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Any one lese totally shocked about being pregnant?

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We are in the middle of the adoption process, waiting to be matched. Our youngest is almost 7. I just turned 42. We struggled to conceive her and we have not tried to avoid pregnancy this whole time.

BFP last night. Due mid-June. I spent last night crying hysterically, then laughing uncontrollably, then crying again.
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Amazing! Congratulations!
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Congrats! I'm probably not as shocked as you! But I did have that same reaction to my BFP! Laughing out loud,crying,laughing! We were planning to start adoption process in January. Congrats again!!!
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Yay! I am not as shocked as you but its still sinking in
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Sounds like us! 7.5 years ago diag. with infertility and did 2 years of treatments unsucessfully then adopted 5.5 years ago and here I am 40 and totally unexpectedly preg. sounds like the same reaction I had. I just took the test to rule it out and fell to my knees and cried when it turned very dark pink plus. I laughed cried and called my middle daughter at college hysterically crying. ENJOY!!!! Oh yeah, my two oldest bio daughters are 21 and 19!
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I am very shocked. DH and I were not ttc but we are pregnant I just really cant wait to be out of the first trimester though...I wasn't this nauseous the last two pregnancies and I want my appetite back lol
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Yes, this baby took a little over 3 years to get pregnant, with and i had just started to seek medical help so far we had only done blood work to rule out anti-body issues and chromosome issues and the dh was going to get a SA done. The day we found out was the day he was heading to the lap to give a sample for the SA, had a mishap in communication and he went to the wrong lab lol. All the bloodwork on both of us had came back normal. the next step for me would had been a HSG.

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I'm glad I am not the only one then!
I am slowly coming to acceptance. It just doesn't seem real! lol Well, except for the frequent peeing and sore breasts.
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Also shocked here. Have been going through the emotional rollercoaster for a week now, too.
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Indeed this is baby surprise for us! Apparently despite having a college education I am incapable of counting, and when you are using cycle beads as your BC method, counting is paramount. I realized less than 24 hours after it occurred that I had begun counting from the first day of my cycle that we were NOT supposed to have unprotected sex rather than the first day of my cycle, so I took an ovulation test, and sure enough I was ovulating. I did not get a BFP when I first checked, I had a itsy bitsy extremely faint line. I told my beloved "that's not REALLY a line" and he laughed (hard). So I repeated the test the next morning, and again said, "It's BARELY there, so it doesn't count" again, he laughed and attempted to persuade me otherwise by saying things such as "Honey, any line counts as a line" or "see babe, the instructions say two lines means its positive" and "here look at the picture, see the one with two lines, yeah, see how yours has two lines, that means we're having a baby!" Yup, still totally in denial. So off to the drug store I go to purchase the one that says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant", because surely that will be clear enough for me to interpret correctly right? (Btw I was absolutely sure I was not pregnant, as I had begun to spot lightly which had always been a sign my period was on it way.) So I peed on it, and went downstairs to the kitchen, he immediately went upstairs to the bathroom and yelled "Honey!" and yeah, there really is no way to misread PREGNANT in big bold letters. I laughed and cried and wandered around for a few days saying oh my gosh I'm pregnant! It continues to be about all I can think about! Well, besides sleeping and eating.
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Welcome to the surprise mommas!
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Using FAM so assumed bleeding meant the beginning of a new cycle, and I kept having high temps (which would signify it's not likely to be a new cycle, but rather a pregnancy) but there seemed to be a reason for each. And I only bled for a couple of days and lightly. But it took me several more days to think "That's too many high temps" and take a test, which was positive. I think I doofed up as much as you can with Fertility Awareness! Oh well, all's well that ends well.
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Congrats, mamas!

Add me to the shocked club We needed fertility meds to get our 2 beautiful boys, haven't used bc in over 5 years, and I'm 35 (not that that means that much anymore!)...got the shock of my life 9 days ago when I POAS on a whim because I had been battling what I thought was a UTI for almost 2 weeks, and figured it was high time to get on some antibiotics! FTR, I really did have a UTI after DH and I dtd around what I assume had to be o time...but I'm guessing it actually cleared up within a few days or so not expecting or prepared for that 2nd line DH had been bugging me to make an appointment for a vasectomy since I was pg with DS2, but I always held him off...I just felt something was missing from our family...never actually thinking it WOULD happen I told him we wouldn't try, and I would never do fertility meds again...BUT, if we got pregnant in spite of all the issues against us, that obviously that little bean would be a fighter and truly meant to be...unknowingly, I was right!

I'm still very nervous, as I am quite early - barely 5 weeks, IF my calculations are correct (I could be off by a couple of days either way, we'll find out soon enough!)...but I got betas drawn, and my numbers doubled and even TRIPLED nicely...progesterone looks good, and I'm experiencing nausea and other symptoms MUCH earlier this time than before...
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Me too! We were TTA and counting days....plus I'm still BFing DS a lot, so I thought it couldn't happen. But...that being said, I was so happy when I got the shocked, but happy.
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us, too...totally surprised. This is a holiday baby, made on our trip to California. We let our guard down only once on day 7 of my cycle...so random. I guess it was meant to be! the timing could be better, though, as we are moving abroad again in the summer...shortly after the birth! help. lol
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