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Do you see other babywearers IRL?? - Page 2

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I never even see snugglis! We are almost local attractions, not only do we try and walk as many places as possible, and you frequently see DH and I holding hands and going from strolls, but I am always wearing the weird contraption (a trekker) with the baby in it. I get more odd looks and comments. It has goitten to the point where people refer to us as "you know, the couple that walks everywhere and has the baby strapped to her front?"

Wish I did see it more often! Ah well, at least CDing is common in my town.

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All the time. Everything from slings to backpacks to bjorns. Used by both moms and dads. And I know many people who cloth diaper. Seattle would be considered a crunchy place.
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All the time here, too.... again, a NW crunchy enclave. As someone else said, to see a babe in a stroller is the exception, rather than the rule.

Also, just wanted to point out that a mama wearing her babe in a bjorn or a snugli is *still* baby wearing!!! Sometimes I get the feeling that unless it's a wrap or sling, it's not baby wearing-- not true!

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I've seen quite a few slingers in my town. I wouldn't say 1 out of 10 times I go out, but occaisionally I do see them. There is one place in town that sells slings. There is a small *crunchy* community...but in a town of over 50,000 people there isn't one midwife
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I see people in slings fairly often where I live. Usually at the Market or Whole Foods etc. One time in Oregon I chased down a woman wearing a batik sling because I thought it was a Taylor Made Treasure. Turned out her sister made it and it was gorgeous. her baby was 3 weeks old and in some sort of strange FF postion I had never seen. I would have thought a baby that age too young to FF but she looked happy as a clam.
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NOPE! The only time I see slings are at AP meetings. everytime I see a bjorn or bucket baby I want to run over and give them my sling... of course I would never be able to keep myself stocked in slings if I did that! LOL. Instead I take donations and donate pouches to our local WIC program and leave babywearing info with them Soon I hope to start a babywearing class for our area.
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