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I love that you all are excited for me about my mucus plug!

So last night, nothing baby related happened and I must say that a group of girls varsity soccer players are very lucky about that. Since they TPed (toilet papered) the yard after dh announced his retirement as coach. They shaving creamed the driveway (with nice things at least), spray-painted the yard, put plastic forks in the yard, stole a bunch of Republican () political signs, and left some sort of ottoman in the yard too. This only happens once a year and we have a good sense of humor about it. We also don't actually have any trees in our yard, so they can't get stuff where we can't reach it (usually).

However, I really wish that they hadn't put shaving cream on the driveway since it tends to leave a permanent residue that discolors the blacktop. And we want to put the house on the market this spring. Better than the year that they decided they would camp in our front lawn though. We woke in the middle of the night to much giggling that year and then it dawned on dh that it was actually Sunday morning and since they were still in season, they could all get in big trouble. Indiana has very stringent rules about no contact on Sundays.

Dh and the little kids are out cleaning it up right now. The girls never get to drive by and admire their work as we are very early risers. At least I don't have to go out there and bend over to pick it all up.
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Originally Posted by mzminty View Post
What kinds did you get? I got black rasberry chip and coconut chip. I also love mocha chip, but didn't want to be eating caffeine in the evenings. I used to love their amaretto crunch flavor, and was SO sad when the discontinued it! I didn't realize they sold it so far away from their headquarters!
Must have this NOW! The amaretto crunch sounds *amazing*! I LOVE ice cream with crunchy things...and amaretto?? *faint*

Originally Posted by chambom View Post
I pulled out my cheap Simplicity machine about a week ago- I have all these things I want to sew. It was clogging like crazy and then the thread would break. I couldn't even do a zig-zag stitch.

I borrowed my mom's 35 year old Viking and it is amazing. It was like sewing through butter. I looked at the machines when I was at Jo-Anns the other day and they have a $300 Viking. I thought that price wasn't too bad, I think my simplicity was about $150 and it's useless.
Have you ever checked Craig's List? I've thought of looking there, but Dd1 doesn't want to trade up since my parents bought them this one last Christmas & then my dad died shortly there after. Maybe I'll just keep my eye out for one.

Originally Posted by Stitches View Post
Also, as far as sewing machines go, don't buy a White either, mine is pretty useless. It was inexpensive but it's only good for sewing thin cotton and not much else, and the one I have has the tinniest stitch length ever...you have small, smaller, or teeny tiny. I can't gather anything! And it's forever jamming up and the least bit of heavy material breaks needles. I'm currently borrowing my mom's Phaff, and although it's not the most heavy duty machine in the world, it feels like driving a Ferrari vs a clunker. At least now I'm making some headway on diaper sewing...with my machine they looked awful.
Yea, I went through at least 3 needles when I tried sewing denim on our Singer.

Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Meta, OUCH on the popping with every step! I hope you don't have to bear that sort of misery for long! Will you see your chiro again soon? Wonder if he can do anything to help?
I'll definitely mention it on Wednesday. I'll be seeing him weekly until baby comes (& then after for a bit - baby too.)

This morning when I woke up I sneezed in bed and my crotch popped.

I'm not leaving the house today. The girls are going to the barn so it'll just be me and Ds. I'll have to keep him entertained, but hopefully I can get some low-key things done around the house.
I still have like 3 grocery bags full of beets to ferment that I just keep putting off....

I talked to DP last night and he said that all of the kids in his town have been off from school this week to help harvest beans - so cool. 10 more days! I can't WAIT.

Ds kicked me in the back of the head last night while he was asleep. Why can't he do stuff like that the night before I see my chiro? Now I have to walk around all screwed up for a few days.

I can't believe we have TEN babies already & it's not even November!! Wonder who will be next???
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Wait, isn't it still Saturday?

Julie-yes, I am a nurse on a telemetry floor. You commented on my facebook nursing philosophy post, I was writing a paper for school.

I am not much of a sewer but I have a cheap Brother machine- I think it was about $100 and no complaints. It hasn't seen much use but has been great for the sewing I have done.

I don't know what this Graeter's is. Fancy ice cream? I like Ciao Bella-they make sorbet and gelato, like key lime graham, mmm.

I made rice pudding yesterday and had two bowls for breakfast.

Farren- thanks for the birthday wishes for my husband! I am debating going over a friend's today or staying home and catching up on laundry and cleaning. We are having people over tomorrow night so I could do the house stuff tomorrow but I am worried I'll be tired if I am out all day today. Everything looks better today but not ready for company.

Fern- I hope your mom's visit goes well, you've been having a rough time so it would be nice if her visit is helpful for you. I can just imagine the duvet cover struggle, I always have trouble and that is just with a queen.
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[QUOTE=MisaGoat;15975670]Wait, isn't it still Saturday?

Yep - sorry, I was talking about another time the "decorating" happened at my house!
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Oh, I just read it again and see that it was another time. oops.
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Originally Posted by MisaGoat View Post
Julie-yes, I am a nurse on a telemetry floor. You commented on my facebook nursing philosophy post, I was writing a paper for school.
What are you going back to school for? I used to work on a private med-surg floor and also a colorectal floor that both had telemetry. I like postpartum much better!

Graeter's is an ice cream place from Cincinnati, OH. There are none by me, but I can get it at the grocery store. They make their own chocolate, too, and their chip flavors of ice cream have these big, delicious pieces of chocolate in them! I lived in Cincinnati for a while, and was at Graeter's any chance I got!

Ellen, you're such a good sport about having your house sabotaged by teenagers!

All of this sewing machine talk is getting me down. I've been wanting one for a long time (my mom had a really nice Pfaff) but didn't want to spend a ton of money on one. There was one on sale at Target this week for $70 and I almost thought of getting it. I don't even know what brand it was, but figured it would do just fine... I guess the moral of the story is, not so much, huh?

Meta, sound like you need a chiro appt AND a full-body massage! (Don't we all!)
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Bobbi for your friend

Sewing Machines- I HATE my brother. I would not suggest one, honestly. At least not one of the less expensive models. It has been nothing but a huge PITA. I will also recommend the book Bend the Rules Sewing. I really want a Janome machine.

You guys have Graeters near you? I admit to being born and raised in Cincy and had Graeters for the first time ever (black raspberry chip, actually) when I went back there about a month ago. And that was from a freezer. I have apparently been deprived. Of course I've eaten more than 8 elephants worth of Skyline, though. My mom always brings me some and I eat more than enough to destroy my health everytime I go back home. And now I'm dying for skyline. I wish we even had a Krogers here! I'm homesick and I haven't even lived there since I was a kid (though we go back often).

Last night I had a ton of regular (every 5 minute) strong early labor like contractions, tons of lower down wiggling, and horrible cramps. So bad that I actually screamed a couple of times. I felt inside and it seems my cervix is twice as effaced as I had felt a few days before and quite large. I could almost reach to check dilation but getting my arms around this belly stopped me just within the inner rim. *sigh* They stopped after dtd, of course.
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I can also get Skyline seasoning packets at one of my local grocery stores. Just sent a bunch to my sister, who moved from Northern KY to Australia!
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Really? I didn't know they had them. We either make it from scratch or my mom brings me cans from Cincy. In fact, I wonder if I might have one hidden away in the back of the cabinet...
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Julie-I just started a RN-BSN program this fall. I did an associate degree program so now I have to finish. Telemetry is where I ended up when I graduated, I like it more than I thought and have gotten fairly comfortable there. I'll probably look for something else when I am finished school but for now I am only working per diem.
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((((bobbi)))) what sad/scary news about your friend. i really hope its not MS you dont need any more bad news this close to baby time.. you need to keep your spirits up.

icecream. it does sound good. the weird thing is, since ive been sick i have not craved much of anything. my appetite is bad and i have such bad heartburn i eat because i need to but im really not that into it. i remember being this pregnant and being starving last time around. even the thought of icecream doesn't peak my interest much. boo.

misa: thanks. im getting excited that she is coming today. im really going to try not to be a grump with her. its kind of one of those left over from being a teenager things or something, but she tends to rub me the wrong way. but my kids adore her and she is really a good person.. even if we have some issues..so yeah.

on sewing machines, one of my mdc mama friends came to visit this summer and left me her little brother serger..she just mailed me the presser-foot a few days ago and i have a husqvarna machine that is like 40 years old and a total tank, but it sews amazingly well. its been my plan to do some sewing but being sick has really made it hard to get things done. i bought some really nice fabric from ETSY and still want to make a quilted changing pad and a blanket for baby. maybe while my mom is here..my MIL is a great seamstress, so maybe when she comes she could do it for me, if i haven't gotten to it yet. happy sewing to those of you actually tackling these tasks!

i folded and sorted all of my baby clothes yesterday. it was so fun. there are a few things that my son wore when he was born, some tiny cotton sleepers and stuff that made me all melty thinking about when he was a baby. he was so tiny & perfect. i think my dd2 was too big for those things (all 10lbs of her) but my dd3 fit them for a while. anyways, i have a wicker laundry basket full of tiny soft NB things most of which wont work till the lotus birth is complete. i guess a sleeper with an umbilical cord still attached wont work so well..though i have never tried it. i think baby will mostly wear the long sleeved kimono shirts i found with a diaper and the wooly knee socks i knit. it should only be a week till it separates.

i was thinking today i need to get my lotus birth stuff together. my dp isn't into the idea though, so im not sure what we are going to do...

feeling queezy & crampy this am and littlest dd woke me up way too early with wet pants in my new clean bed (luckily it was mostly on her) im going to put on "Ponyo" for her and try to nap a bit more.
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OMG toaster strudel for bedtime snack last night!!! (I have to eat something then or else I wake up at 3 or 4 and can't sleep anymore b/c I have to eat and then I'm up.) I totally went to the regular grocery store and bought all kinds of regular garbage we haven't eaten in years. I am just path of least resistance this week. If anything goes wrong I want to start crying in public, so I'm surrendering and going with the flow. DD wanted these nice Pep. farm crackers they only have there, so there we went instead of the HFS or TJs. It was nice to get a roast chicken for $5 and packaged food that took 5 minutes to turn into dinner. I am so over being in the kitchen; it HURTS because the sensitive line of my belly hits RIGHT on the counter. I want to CLEAN this weekend, and that will include the kitchen, but otherwise I'm only going to be in there for baking up stuff to freeze.

Kittywitty, my friend is a hypnobabies instructor and she says she has never EVER stayed "awake" through an entire track, not once. I don't think I have, either. And it still totally worked for both of us. I have been slacking since I got to maintenence but I am doing better again. Just turn it on and drop off, that's really all you need to do! A little practice here and there during the day is good, but I really only get to do that once a day, or every couple days. I just do a few rounds at once if I can. During acupuncture I always get lots in, the only time I'm fully supported without a kid bugging me
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RE: broken crotches... mine has been popping and snapping for weeks now, I want to say since I hit the 30ish week mark. Now my butt cracks, too, which is just odd lol.

I bought chemical dishwasher detergent last night after not using the stuff for over 5 years. I make my own but the problem with that is the dishes have to be clean before they get put in the dishwasher and my family kinda sucks at that part (myself included), I've been totally skimping on doing the dishes (ew) because I just can't stand that long... so I thought, we'll see if it works. If it makes my life easier I'll keep it. Well, first load last night was pretty gnarly (lol) and all of it came clean and I was more than happy I wasn't hit with the overwhelming scent of bleach when I opened the door. It's well worth it, I think, at this point.

So I made myself vow not to obsess over every little thing my body is doing and I'm doing pretty good. I didn't check my cervix yesterday or today... however, (tmi) I pooped (not the trots) like 5+ times yesterday.. and there has been a lot of pressure. I'm sure it's baby to just nudging into position and I highly doubt that I'm going to have him/her anytime soon... I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow.
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UuuUgh. i have been throwing up for the past few hours. i feel SO sick. i actually called dp bawling a few minutes ago asking him if he can come home.. not sure if he will be able to but i feel like such a wuss. i have never called him at work before and asked him to come home. throwing up gallons of stomach acid is the worst thing ever. when will this crappy roller coaster ride end? my poor 2 YO keeps hugging me and asking when i will feel better and then she told me baby is coming out at 3:00 at least my kids can make me smile, even in the worst of it.

nic, you have to do what you have to do.. and clean dishes are nice
i have also been going to the bathroom way too often the past few days.. its getting old. seriously.
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Re: sewing machines - I have a Pfaff that I bought as a university graduation gift with gift $$ (sewed my wedding dress on it!), and 12 years later, I still love it. It's not a particularly complex model, but it does all the basic things well. For a couple of years, I couldn't figure out why it was suddenly sewing sooooo slooooowly - I wondered if it needed cleaning or something. Well, last year, when I wanted to make my girls matching Christmas dresses, I decided to find out once and for all what was going on. I discovered that there's a slow/fast switch on the foot pedal that was (duh!) switched to slow...needless to say, I felt like an idiot for avoiding my machine because of something that was so easily fixed! But now I'll feel better teaching my dd to sew when she's 8/9 or so, knowing I can slow down the machine for her.

to all in the broken crotch club - I'm not there yet, but I certainly feel for you!

Just found out my aunt (the one whose husband just died) will be in town during my due date....it would be so cool if baby came while she was here visiting.

Fern, I hope you enjoy your visit with your mom. Moms are really great to have around when you're extremely pregnant - I hope this is your experience this time 'round, too.

OK, gotta go help clean the house.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!
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Fern, we crossposted - I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy. Here's hoping T can come home and help you out.
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Nic- hey, if it works, then it works! Dh always buys Cascade but I buy 7th gen if I do the shopping. So long as I don't have to wash them by hand, I could care less at this point!
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