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Shes Here!!!!

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Emma Bailey is finallllly here at 41wks 4days!!!! On 10.14.10 at 1am I woke up with little contractions that I thought were just braxton hicks then again got woken up again at 3am with what I knew were contractions, I had been having them for the past 2 days before that were 5 minutes apart. So I layed in bed timing them they were still 5 minutes apart, so I got in the hot bath thinking I could maybe fall back asleep afterwards, and decided to tell my hubby they were definitely nothing like BH and felt like they were getting closer together so he started timing them they then became 3 minutes apart. So we called the midwife and she said to meet her at the birth center at 630 When we got there all I wanted to do was get in the bath, I labored in the tub the whole time, I had lost control by the time I was 3cm and was letting it get the best of me, thats when my midwife came in and helped me through some ctx then my amazing hubby helped me the whole rest of the way, I labored in the tub until it was time to push. Then the most comfortable place for me was the toilet so as the contractions got stronger and stronger I felt the urge to push but just couldn't do it on the toilet and the tub didn't seem easy to push in at that point. So we got on the bed, and with just 20 minutes of pushing and only 6hours of labor out came my beautiful daughter Emma Bailey weighing in at 6lbs 6oz 19 1/2 inches long! It was the most intense amazing birth, I can't believe I actually did it natural, and such a short labor for my first time! My induction date was Monday, so THANK YOU GOD that she came, with a little help of black cohosh the night before
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Emma! Superb birthing story, congrats to your family!!
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Congrats and welcome baby!
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Congrats! Welcome baby Emma!
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Congratulations on an awesome birth and welcome baby Emma
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Great job, Mama! Welcome baby Emma
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Congrats! Great story!
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Sounds like an awesome birth. Congrats!
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Congrats mama! Happy babymooning.
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What a lovely birth. Congrats.
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congrats on the short labor!
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Thank you all :) Sorry haven't been on much since I've had her! She is so beautiful and more amazing than I could of ever imagined!!! Weighing in at 12lbs 5oz at 14 weeks :) Getttinn biggerrr :( Suuch a bitter/sweet moment! 

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