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Kitty - I'm glad it was a false alarm! I've had a few suspicious pops/gushes here and there that turned out to be nothing as well. Freaks me out every time.

Meta - I almost started drooling reading your post, lol. Can you come make me supper?

MisaGoat - glad the kitty doesn't have FIV. Poor thing, though. Is it possible she has irritable bowels or an allergy to the food you give her? One of my cats had to have surgery to remove part of her intestines (she ate some thread and they got strangulated) so she has a very sensitive digestive system and certain foods will make her throw up. We had her on a critical care diet for a while (Hills a/d) but now she can tolerate some foods like Nutro.

Karen - I'm glad that they might allow a trial of labour, and that you're at least able to find some positives with how they approach c/s there. Still hoping your stubborn placenta decides to move, though!

chambom - Yay for your placenta moving out of the way!!! That must be a huge relief.

Ocelotmom - That sucks about the propane. Are there no places that'll do an emergency weekend delivery given the circumstances? We rely on oil for heat/hot water here, and some companies will do a weekend delivery (with an extra fee) if necessary. I know my company does, but I'm on automatic fillups so I've never had to use it. Hopefully you stay pregnant until at least Monday, then.

AFM - ctx still aren't picking up, cervix hasn't changed in the past couple days. It's a *week* now of prodromal labour. My back is killing me, I didn't sleep well last night either, and I've been so snappy. My husband and son are walking on eggshells around me because I've been so grumpy. My husband can deal with it (this is half his fault, lol) but I feel so bad for my son that I keep getting cranky with him.
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Originally Posted by karen1968 View Post
Which brings up a question: EVerything I've read says to talk to the nurses, find one you like who agrees with your requests, and then ask for that nurse to be assigned to you. How on earth do you do this? Walk onto the ward the week before and interview people?? I can not figure it out.
It can work in a larger hospital system, but in smaller hospitals where the nurse pool isn't that large and nurses get called in, it can be challenging. In my experience having worked as a doula for years and then as a nurse and as a student mw, nurses tend to self-select their patients. If you make it known to your nurse that certain things are important to you, like skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, breastfeeding on-demand, etc., if you get a nurse who has no patience for those things, she'll most likely hand you off to someone who is or at least be accommodating of your request for another nurse. Nurses talk during shift change and if they know that you are a certain type of patient, you'll most likely be snatched up by a nurse who is supportive. Again, all of this usually depends on if the hospital has the staff.
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Originally Posted by BirdMum View Post
Ocelotmom - That sucks about the propane. Are there no places that'll do an emergency weekend delivery given the circumstances? We rely on oil for heat/hot water here, and some companies will do a weekend delivery (with an extra fee) if necessary. I know my company does, but I'm on automatic fillups so I've never had to use it. Hopefully you stay pregnant until at least Monday, then.
Oh, probably. And if it were actually a matter of keeping the house warm enough for a newborn, we might well end up doing that. But it's going to be stretching our budget as it is, so the extra fee probably isn't worth it for what is basically an annoyance.

Now, someone who is not me needs to drink half a pot of coffee so that I can heat up some water for a sponge bath Anyone want coffee?
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Karen- I'm glad that they are working with you, even some! As for the nurse thing: when I worked in the hospital, I had people request me. They would either talk to the nurses ahead of time about their schedule and see if they could switch (especially if you know them already) or when you go in, you can ask who is on, talk to them, and pick one...sometimes. Good luck! I hope the placenta moves!
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full term mamas!!! wow.. so close!

(((birdmum))) sorry that you are feeling sore from all of the pre-labour.. i hope when it really happens it goes fast and perfectly for you!

birthdance, your iris is So sweet! her birthday looks like it was perfect. i love waldorfy homes

(((karen))) i know this has been really hard for you to accept. i hope that you get a nurse that really works with you. be strong mama!

meta, i dont know what outback is but it sounds like fun. im not a big red meat eater but i have been thinking about steak and stews lately. one of my neighbors brought some fresh venison over and i wanted to make stew but my dp froze it and im not up for cooking yet anyways. but im looking forward to eating it turnip, yam & venison stew.. YUM.

im getting the baby will come sooner than later feeling again. im 37 weeks on monday, so just a few days away from having a home birth. i have been having lots of BHX which i never had in previous pregnancies. my cough is still bad but its not the same deep painful cough and its still productive. my ribs hurt quite a bit less today as well and im down to 1 codeine & 1 reg. tylenol every 5-6 hours (as opposed to 2 codeine & a XS Tylenol) i think the arnica & st.johnswort oil and traumheel are really doing the trick. i saw dr yesterday, i probably already said this, but he thinks im on the mend. i think i still have at least a few weeks of recovery before im even close to normal but i certainly feel like doing things.. i have the strongest urge to wash all of the NB diapers and clothes again and im knitting the toe on the 2nd baby sock i have been working on for a week now. i should be done before my friend comes to give me an acupuncture session at 12:30 im really hoping that helps my lungs feel just that much better. my sister has taken my littles out for the day so im home alone i am enjoying the peace that bed rest brings, even if its hard to not be doing a million things. i did manage to do some laundry yesterday and get to town to buy a few things that we needed (my sister drove) and the amazing woman that runs one of the health food stores wouldn't let me pay for the elderberry tincture or the homeopathic remedies that i needed (like 50$ worth of stuff ) and everyone i saw on the street came over and hugged me and asked if there is anything they can do to help. living in a super small town has its benefits for sure! i really feel so well taken care of.
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Originally Posted by Lucy&Jude'sMama View Post
Today I'm full term. Lucy was born 2 weeks and 5 days after I hit the full term mark. GULP! Will I ever feel ready for this?
I don't know if anyone is ever completely emotionally ready for the unknown, and a new baby is, if anything, a whole lot of unknowns.

I've been meaning to ask you - are you a Beatles fan? The names Lucy and Jude, while I realize they are popular aside from the Beatles songs, just make me think of my favourite band when I see them together.

Fern - I know what you mean about small towns. That's why we moved home a few years back, because people taking care of each other is just how things should be. While I've never broken ribs from coughing, I had pneumonia twice last year and have fairly severe asthma and so I've been thinking about how much worse it would be while pregnant and so close to term. So I've been working you into my daily prayers, hoping for a swift recovery and an easy birth.

Tonight, DS, hubby and I are going to each decorate a onesie for the baby. I got some fabric markers and plain white long-sleeved onesies at Wal-Mart and I just can't wait to do something like this together. Yesterday, DS put one of the onesies on my tummy and said "Too small" which I thought was way cute.

I have developed a massive craving for red bean buns. There's *nowhere* here that sells red bean buns and they take hours to make from scratch, but it is one of those crazy cravings that just won't go away, so it's a good thing I have some adzuki beans so that I can make the bean paste.
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MamaFern, what a lovely experience going to town! I love communities like that. I live in a big town, so I don't get the "out on the street" experience, but I've managed to build (or become part of, really) a nice community of mostly MDC moms...over 40, IIRC. I don't know all of them well, and there are some that I've never met in person, but it's wonderful to see how we all rally around someone in need. I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope you recover fully before babe is born.

And goodness to all of you feeling ctx regularly, and losing sleep because of them! I do not envy you I'm getting a little nervous about having an actual BABY in the house especially one who might come three weeks sooner than I expected. But, still, I am prepared in all ways except the emotional.

Chambom - Hooray! for a placenta that moves. And for sending some placenta moving vibes my way

Thanks to Kitty and BirthDanceDoula for the info. This is a pretty big hospital. And I am supposed to actually go in to fill out the pre-admission paperwork. So I'm hoping I can talk to or at least ask about a nurse or nurses who would understand why my requests are so important to me. I've been on the L&D ward before - it's where I birthed my son, and where I went for several non-stress tests before he was born, and where I had my D&C last October. All the nurses were very nice. But I'm not sure how natural-minded they might be.

I have my moments of complete acceptance of the situation. And I told DH last night that if the placenta hasn't shifted at all on Oct. 26th (next scan), I wasn't going to push any more, but just "give in" to the c/s. I know it is best with a complete previa. But as I told the CNM, a c/s is the second-to-last thing I want (with the last being compromising my health or the baby's). I was actually surprised by how emotional I got during the appointment yesterday. I thought I'd gotten that out of my system, so it kind of snuck up on me
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The water heater apparently still has reserves left, or functions off of a lower pressure. I just took a shower! Yay!
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Karen, it sounds like your appt went pretty well? At least you know what they will and won't budge on. I think just visiting the nurses once before labor and explaining your wishes is a great idea. Like some PPs said, hopefully a nurse who "gets" all of it will volunteer. And man, how exciting that you might be able to try for a vaginal birth! Still hoping for a HB for you...but it really sounds like you're much more at peace with things now.

Kitty! Wow, I know exactly what you mean about the shakes. I had that once with my second pregnancy - when I thought labor had started & I wasn't ready (mentally or in any other way) and I freaked out & had the shakes. I don't know how much before birth it was, but birth ended up being a breeze.
I don't think I've ever had a "Did my water just break??" moment - mine always breaks a minute or two before baby is born.

Today my midwife held a birth stories gathering that was filmed. It was at a lovely old farm house (*stunning* house) and there were about 15-20 mamas present. I went with my sister & brought Dd1 with us. I laughed so hard & cried and cried with these women as they shared their stories and I can't believe how into it everyone was. I couldn't take my eyes or ears off of any mama telling her stories. Towards the end there were a couple stories of loss (early pregnancy) that had everyone sobbing. But it was just such an amazingly beautiful gathering of strong homebirthing mamas (actually, not all were homebirthers - but they were all strong!)

DP left at 3:30am this morning so neither of us really got any sleep before he left. he was so nervous and I'm so damned emotional right now and I'm not usually very emotional *at all.*
DP and I have had a REALLY rocky road - on-again, off-again relationship, pretty bad at times and I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant or that he hasn't gone away for 3 years, but I'm really sad about him being away right now.
I've actually had a hard time feeling or saying "I love you" since Ds was born 4.5 years ago because of some issues we had back then. I've know that I loved him, but I knew I wasn't "in love" with him - and he could feel that. Now I'm feeling closer to him and wanting things to really, REALLY work and I'm questioning whether it's just pregnancy hormones or if maybe one or both of us has just reached a level of maturity in this relationship (or reached the same level?) and it's all just finally *working*. I dunno, but he's only been gone since early this morning and won't be back until November, and I miss him.
I'll try to just focus on how happy we'll be when he gets back - and try to get a lot of nesting done in the meantime.
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
birthdance, your iris is So sweet! her birthday looks like it was perfect. i love waldorfy homes
Me too! But where are the pics??
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post
Me too! But where are the pics??

Meta: that gathering sounds so amazing!
and I can really relate to how you feel about your DP. mine came home today and said he was thinking of renting a room from his sister because her DP is moving out and I totally started to cry. we have a pretty small house and he doesn't have his "own" room and he feels like he needs the space. then he said "it doesn't mean I cant come help out sometimes" like oh, thanks
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
Now I must friend you....what's your link?
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meta, im Fern Ives on FB
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It is so great that some of us are full term already - I can't believe we're here, when it seems like we've pregnant forever (February is a looooooong time ago).

I officially have puffy feet. What do you ladies do for footwear who have this problem? I can only wear flipflops until the rain starts...and that will be soon. Socks are my enemy right now - I'd prefer not to have to wear them.

I'm feeling really blessed today - I was chatting with a friend of mine today, and a mutual friend is going through a really nasty separation. It was so depressing to hear about how her dh is manipulating her and their daughters. I feel so lucky that I have a dh I love and kids that are great (most of the time, although they were all wonderful today).

And I LOVE reading everyone's updates - I haven't been here much the last couple of days, and am behind in responding already. But know I'm holding each of you in my heart. I can't wait to meet your babies!!!!
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I've had some long days and not much time to catch up. But yesterday was pretty great. We got the bathroom started, as I posted before, and they'll start plumbing and electrical on Monday. Later Friday afternoon, I took my boys to meet up with a good friend and her 4 kids at the park along with our midwife. My friend birthed all 4 of hers with this midwife who has been my midwife since my 2nd. We just wanted time to hang out visit and it was lovely. Said friend and I are both now planning to go into midwifery and apprentice with our midwife, which is thrilling for all of us. And on the way to the park, I came across another friend (cagirlintexas) who was stopping at the park by our house. It was great to get to chat with her for a bit, too!

So after the kids all got thoroughly filthy at the park, we headed to church for a family worship night (which was awesome and lots of fun). I did manage to at least get their hands and arms scrubbed before hand, and just hoped no one looked at their feet. During the time at church, I saw a family walk in and I'm pretty sure I thought, "Babyhawk!" before I ever saw more than a glimpse. Sure enough, mom was carrying a baby and dad was carrying a folded BabyHawk. Later, they walked by and I saw cloth diapers! I told my friend and we ended up chatting with this family - four boys, similar ages to mine. And they were totally shocked to find other cloth diapering people.

So it was a pretty good, crunchy-filled day.

Heartburn is coming on consistently. Ugh. I don't normally deal with much even in pgcy and can't imagine it as bad as some of you get it! I'm very grateful that papaya enzyme helps. The other night I woke up with it and could only get out, "Acid! Help! Papaya enzyme! Over my desk!" And thankfully DH found it and I gobbled a handful of them. Must do that nightly now.

kitty, I'm glad you're okay after your labor scare!

karen, I hope you can meet with the nurses while you're up there. It does sound daunting but will likely be worthwhile. Still hoping you get the clearance for a natural birth!

Meta, I hope everything goes well with your DH away. Hopefully when he comes home your relationship will be even stronger. November's not THAT far away now!

I can't believe we have 6 babies before mid-October! And more coming before too long! Making it all feel more real.

I am starting to feel the urge to get all the baby things washed and ready to go. Having a "most likely" window of 3-7 weeks is feeling crazy! I can't believe baby is really coming - and soon!!
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totally TMI post---

Ugh, I just had the WORST bathroom experience I have ever had. I seriously felt like I was in labor... It was coming in waves of nausea and horrible crampiness and that "I'VE GOT TO MAKE IT TO THE BATHROOM NOW!" feeling. But I was really constipated and couldn't get anything out. I spent close to an hour in the bathroom dealing with this before finally getting it out. It was awful. I told DH I thought I was in labor at first, but figured since I really needed to poop that I probably wasn't...but, at least it was good practice for labor! Still feeling a little crampy and tired (I was up all night peeing every hour and feeling crampy) so DH took Liam to church this morning and let me stay home and rest.
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That sounds awful, Catie. Have you tried taking big doses of magnesium citrate? (Like Mama Calm?) I just buy Now Brand mag citrate because it's the same thing as Mama Calm, just cheaper. If I take it at night before bed, it helps with those nasty calf cramps and the bonus is it keeps things moving on the other end. There have been a couple of times in my pregnancies where I've not gone for a couple of days & by taking a big dose of magnesium, stuff happens. It's like vitamin c, whatever your body doesn't use, you just excrete.
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Catie, that does sound awful. I know I definitely have to work at keeping things moving.

I'm not going to respond to everyone that I want to, just going to pop in and say hi because I'm about to go lie down and (hopefully) get a nap.

Yesterday we all left the house early to go to a mother's club consignment sale. I found some great stuff for ds -- wooden toys, a die cast tractor with wagon, an old Fisher-Price cash register and Fisher Price barn and siloh. I love old toys that remind me of my childhood! Anyway, then dh suggested that we all continue on to run errands together, so we spent the greater part of the morning going from store to store, while I started feeling progressively worse and worse. We grabbed some crap food to keep us going, but by the time we got home, ds was at the end of his rope, I was nauseated, light-headed and exhausted. As dh said, "The next time I suggest we all run errands together, please hit me over the head with one of your cast iron pans." We did get a lot accomplished, though!

So I laid down for a nap, and when I woke up I had a full-blown, nasty cough. So I spent the evening lying on the couch trying not to pee my pants and trying to splint my belly and round ligaments every time I coughed. Trying to sleep last night didn't go that well either, so I got up with ds this morning and let dh sleep, and now I'm going to go back to bed. I'd been trying to take vit c the last few days because I felt something coming on, but it irritates my stomach so badly, and makes me more nauseated and gassy/crampy. So I don't know what to do, but I certainly want this to go away quickly!

Good-night, mamas! Hope you're all having a relaxing weekend!
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