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I may be posting here prematurely, but I need a place to decompress.

We have six kids and are currently expecting, due in March. From the get-go this pregnancy has been "odd". I started suspecting twins when I could palpate my uterus at 8 weeks. People started enquiring if we were expecting when I was 9 weeks. After 12 weeks, people no longer asked, it was obvious! And we weren't really going to announce this one to the family until it was obvious....

I've been measuring 5 weeks ahead since my first midwife appointment. I have never previously measured ahead with any of my pregnancies, not even with 10lb 14oz, 23 in #3. I have studied midwifery and am pretty adept at fetoscope usage, especially on my own pregnancies, being able to hear sometimes from 14 weeks. I could only hear placenta *everywhere* until 16+6 weeks. The biggest clue, though, was starting to feel movement at 12 weeks, jabs on the lower right just above my pelvis and jabs on my upper left near the fundus, nearly simultaneously. I've heard placental sounds near both areas. Problem is, I've been suffering extreme supine hypotension, which has never affected me before in a pregnancy, even at term. So, it's hard to lay on my back long enough to try to get more than one FHT.

Last week (17+5 weeks), I am 90% sure I did get two FHTs. I didn't have my watch to check beats, but there had been a major shift in position and I put my fetoscope down in two different places and got FHTs in both, roughly 3 inches apart. Went back to the first, still there. Way back when, that'd be considered conclusive. LOL

So, here I am....We have scheduled an US for next Wednesday. I'm nervous about it. I don't typically do US of any sort during the pregnancy. I already allowed my midwife to check with the doppler last Friday, because I'm going out of my mind wondering, discerning birth plans, names.... Of course, due to the hypotension, she sat the table up and really couldn't get anything conclusive. If there are two, I'm pretty sure they were stacked pretty close at that point.

I've been reading past posts and would like to come out of lurkdom and say "hi"! I need some experienced input WRT birth plans and processing my options. This post is already lengthy, so I'll follow up in a little while with my dilemma. I have to say, I have always had the possibility of twins in the back of my mind each pregnancy, given my mother is a fraternal twin herself, but it is a whole new world when seriously contemplating the potential reality of birthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. with twins.
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Okay, finally found time to finish my thoughts here...

We've planned home births since our second baby. I've studied midwifery, apprenticed with my midwife for over a year, so I've got a good handle on the risks, I believe, and know my midwife and her qualities very well. My midwife has not done twins herself, but now partners with a very experienced midwife, trained in the Netherlands, who has done twins. She would agree to attend us at home, provided positioning is favorable, though her official stance is that they do not do twins. She does not take unreasonable risks. But she also has an OB she consults with who will do natural twin births in the hospital, who has done all the twins they have diagnosed so far in her practice. She will also backup our plans to home birth. My midwife has doula'd these clients and is impressed with her care, treating the labor and birth almost like your regular singleton, intermittent monitoring, full movement, etc. with any combination of positions except transverse A.``

My dilemma is more about location and my own birthing history and what seems the most sensible thing to do. First, we live in the upper midwest. I expect we will have a very harsh winter season this year (la nina), and I am due mid March. The hospital we would deliver at is 45 minutes away in good weather. My last three births have all been 3-4 hours from start of contractions to birth. It generally takes me at least an hour to deduce labor, due to the amount of prodromal labor I experience over the last weeks. Our last baby, our midwife barely made it and was only called when she was because her assistant Midwife she was using at the time lived even farther than she does. Assistant did not make it. LOL The possibility of a car birth, especially in poor road conditions, worries me greatly.

On the other hand, from what I have studied, problems with twin births usually happen with the second twin. If problems happen, we are so far from any hospital. The closest is 30 min in the opposite direction of the other hospital, and they do not have a NICU, do not do high risk births at all. However, they do do vaginal twin births. Any complications means a ambulance transfer to the other hospitals. So, I suppose there would not be a huge difference between an emergency transfer there, and one from home, though they do have the option of cesarean there...

I guess I would like to know, of those who have birthed twins at home, did distance to a hospital ever factor into your decision? It's really never bothered me before. We've birthed 3 here, including an intentional UC. There just seem to be so many more "what ifs" to process concerning a second baby. I want to do what is safest; it just doesn't seem to be very clear cut what it safest in this situation.
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Had my ultrasound yesterday, and there are definitely two babies on board. It was amusing. We sat down in the US room and one lady started the exam while the other was asking me history questions. I was trying to watch the screen with one eye and answer the questions. The Tech kept moving the wand back and forth and the screen would blink and show a baby. My husband was sure right away, but I just figured we were looking at different perspectives of the same baby. LOL I couldn't concentrate at all on what I was seeing, and up until the previous night I was certain one was transverse and the tech hadn't gotten anywhere near where I thought that baby was lying. The tech stood up and says, "We have two babies!" And then she explained that she is still in training and not experienced enough to do a twin anatomical exam. So she went and got someone else to do the exam. It took forever!! I'm feeling just a little guilty, cause I usually avoid any use of US. Towards the end, she turned on the 4D view, and Baby A had his/her arms crossed over her little face, and Baby B had the arms up covering his/her ears. Sigh... But, I believe it is a necessary evil. I have concrete information to make a decision. We have good, healthy, di/di twins, with completely separate placentas, both currently head down. I have had most of my babies turn head down fairly early, like 24 weeks, and stay that way, so I am very hopeful these two will cooperate.

I also found out when talking to my mom that my grandma was my age when she had her twins. LOL

WOW, I think I'm a little in shock today, even though I was 90% sure going in.
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My twins were my 6th pregnancy and I "KNEW" right away. I did not have an US to confirm until 9 wks but I knew from the time I was only 5 weeks. The pregnancy was sooo different. I requested it because of my suspicions.

We went for our US at our midwife's and as soon as he laid on the wand - BAM - there were the two babies! I cried, literally. Then I told everybody how I knew that they thought I was crazy but I was right! I couldn't imagine how many times the MW had been told by a pregnant woman that she thought she was having twins. DH better never doubt me again

Good thing you have a bunch of helpers. My older kids have been great.
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congratulations! my sister was the same way, looked big very early. she kept talking about her "pooch" around 8-9 weeks. i thought she was cute (this being her first). but she was really talking about it alot, and how she couldn't even button her pants. finally, i was like "ummm... can you skype me and show me your belly?" (she lives across the country). she was big for someone so early on! she had her u/s that week, and yup... TWINS!!!

btw, i'm sorry nobody answered your original post. i hate when that happens!

good luck!
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Congratulations! It's amazing that you knew so early on! I had no clue-- although my symptoms were more severe. I thought I was just unlucky or getting older (or both!)
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I think the reality is still settling in. We had a visit with my midwife over the weekend, and although it wasn't prenatal-related, we did have a chance to talk and discuss some of my thoughts and concerns about hospital. So far, everything is so perfect for a twin pregnancy. The placentas aren't even close to joined yet, both near the fundus, head down babies (please, please, please stay that way!!). We're open to what seems best at the time. If I seem ripe enough toward the end, we may try to induce at the birth center, since it is in great proximity to hospital, and to the third midwife my midwife would prefer to invite.

From her experiences with the backup doctor that has done their previous twins, she is excellent. Doesn't cut the cord, baby goes straight to mom. But, as soon as babies are out, she's out of the picture and the hospital system takes over. I do not want my babies treated any differently than any of my home born babies, and we will have to have a very blatant conversation about how much control I can expect to have with the neonatology staff. I feel I am now much more concerned about the after the birth stuff than with the actual birth itself.

I think I have decided that if I end up in labor at home, unless my water breaks before contractions start, I am staying home. I'm not risking a car birth! Hopefully, I won't end up completely by myself. But my midwife reminded me that I am capable, I have been trained to attend births, give neonatal resus, and if it's that fast, problems are unlikely.

Thanks for the replies! I appreciate the well wishes and thoughts!
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YAY! Congrats on your twins! Twins are a ride - but an awesome one! Glad things are going so well for you!
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Originally Posted by ChaoticMum View Post
YAY! Congrats on your twins! Twins are a ride - but an awesome one! Glad things are going so well for you!
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