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How many hours a day is your dh/dp gone at work? - Page 3

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Gone at work? Well, he leaves at 8am and returns at 5:30pm, so that's 9.5 hours a day.

But working? He works at home every evening... so from 8pm to 12 or 1am. So that's 5 more hours a day. When he works at home it is *much* harder for me because I have to keep the girls out of his way and quiet.

And then most weeks he has at least one, often more, evening meetings at work. So that's about 2 hours a pop.

So, my guess is that he works at best 13 hours a day, often more like 16.

It sucks.
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He works generally 8:30 to 4:30/5:00, M-F, with a 15-20 minute commute by bike (longer if he takes the bus). One night a week he teaches a university course after work and gets home around 9:30. He usually has to stay up late 2-3 nights a week to get work done, but hopefully that'll change once this semester is over.

We feel fortunate that his commute is so reasonable, and it's a big part of why we live where we do.
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Originally Posted by Strong Mama View Post
The title, says it all.
12-14 hours a day, Mon-Fri.
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He leaves at about 9:00am and gets home at 4:30pm, so about 7 1/2 hours out of home M-F. In exchange for these hours though, DP does some work from home in the evenings when necessary.
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DH works from "8-5" but he works a little ways out of town and can't come home for lunch so he's actually gone from about 7:30am-5:30 or 6 pm, Monday through Friday. I almost wish he worked a first or second shift (and so does he) so he'd be home more during Piper's waking hours but it is what it is! I know it could be worse.
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My hubby is gone 12 hour a day. Usually he can work from home 2 days a week, and only be 'gone' for 10 hours, but he just got a promotion and it is requiring he be in to train new hires, so it looks like we'll be lucky to have one day a week that he can work at home.

Honestly, it is very had for me to be alone so much, we're relatively new to the area, and we share one car, hubby drives into work 1-2 times a week and takes the bus the rest of the time. The bus commute is 1 hour each way, and driving is 45 minutes, so it doesn't make a huge difference when he takes the car. The one redeeming factor is that hubby makes a very nice salary after this promotion, so it doesn't feel totally 'sour' knowing how much he is making.

I think having two cars is going to make things easier, but we really want to pay off student loans before taking on another car payment, and we are also committed to getting an electric vehicle as our next car and would like to wait a couple of years for there to be more options then just the Nissan Leaf.
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Dh is a pilot so he is gone a lot. His schedule goes month to month and it really varies. He will usually be gone from 2 to 4 days at a time, then a few days off in between. His commute to/from the airport is about 3 hours, depending on traffic/weather. He's really beat when he gets home from work. Next month, though, he will be doing a new route (with more days off) - he'll do two 3-day trips, one 4-day trip, and two 1-day trips. He may pick up an extra trip or two, but we're really looking forward to seeing more of him. On his days off from work, he works at a home business... So he is always busy.
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When he isnt working over time he is gone for 9 hours counting the drive time. But is home on the weekend. When he is working overtime he is gone 13 hours counting drive time plus 8 hours on Sat. and up to 6 on Sunday.
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Mon/Wed/Fri it's anywhere from 11-12 hours (depending on if his supervisors decide to let them go on time or keep them late)

On Tues/Thurs he has class so he's away from home closer to 14 hours.

We only have the one car and DS hates it when Daddy leaves so we usually don't get up to see him off...we also don't really know anyone outside of DH's work so it's really just me all that time...

Wow, it's kind of depressing to see it typed out...
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generally out by 8am and home at 6.30pm - an hour earlier on fridays. the commute is 20 min by car, or 30min by bus. he usually doesn't do more work after he gets home.
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He works from home so his schedule is flexible but he works 7 days a week! Nice having him close though to help with our 4 girls.
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My husband is military so he works a LOT. He leaves here normally around 5am to beat traffic and because he's the boss so he needs to get ready what needs to be done for the day. Then gets home around 6:30pm. Until they go out to sea. Then he's gone anywhere from 7-9 months. With a few 2 week "trips" with the command not on a ship and a couple more of 2 week to 1 month deployments to get ready for another long deployment. So yeah, we're single parents most of the time. Some weekends are thrown in there for good measure too which are another FULL working day. Every now and then (like 2-4 total all year) are half days (which is still around 2pm instead of lunch time. LOL. )

I think it would be easier to just say "all the time".
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Monday to Friday he leaves around 6 am, home around 6:30 pm. On the weekends he sometimes does construction/reno-y work for friends/family, and so will be gone at least all of one day, and sometimes even part of the other. At least now with the Fall weather we'll see him a bit more....
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it depends usually 8-10 hours 5 days a week, but more often then not it is 10. but his drive time is like 8 minutes.

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um..24. He's deployed in Afghanistan so it's all me...all the time until aug of 11
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depends... for the 1st month of each quarter, it's about 9 1/2 hours (that includes drive time), 5 days a week, for a 40 hour work week. He leaves about 6:30am and gets home just before 4pm. But usually the next month months he works overtime - which could be 50+ hours working a week (5am - 3:30pm). Ex - because of a shippment they needed to get out - DH worked from 3am - 5pm on Friday, and then from 7am - 4pm today.. and who knows what next week will bring... but the closer to the end of the quarter they get - the more he works to get work done and shipped out on time (he does testing of pressed circuit boards for electrionical compents for military and hospital grade equipment).
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