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How many hours a day is your dh/dp gone at work?

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The title, says it all.
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At least nine hours at work plus about 1.5 hr of drive time at least. That's usually two or three days a week. The other days are 12 hr shifts, though occassionally one will be a 14 hr shift.

On the plus side, he rarely leaves before 9am and about once a week he won't go in until somewhere between 1 & 3pm. Since he's usually home after the kiddos are in bed, I have several hours of time to myself and putter around doing whatever needs done. Or just relaxing watching some tv. (DH is a chef so he doesn't have a set schedule, it changes weekly but its always long hours.) All in all, he works a good 50+ hrs a week plus drive time.
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My DH works from home. He is in his office 9 or 10 hours a day. He has no commute time which is nice.
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DH is gone 12 hours a day 5 days a week.
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On average it's about 11 hours a day. Every month or two he does have to go on business trips for a few days at a time.
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He works from home twice a week, so he puts in about 8.5 hours. On days when he goes to the office, he puts in about the same, plus a short commute, so he's gone 9 hours.

We've got our routine down pretty well, so we do fine on days when he's at the office as long as I'm having an "up" day (I was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness and have been having some debilitating symptoms and side effects that put me on the sidelines at times). When he's home, he's been helping by watching the kids while working so I can go to doctor's appointments alone and focus (and not freak out the kids).
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It depends

If working from home the hours are from like 10am-8pm with breaks in between to eat/play/hang. These little breaks are short though, say 10 minutes?

If working from office he leaves at 10-11am and comes home at 7.
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Well now he's been away for over a year. That's extreme.

Normally--if he has a job he works an 8 hour shift, and then will often work 4-6 more hours on his renovation projects.

So yea, we don't see him much.
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from april to november he often works 12-14 hour days 6-7 days a week. it's been crazy, several 80+hour weeks this summer. we are really hoping that it slows down soon and he can go back to a "normal" 60 hour week! Oh, plus 30 min commute each way.
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8 hours a day and a 15 minute commute round trip. Occasionally, something will come up and he'll have a week where he works 8AM to midnight to finish a project.
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9 hours 5 days a week.
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He leaves at 10:30p and gets home around 3p the following day. He gets out of the first job at 7a but heads right to the second. He does this 5 days a week 6 Mon a year. The rest of the year he just works nights. Sometimes the night job is 6 days a week and sometimes its 14 days on 1 off while still keeping the 7a-3p job.

It's not fun but in 6 years we will have no mortgage, we bought and paid for our solar setup, self contained water pumping system etc. In 6 years at 45 he can mostly retire and spend the rest of his years with our 6 kids.
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About a 5 minute commute and most days he goes for...3 hours, then 1 hour break at home and then 1-3 more hours. So 6 hours total? And he's off weekends, holidays, and summers (unless he teaches summer school).
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Originally Posted by Strong Mama View Post
The title, says it all.
10 hours, 4-5 days per week. But he always shows up a half hour early and stays a half hour late.

He prefers to be at work than at home. It's just too bad he only earns $9 an hour, and takes home $7.20/hour.
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He's usually gone about 11 hours, including travel time. But, because he works 10hr shifts, he only works 4 days a week so we have 3 days off together every week.
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It totally depends on what time of year it is, whats happening around the office etc..
It can vary from 6am-noon Monday-Friday to lately where its been around 430am-630 PM and weekends as well.
Othertimes he is gone for weeks at a time..

Ive gotten use to it.
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My husband went back to school last fall, and also works full-time. His hours away vary. We live 45 minutes from his job. Three days a week he leaves at 6 AM. He works from 7-3:30. Two days a week he donates plasma. Those mornings he leaves around 4:30 AM. This is an improvement. He used to deliver newspapers. This semester he has class Wed-Saturday. He will get home anywhere from 7:30 (mostly Fridays) and 10 PM. Saturday is a morning class; he gets home around 1:30 PM. Weekends feel very short this semester! At least he was able to schedule around Tuesdays, so he can get to our oldest son's football games. He missed the entire season last year.
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Wow I'm spoiled! Dh works from home 4 days a week, goes into the office for a few hours one day a week. When he's at home he can pretty much work off and on.
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I hope it's OK that I post here...I feel a little tribeless, sort of between "working" and "sahming." I work a pt position, a job that would be career-track if I were ft, but I only work hours that are "invisible" to my family, i.e. hours that don't require anyone else to make my working possible. Usually around 15 hours a week or so, and my kids are in school during hours that I work.

Anyway, my dh works ft. When he is working at the home office, he is usually out of the house from about 7a-4p or so. But he also travels, anywhere from 1 week to a month at a time so far. He's typically gone about a third of the time, I'd estimate. It's really, really hard after the first week or so.
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My DH is a student who works part time at his college, so it matters the day. three days a week he is at the school for 8 hours and two days he is there 9 hours. When he is home he is still most of the time very unavailable since he has hours of homework that he has to do, and sometimes it is worse to have him home then to have him gone. When he is home the two younger boys don't understand why daddy is so unavailable to them.
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