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i love this thread, good company. i'm an attorney too, but perhaps closer to the cps social workers- i represent kids in abuse and neglect cases. it is full time but very flexible hours for the most part, so i do get to spend time with ds during weekdays too. am a bit stressed about child care with #2, we have kind of a patchwork and i'm not sure it will hold up with 2. at what point is working no longer feasible? but my dh's salary would not pay our mortgage, so i feel stuck. lately ds has been kind of sad about daycare though he seems to love the babysitters.... but i can tell it stresses him out to be away from home. wish i was a sahm.
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I work as a nurse anesthetist. I understand that there is a situation where medical intervention is deemed necessary (like causing trauma to the body ie. surgery) but at home I use 100% natural intervention. Herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractor. etc. Anyway, I love my job and the fact that I can be there for a patient and put them at ease during such a traumatic event in their lives. I also like the fact that I can help them with a pain free process.

My real passion would be to be a master herbalist and holistic practitioner but I am currently working on that

Otherwise~ I am a wife, mother and first and foremost servant of God which are my most important jobs!!!
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Oh I forgot to put how much I work at the hospital. I work one day a week now, since I have been doing it for over 6 years now and want to be home more with my family. Which I am so, so happy about!!!

I just cut it down at the end of the summer. When we have the baby I think I am going to take off 6+ months after. With all my babies it was at least 6 months (2 other children) and then I will only go back the 1 day a week (HOPING)!!!
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I am a massage therapist, and work in the evenings/on the weekends when DH is home from his office job to watch DS. I also teach at a massage school one day a week. We are now in the process of enclosing our carport and adding a bathroom, so I will soon have a massage studio at the house! So excited! I'll work until my belly puts me too far from the table to be effective
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I work full-time as an RN on a cardiac floor. I work overnights, and I plan on working as long as I possibly can. Planning on 2-3mos of mat leave then back at it for a year and a half until my contract is up, then only working 2 days a month. Wishing I could be a sahm but things just aren't panning out for that right now.
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I work FT doing payroll/accounting for a manufacturing company...not quite sure what I'll be doing once #3 arrives...we have 2 in daycare right now, and there is NO WAY we can afford 3...that's about the only thing I'm *really* worried about with this pregnancy, and I'm trying to have faith that somehow we will figure it out!
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There are so many RNs in this DDC! I am an L&D RN, right now working full-time nights as a travel nurse. Have some ideas, have an interview at a birth center next week for .70 which would be an amazing position, but open to anything. Sometimes am panicked thinking about all the changes, especially since this LO was a surprise, but have a feeling that it was meant to be. Trying to let go and let it be.


Other RNs ... how is your work/life balance as a new mom? Have you worked while pregnant? Worked nights while pregnant? How soon did you go back? Were you able to pump at work? I am terrified of working close to FT, having crazy shifts and having my milk dry up postpartum. But I do love nursing and feel it will be very good for our family. Any tips?

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I'm a Correctional Officer with the state. I work 40 hrs a week (sometimes more.) It's high stress and obviously not the most safe profession, but it is what it is. Part of me really wants to be a SAHM again. Part of me knows I'll probably go crazy if I do. And of course the logical part of me knows its not feasible for me to lose my income (I make more money than DH by almost $600 a month) Right now I'm just taking it one day at a time.


The hardest part is not getting enough time with my husband and kids all together. DH works Th-M 6am-2pm I work Sat-Wed 4pm-12a. We haven't had any time together since he started the job. Hopefully my paperwork for a days off change will go through and we'll both at least get two days a week together.

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