldn't figure out how to fix it and DH was out of town!!!!! He came home tonight and got it figured out!

I am REALLY trying hard to get things done this week.. I will be 38 weeks on Saturday, and I want the house CLEAN before then. Today I at least got Liam's room dusted/vaccumed and his sheets washed.. Thankfully DH has agreed to help me finish whatever I don't get done during the week on Saturday. I have been sooooo tired lately, I think because I am getting up 5 times a night to pee.. I took 2 naps today, one this morning while Liam played, then one this afternoon with him. And I'm still EXHAUSTED.

I see my MW on Thursday and she is going to do a cervical check! I'm excited.. I haven't been able to find it the last 2 times I checked.. I hope it's doing something!!
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Oh my gosh, you guys! Toaster Strudels have been like the ONE crazy craving I've managed to resist this whole pregnancy. EVERY time I'm in the regular grocery store I look longingly at them, but then am disgusted knowing it's sugar and red dye... but you are breaking my will! Maybe it'll have passed by the next time I'm over there. I was just reading that Trader Joe's has all natural (but still totally bad carbs ) cinnamon rolls now... maybe that will do, instead. We never got anything bad like that as kids, and pop tarts and toaster strudels (which are WAY better but don't travel) were like my big bad treat in the college dorm, .

I'm thinking good thoughts for everyone-- it's all I can do to read the five pages I log on to find! How do you DO that? But I hope everyone is comfy tonight. I've been achey in the pelvis a lot more today, but overall I'm darn happy. DH keeps being like "poor you" and reacting to my grunts and moans, but really I think I'm doing so much better than last time. We'll see if it's just that it was the last month I ached so much for... I figure I deserve this after the sciatica!!! I do get burps that are a little vomit-y, but my midwife says it's just from being so squished from the baby, and my chiro might be able to help, too. I have a tiny bit of swelling in the ankles/feet but still doing pretty well I think.

I'm bouncing between feeling quite ready and OH MY GOD SO MUCH TO DO STILL I need to get on the birth pool stuff now, and get more done for DD's xmas gifts. I did get one dress up costume almost totally done last night, so that's making me feel a bit better!
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This is totally random, but I'm still coughing quite a bit, and the left side of my nose keeps running. It reminds me of when I was younger and my mom had this whole homeopathic kit with tons of remedies and a book that you looked your symptoms up in. My sisters and I used to laugh at the randomness of some of the symptoms, like, "Runny nose, only from the left nostril, made better by cool air and eating rice krispy treats, and worse by warmth and helping your daughter with her math homework."

So does anyone happen to know what remedy I should use?
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I finally figured out what position this baby is in!!!!


It moves from side to side still though, lol, so not engaged or in definite position but definitely seems to hang on that side more than the right.

Sorry that was exciting news for me, spinning babies finally made sense.
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