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Hi ladies, I didn't know where to post this since its a combination of sex/family planning issues, as well as a "adjusting to life with a baby" type issue.

I have a great marriage but our sex life has gone bye-bye since our baby. I attribute most of this due to the fact that I do not wanna get pregnant right now, and I am totally unsure of any birth control to use. I do not want a Mirena or IUD (totally weirds me out), I don't want to take the pill because I don't want to lose my milk supply or even risk it (and the mini pill doesnt seem way effective anyway to be worth the hormones), and our attempts at condoms are futile - they hurt me, bareskin is totally perfect but the second a condom is on, it drives me insane to the point I have to quit.

So all of this has made me just not really want sex. Ontop of having a new baby, and pouring my everything into her, sex never happens anymore. My hubby is feeling neglected, but I avoid sex because I don't want another baby.

He doesn't want a second baby just yet like me, but feels confident enough using the withdrawal method and he's really good at it.

Does anyone here not wanna get pregnant, but feel lost on birth control options - therefore, avoid sex and lose all desire for it because of fears?