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Soda without so much sugar that is not diet??

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Hi all.. Can anyone give me suggestions on a caffeinated soda that doesnt have a ton of sugar but that isnt diet either?? I normally drink mountain dew in the morning mainly just to wake me up (I dont like coffee,makes me too wired) ... I just hate to be getting all that sugar though, and I dont want to drink diet sodas with the aspartame or sucraolose... Does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative?? Thanks everyone!

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I was going to say IZZE, but that's not caffinated. I'd look in the natural section of the store, they usually have natural sodas with less sugar.
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Hmm. I usually go to wal mart, not sure they have a natural section. lol wondering if I need to go to whole foods ...
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I'd suggest mixing plain soda water with your favorite caffeinated soda (preferably a delicious HFCS-free one).
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Thanks for the tip Jamie!
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There aren't a lot of low-sugar sodas out there that also have caffeine. Maybe you could experiment with making different types of caffeinated iced tea, and keep some on hand in a pitcher in the fridge?
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I don't know about caffeine but I love Zevia, it is made w/Stevia and the orange flavor is soooo yummy.

Here's the link:

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Thanks everyone..

Tea is an idea..

Also, the zevia might be good also.. I am thinking they have a cola that has caffeine it... I would probably need to go to whole foods for that..
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You can buy flavoured syrups (lime cordial comes to mind) & mix with fizzy water. Or, even better, mix juice with fizzy water. My personal fave is cran-raspberry. Or even pure juice, not a blend. Not as sweet, but I bet you will grow to like it even better.
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Hmmm... I've never seen a natural low sugar/non diet soda with caffeine. I would love to find one.
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I used to mix juice concentrate with soda water when I was pregnant, instead of drinking the gallons of Faygo that my body demanded. As for the caffeine, maybe just a caffeine pill? I know that's terrible, but I understand the need for caffeine as well as soda.

Tea will make you much less "wired" feeling than coffee, however.
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Have you ever had kombucha? It contains caffeine & has bubbles, but it isn't soda! There are lots of flavors to choose from. You can get it at the health food store or WF. If you like it, you can make your own for pennies! I'm hooked on the stuff!
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I like to add juice to sparkling water when I need a soda fix without the sugar... Not sure what is available with caffeine though.
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Maybe Izze or Orangina... but those don't have caffine... :

If I want a caffinated soda I always drink a Mexican Coke. They are made with real cane sugar, NOT HFCS.... which is just better for you.

But I drink like 2 sodas a year
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I love Zevia, too. Virgil's diet sodas are made with xylitol and stevia and are really delicious. I believe both brands have a cola option.
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I'd drink unsweetened iced tea. Doesn't get more natural than that.
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IF coffee makes you jittery, then try green or black tea. OR maybe try a half cup of coffee, or coffee that's half caffeinated/half decaf. Then you can add your own sweetener to the beverage (sugar, molasses, honey, agave, stevia, etc.)

Mountain Dew also has artificial color in it, which makes some people wired or jumpy. That might be affecting you as much as the sugar content, especially if you don't otherwise consume a lot of artificial colors.
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I was going to suggest seltzer cut with some juice. But for caffeine I would suggest tea with the sweetner of your choice.
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Yeah I agree with the suggestion to drink black tea either hot or iced, and you can sweeten it yourself. This would be very inexpensive too. And I can tell you black tea does not make you jumpy like coffee.

Or Kombucha! It's fermented black tea that is fizzy, and comes in flavours. It has health benefits because of the fermentation. It is mostly likely sweetened with a natural substance, not artificial sweetner or HFCS.

Brands are:

Only downside is price. Way more than Dew LOL

Here is info on making it yourself:

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another non-caf but Polar puts out a new "soda" that I love called Fruit Appeal. they have like 5 flavors and it's great! only like 12g of sugar and has the fizzyness I crave! totally satisfies my soda craving and I dont feel too bad drinking it
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