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Weekly Chat-10/16

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How is everyone doing? I think most of us are into or heading into the 2nd trimester now. 15 weeks here and feeling great! I *think* I felt a little flutter last night (didn't feel #1 or 2 until after 20wks) so that was exciting. Definitely getting bigger and bought some clothes from Motherhood this past week. Just a pair of jeans and a shirt and some underwear (didn't realize my undies were getting snug but man, are the maternity undies comfy! think i'll go get some more) and the secret fit belly thing is AWESOME!

I also started a new job at a BIG and very busy hospital last week. It was a bit overwhelming and exhausted me- but hopefully once I get the swing of things it will be good.

Whats happening with everyone else this week?
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Will be 14weeks tomorrow. It's a little hard to believe actually. It seems like it's going by so fast this time. I've started talking to our 2 year old ds about the new baby, and how the baby is growing inside mommy, when it's big enough it will come out. So now he likes to ask daily if the baby is coming out today. It's pretty cute. Been feeling much, much less nauseous, and not quite as tired. I'm having really yucky allergy/sinus trouble though the last week, and it's getting old.
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12 weeks tomorrow. I'm straddling the april and may DDC since I'm due May 1st. Looking forward to getting to know all of you! I had my first ultrasound yesterday to find the heartbeat since my midwife couldn't find the heartbeat on the doppler. I'm so excited!
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Starcat--congrats on the new job! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.
Gagin--thanks for making my heart melt.
Mrs. Bone--welcome! I'm probably straddling April & May too--due April 26 but it's my first so I'm guessing I'll go late...congrats on seeing the heartbeat!

AFM--coming up on 13 weeks this Tuesday. My big news is that I finally got up the guts to email my department head (I'm a grad student) and tell him I'm pregnant. He was super supportive, and assured me that I could take spring and summer off and still expect funding in the fall to finish my thesis. This means I really have to start thinking about lining up childcare, which I find super intimidating, but I'll need someone to watch the baby while I'm teaching and writing.

Now that the word is out to him and his response was so congratulatory and supportive, I feel really excited about going officially public. I'll tell my advisor on Monday and then let the news out for real--I can't wait!
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I've been kind of holding my breath since I am feeling MUCH better, haven't felt movement yet, and around 15 weeks was when I had my first appt. in my pregnancy in 2004 where we were never able to find the heartbeat (ended in miscarriage at 16 weeks). SO, yesterday had my second appointment and hear the HB immediately! Sounded great. That was a real relief for me--made this all seem so much more real, silly as that sounds. I still am feeling more fat than pregnant. I recently bought my first maternity clothing too. My 'fat' pants are getting uncomfortable. Starting to think of names and to plan what I am going to knit for this little one!
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I've worn maternity pants twice last week. I can get by with my skirts as I lost weight earlier this year so I've grown back into them.

I need to go through my closet and pull out my maternity stuff. My little sister returned my stuff so I have that to wear as well. If it fits. My boobs are bigger this time around so I don't think any of her medium shirts are going to work.

I had my appt last week which went well. Now just in a holding pattern. Mainly done with the morning sickness, but have been having headaches now. I don't remember them from before.

We've been working on naming body parts with my youngest. Now when you ask him "Where's the baby?" he lifts my shirt up. Too cute.

The word of my pregnancy is spreading around my office and our branch offices. Last maternity leave I had someone fill in for me and I let him know when I was going to be out. He said it wouldn't be a problem to fill in some of those days.

Has anyone done the Chinese birth calendar yet to see what it says? Mine says boy which I would be thrilled because then my youngest would be able to share a room with him. It helps with large family logistics.
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I'm a little over 16w now and fully into maternity clothes. I feel like I'm huge already and very obviously pregnant. Although, no one else seems to notice...and, when I look at myself in photographs, I can't really tell either. I tried to wear a tshirt with my maternity pants this week and discovered that was a bad idea. It's now too short!

We've begun to purchase some things for the baby. We have a car seat, stroller and crib thus far. I'm trying to get some of the bigger things out of the way, but buying them used to save us some money.
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I am 13 weeks 5 days as of 10/17. I don't really feel pregnant, but the breakouts on my face and emotional roller coaster suggest otherwise. My weight is stalled for the past three weeks since my morning sickness has faded. Next prenatal visit is 10/26, wearing one pair of maternity pants, but just wearing my 'fat' jeans/pants most the time, i can still fit in them for a couple more weeks at least without feeling uncomfortable. Dh and I have been bickering a bit, wish i wasn't so darn hormonal and he wasn't trying to quit smoking at this time, it's not a great combination. His solution is to hang out at friends more, and that is fine by me, lol.
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oooh- I should weigh my self! My mw is no fun and doesn't weigh me. *I* personally like to obsess about how much weight I gain... even though I have found each pregnancy is different and I really don't control it; although avoiding sugar cereal late at night does seem to help.

I am wearing my 'fat pants' and starting to look like my middle is a stuffed sausage. I just bought a ton of long shirts and leggings from GAP; works great! I'll do anything to avoid maternity stuff; although I'll admit when I put it on it looks nicer than clothes that don't fit right. So I've been buying mat stuff and then storing it! And, for the first time, I'm having a soft spot for being pregnant- probably cause this will be my last!

morwenna- 16 wks is late for a miscarriage! Big hugs. Glad you heard the HB.

gumshoegirl- how fun to be collecting baby stuff for #1! Enjoy!!

blanca- I finished my masters thesis between #1 and #2... actually 2 was a baby when I defended. It's doable, but it was helpful that my advisors just wanted to see me gone... they didn't go after me nearly as hard in my defense as I expected.

gagin37- my allergies have been dreadful! I've been taking claritin occasionally. I am way past the optional stage... I haven't had allergies like this in a long time! Annoying.

K. Better get some more paperwork done.

I can feel flutters sometimes and i think hiccups this morning?!! Is that too soon?! I am 14.5 weeks now.
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Hi ladies! I am somewhere b/t 14 and 15 weeks. Unfortunately I'm one of the unlucky ones who still has MS. No throwing up but just 24/7 cloud around my brain and peaks of nausea when I'm hungry and full (so all the time really). However, I am having days which are relatively better. Like today. But yesterday was bad. Had to sleep the afternoon away just to get through it. Luckily it was Sunday and DH could play with DS while I slept.

Now that we're telling people there is a little relief and excitement in that. I have also found out that 4 additional (to add to the 6 already) family members/friends are pg and due in April or early May! That's been a little overwhelming but exciting.

Fat jeans but preferably stretch yoga and PJ pants!

Sad about 17 mo DS not getting any milk from me anymore (separate thread).

Can't wait until I feel well enough to start working out again and nesting which I am dying to do but don't have the energy to get off the couch ever.

Happy fall!
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Made a mistake yesterday of not eating RIGHT when I got up...took a bath with DS to get ready to go eat breakfast...got out of the bath tub and started gagging...I couldnt stop myself and threw up(for the first time.) Luckily it was only water. But I shook more than I would have if it was more than just water.

I NEED do to drink more water...I've had a headache for almost a week. It's getting annoying. It's hard for me to drink more though bc I'm not a big drinker in the first place.

I may have decided to change our halloween costume lol. We were just going to wear tshirts that I had found...mine saying "I bite" w/fangs on it and a big creepy pumpkin on his. But then I was watching New Moon last night and was thinking of the last movie/book. NOW I am going to wear a shirt that says "Bella" on the front w/Renesme(SP) and my DEAR DEAR LOVING DH is going to play along(he's not a big fan of Twilight) and wear an Edward shirt...which is his middle name lol. (If I had enough guts I would name my next son Jacob(bc I really love this name even before Twilight) and he would have his fathers middle name of Edward)...hehehe Jacob Edward....what?

starting to get charlie horses in my calves...yay fun.

Im about to lose my cool with my 8 YO daughter...we HS and she cant figure out what to do in her daily journal...REALLY? NOTHING??!! Draw a picture of your family..SOMETHING! JUST DO IT!

That was good to vent...I screamed it in my head as I typed it.

We are in the process of getting our house on the market and getting it sold so that we can get our house built and moved in before this baby gets here...oh dear. So I went through all of my clothes and purged...I put clothes away that I wont be able to wear until I lose weight and things I cant wear until this coming spring. It felt good! I went from having 6 drawers full to 3

Really felt the baby moving yesterday. Several times. It was fun.
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15 weeks today . I have a mw appt this afternoon, I like hearing the hb to go along with all the movements I've felt today! Babe was pretty quiet most of last week, but all morning I've felt it bouncing around in there!
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Let's see.. I'm 13w give or take a day. I went in for my nuchal translucency screening Friday. I think it went well. The tech didn't say anything of course, but I looked up what the thickness should be and mine was well below any risk level. AND we got to hear the HB and see the critter wiggling around

I'm feeling SO GOOD now. In the last week my nausea has evaporated, and my tiredness is easing off too. Today I was on the move all day and I'm only a little exhausted this evening. This is way way earlier than with the other pgs. I was nauseated until 14-16 weeks with them.

I *think* I've felt the baby fluttering around, but I'm never quite sure. With both the others I had had moments when I was positive by this time, but not with this one.

My regular clothes still fit, but I'm wearing almost all maternity stuff because it's SO much more comfortable. Today I put away all of my non maternity clothes and am working to sort through my many (many many) tubs of maternity clothes and refill my drawers. I seriously have SO many mat. clothes it's ridiculous.. I've had a couple friends give me all of theirs because they were done, plus all the stuff I bought when pg with #1. (If any of the Central Ohio mamas want any, send me a PM, I'm happy to share--most of my stuff is size L/XL ) The AWESOME thing is that this time around I'm fitting a lot of the jeans and pants that did not fit last time. I started out a good 20# lighter this time and I can tell

Originally Posted by StarCat View Post
the secret fit belly thing is AWESOME!
What's this? Haven't heard of it.

Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
starting to get charlie horses in my calves...yay fun.
Calcium and magnesium might help with the charlie horses.
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oooh, I felt a good, hard kick last night! very excited!
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I had to chime in about the secret fit belly pants because I love them too. It's basically a full panel but it's made of really thin material. You can fold it down or wear it all the way over the belly and it fits even with a tiny bump. The material does not show through your shirt.
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Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post
I had to chime in about the secret fit belly pants because I love them too. It's basically a full panel but it's made of really thin material. You can fold it down or wear it all the way over the belly and it fits even with a tiny bump. The material does not show through your shirt.
oooo those sound really nice!!
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yes the secret fit belly is awesome. although my friend who is 8 wks ahead of me got a pair and didn't love them quite as much as I did. She said she felt like they were droopy in the back and she had to tug them up. She is a bit shorter than me so maybe that was it. I didn't feel like that at all. The band goes all the way around not just in the front like a lot of mat. stuff- so it stays up and is super comfortable and you don't get plumber butt.

I am DEFINITELY feeling baby movement!! YAY!! It's so early compared to the girls. I felt it the other day and then nothing that could definitely be called baby until today but today I felt several bumps and flutters. Can't wait to feel more. I don't much care for being pregnant- the only thing I like is feeling the baby move. I just love it. And I am so excited for my girls to be able to feel baby kicks.
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I didn't care for the belly fit jeans too much with my last pregnancy, they didn't seem to fit my body shape well. I still have a pair I wore once or twice, i might get them back out when I start rounding out. I just had trouble getting them to stay up, they were always falling down. I have that trouble with jeans in general though, so maybe it's just me.
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It is good to hear that for the most part everyone is doing well; NaturalMummy, I hope your nausea goes away soon!
I am feeling so good right now; I am 14w3d! I have gone over a week without feeling the need to nap with DD. It is nice to have that time back again for house chores and small sewing projects (I'm making some more newborn fitted diapers to add to my stash.)
We saw our MW on Sunday, and our visit went well. Her doppler is being repaired right now so we gave it a shot with the fetoscope, but it is still a little early for that. It was fun for everyone (including DH) to play with the fetoscope though
We had a quick u/s a couple weeks ago with our shadow care CNM's, and we saw a healthy little baby jumping around, so I wasn't too stressed about not being able to hear a HB yesterday.
This pregnancy is so much different than DD's. With DD. I was obsessed with 'doing everything right'. I researched day and night... This time around I am so much more relaxed; even our appointments with our HB MW feel so much more like visits with an old friend versus the very clinical, sterile feel of our hospital MW's we used w/ DD (the same we are seeing as back-up now.)
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what is nuchal translucency test?

I don't believe I did this with my first DS since I didn't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks. I did just have an ultrasound with current baby at 12 weeks because we couldn't find the heartbeat. Just wondering if I could have had this NT testing done without my knowledge? The sonographer had that sonogram probe up there for quite awhile taking lots of pictures. Just curious what it is.
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