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Hi Jamie:

I plan on taking two courses next semester. One is a course I have to take and the other, I am free to choose. I have several classes I am interested in (Psychology, Education, Law, Marketing, Accounting, MS Publisher...), but would like to focus on something that will get me a job or start me down a career path/interest - sort of like a next right step. I'm curious what you saw for me in regard to this, whether it is any one of the classes I am interested in or maybe something entirely different.

Thanks for your help
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When I first read your question I thought YES! Law marketing. Perfect!
It wasn't until I read the question a couple of times that I saw they were two different things; law and marketing. But every time I revisit your question trying to get clarity I keep hearing Law marketing. So I finally googled it to see if that was even such a thing. I found this.
I don't know if that means anything to you or how you go about getting to that point. But I can't get past the two of them together. I feel you would be effective at both law and marketing. Better yet, together.

Might be worth a thought.
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