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APRIL 2010 Mamas, through October 30th

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It's wonderful to be able to continue to chat with mamas we know here in LWAB, and we hope anyone who has been part of our DDC at any time will join in whenever you can. We also welcome other moms of babies born at the same time, just help us get to know you.

Below is a list of us mamas and our little ones, as well as some extra info.
Please feel free to have this edited any time by posting your request in this thread in bold.

For now we will be a weekly thread. In the future we can lengthen the time of our threads as needed.

erickalynne, Jennings, 2/11, single mom to 2, Jennings born at 32 weeks by emergency c/s due to placental abruption

Amandamanda, Adam, 3/2, (had my dates wrong in the beginning and was actually due in march - hung out here 'cause i liked you all! )

shantiani, Astrid, 3/14. Between recurring miscarriages and then pre-eclampsia, we had to work for this baby! But now she is here and perfect and worth all of the trials.

Peace+Hope, Charlie, 3/25, late-onset Pre-E, induction at 37 weeks, no pain meds! grieving my home birth... maybe next time?

NH Mom, Charlie, 3/27

Oliver's Mama, Eli, 3/27/10

jenfl, Sprout, 3/31, home water birth, transfer at birth+10 hours, forced 3 day NICU stay for Sprout (and I) because of doctors practicing defensive medicine, ongoing breastfeeding issues due to tongue tie and high palate

Ivymae, Rebecca Joy, 4/1, Home water birth

rolenta, Naomi, 4/2

MaterPrimaePuellae, V, 4/4

Liz.Furtado, Maxwell Cohen, 4/5

momto4plus4, Jeremiah, 4/5, induced, stuck at 9.5 cm, ended in 1st c-section, cord wrapped, SO grateful he's alive!

Cecilia'sMama, Cecilia, 4/6, high BP at 38 weeks, avoided c-section!

crazyeight, Baby R, 4/6 (and is a boy!) and joins 2 older siblings! He was a vaginal birth at 41 weeks.

finn'smama, Henry, 4/7, born at home

andlee, Ben, 4/8

RhiOrion, L, 4/8, medical induction due to Cholestasis of Pregnancy, WOHM

Dena, Hannah and Maya, 4/9

dhinderliter,R, 4/10

sewcraftygirl, Anna, 4/11

Snoopy5386, Kelsey, 4/11

Carita, Danita, 4/15 Tax Day baby , Fast and Furious NCB @ hospital w/MW and awesome doula!

GreenTeaGinger, Rowena, 4/15, midwife attended birth center birth

LenaC, Leon, 4/17, Born 16 days after his due date of April 1st. Held my ground, as doc wanted to induce for low amnio fluid. All natural hospital water birth, that lasted about 3 hours.

Jsh7809, Symphony, 4/18, PPD, emergency post birth surgery for vaginal hematoma

Triony, Tobin, 4/18

3tammuz, Aliza, 4/19, double footling breech, VBAC in a hospital

Bubbamummy, Molly, 04/21, breech with double nuchal cord leading to an 'elective' c-section at 39wks

Pepper44, Ada 4/21

waiting2bemommy, Alisa Giselle, 4/21, born just shy of 7 lbs, I *think* 19 inches (gotta go back and look), at 41 weeks. An intended home birth that ended up being a hospital induction; they broke my water and labor was fast and furious, no pain medication, but LOTS of pain, lol.

Ann_of_loxley, Hamish born on the 22nd (all 12lbs 4oz of him - though do I really need to remind anyone of that? lol) - and his big brother Duncan born the 19th of September and is about to become FIVE years old! !

dogretro, dd2, 4/23, labored at home, birthed in the hospital, all-natural VBAC

mom2happy, baby girl Tess, 4/24

TreefrogNYC, Benjamin Zephyr, 4/24, born at home after 7 IUIs and one m/c (3.6.09) -- husband, midwife, midwife's assistant, doula, and two cats in attendance!

smeisnotapirate, Naomi, 4/25, HBAC! Shout it off the rooftops!

ebbb, Lucy, 4/27

Elecampane, Eleanor, 4/28

laughingfox, girl, 4/28, 2nd homebirth

LoveNeverFails, Mercy, 5/11, Winner of the Silver Birth Stool,
Accidental quasi-UC (midwife running in the door, but we caught head and she caught shoulders...) island birth (half in the water, half on land?), Survivor of Hostage Crisis 2010, NICU Edition, Mom of the only baby in NICU with toenails painted hot pink, and Remembering Nicholas, 11/2009

silverspook, Isaiah, 5/17, Awesome Rockstar Golden Birthstool Winner!
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hey mamas, new thread .

i know it's not really necessary, but i lose track of pages, and it seems to make it easier for those who've fallen behind to catch up... what do you think?

hope everyone is enjoying fall weather now. it's turned so cold here already, i'm starting to wonder about how i'm going to keep charlie's feet warm, as they stick out of the ergo.
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P&H, maybe you should make up a name for yourself and join facebook-- I think the facebook group is going to replace the DDC thread. It's a lot easier to keep up with.
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Originally Posted by Peace+Hope View Post
how does a private facebook group work?

finally broke down and ordered wonder weeks. OMG, that book is $$! my justification is that i can let other moms borrow it .... and my library branch is closed for renovation... and....and...

so great to hear about developmental leaps in our babies!

i was a BAD mommy this morning. i cut charlie while clipping his fingernails. i've done it before once, just a little and he didn't notice. but this morning, it HURT him and he cried and cried. i feel awful about it
Come to Facebook and we'll show you.

I have been relying on The Wonder Weeks since Cecilia was about a month old. One of the best books ever written.

I did that to Cecilia the one and only time I've ever clipped her nails while she's awake. The look of shock and horror she gave me before she started to cry got me crying, and I kept crying long after she was over it. I couldn't believe that I'd hurt her.
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yes, I strongly urge everyone to have a FB and become part of the private group

I have clipped J's fingers a couple times and felt HORRIBLE
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Yes, you need to get on FB. WE LURVE YOU!!!!! COME JOIN THE MADNESS!
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Sprout is remarkably chill with me clipping his nails. I try to do it every week to keep him used to it, because with Nugget I didn't and it was a terrible struggle until we hit on using 10 minutes of "Peep's Big World" on the computer to keep her calm. It turns her into a total zombie -- which is one of the big reasons we don't do TV for the kids. But it works for things like nail clipping and hair trimming!

Went to SeaWorld for their trick or treating today. The people and the flags and the noise and the colors got Sprout so over-stimulated that he just Would. Not. Nurse. Thank goodness for nursing rooms! We got to go into an air conditioned, quiet room with gliders and he calmed right down and finally ate.
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i bite L's nails
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P&H- if you don't want to make a facebook page for other reasons- you could make it with an alias that only we know and just use it for the MDC stuff. I think you might like it better than here, too. Conversations can be followed more easily because you can reply to what one person said without having to worry about quoting.
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
P&H- if you don't want to make a facebook page for other reasons- you could make it with an alias that only we know and just use it for the MDC stuff. I think you might like it better than here, too. Conversations can be followed more easily because you can reply to what one person said without having to worry about quoting.

Please, please come join us?

I think I have cut all of my kids while clipping nails. There doesn't seem to have been any long term scarring, though.
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OMG, i can't escape FB!!!

i don't fear it, i just don't get it. but this seems like a good use...

tonight maybe i'll set it up, i can't believe it. you're talking to a person here who until recently refused to even carry a cell phone. i like being UNreachable, kwim?

anyway, i realize i'm a big baby.

thanks for all the support, and with the fingernail thing too. of course, my husband went out and bought 2, count 'em, 2, kinds of baby nail clippers after the "incident" this morning. can you say reactive parenting? i'm trying NOT to imagine the helmets and knee and shin pads he'll be running out for next...

rhi, i can't believe biting still works for you! i never could really get the hang of it...
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gah! i finally try it and it tells me i'm ineligible! and i'm all alone here.... in our former thread....

eta: uh, i left the year 2010 for my birthday.... good grief...

i hope this is a tiny bit amusing for someone
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P+H -- I was just about to suggest you check that. Come join the dark side!
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Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed at first! And, once you're added to our group, go over to the settings in the top right corner and uncheck the box about receiving email updates!!!!!!! This is very important if you don't want 79 emails in two hours.
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Hi everyone! I was part of the DDC, but haven't posted in such a LONG time. Moving 1000 miles when your LO is 6 weeks old and starting a new job apparently takes up a lot of time. Thankfully things seem to have settled down, so I just wanted to check in and say hi. I've been trying to catch up on the last few threads, but you guys update so frequently it's hard to keep up...haha.

DS is 6.5 months old, and weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs (28 inches long) at his most recent check-up. I have no idea where he's getting these giant genes from...definitely not my side of the family. I love hearing about all the milestones our babies are meeting. I can't believe we've got crawlers in this group already! DS has no interest in crawling - he's been rolling all over the place since about 4 months, and pushing up on his hands and knees for about the past month, but just doesn't seem too concerned about doing much else. It's fine by me, because I haven't baby-proofed the house yet.

We're not doing much in the way of solid food. I hadn't planned on doing BLW per se, but that's kind of the route we've ended up going. He has absolutely no interest in pureed foods (I bought a food mill for nothing! Thank goodness I didn't spend that much money). He makes all kinds of sour faces when I try to feed him, but I've realized it's because he wants to be in control of the process (not sure who he gets that from...) If I give him the spoon, he'll put it in his mouth, and he loves grabbing food from our plate. I've started giving him chunks of stuff he can hold and chomp/suck on, and it seems to be working MUCH better. He sat for about 15 minutes today with a few slices of an apple I bought from our local organic farmer's market. Granted not much of it made it into his stomach, but he seemed to actually enjoy the process which is awesome. I just don't want him to have negative associations with food, kwim? We're only doing solids a few times a week at this point, and I'll just follow his lead and increase the frequency once he seems more interested.

Anyway, just wanted to check in again. I'm also on facebook - what's the name of the group over there? I'd love to join and follow everyone!

PS - does anyone here do Montessori? We've got DS in a montessori daycare, and are looking for ways to start incorporating the method into our home (we will likely be homeschooling eventually, so it'd be nice to get a head start). Any good books or web resources? Thanks!

ETA: Obligatory baby pics!
6 months old playing pat-a-cake with dad: http://tinypic.com/r/ok6fcx/7
Enjoying his apple: http://tinypic.com/r/27zf3td/7
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suzieq! wow, 20 lbs, that's impressive! sounds, and looks, like you guys are having a lot of fun at your house - great pics

it IS fun letting babies do their own thing for food. i'm loving in especially because i've never seen anyone let an infant be in control like we're doing with charlie. it is so natural, and amazing to watch!

jenfl, glad you got a laugh
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hee hee. I got one too.

And I sent you a friend request. At least, I think it was you. Aimee suggested I add you. And then added the same person to our group. And then announced that P + H was on FB.

Aren't my powers of deduction amazing?
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I'm an enabler, what can I say?
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20 pounds?! I don't think Nugget weighed that until.... like, 18 months! How do you wear him?!
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oh man 0 FB would be easier t okeep track of... choices...
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