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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is brilliant. I think I may have found this year's grandparent gifts!

I was just thinking the same thing!!!! LOVE this idea!
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I just found this page on about & figured I would post it, in case anyone else is still nailing down their schedule. I haven't read through all the days yet, but it looks like they have a few options for each.

Advent calendar ideas
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I know that this post was originally about activities and treats to fill a traditional advent calendar, but I wanted to share our advent plan for this year.

I gathered up 24 of our Christmas or winter themed books (I had to scour the thrift stores and request a couple from paperback swap to reach 24) and wrapped each one in holiday paper. I'm going to number them 1-24 and let DS unwrap a book every night at bedtime that we can read before bed. I've saved 'The Night Before Christmas' for the last night.

Now...can anyone tell me where I can get some cute tags to number the books with?
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I am planning on doing an advent calander this year, so notes.gif

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Cool thread! I was planning to make an Advent calender (probably a fabric-type one, if I can get my sewing machine fixed)... I was just going to do chocolates, but activities is a much better idea! Well... activities and chocolates, of course. :p


My list includes the Christmas events around town (a non-Christmas-related but fun fair, the Christmas parade and a church display/carols/pat the donkeys thing)... berry picking... making Christmas cards (over several days), baking the Christmas cake, watching a Christmas movie and so on.

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notes.gif   Thinking of redoing my own list to incorporate some of the new stuff.  :)


And actually, I'm going to get really ambitious and try to make a set of stories for each month based on a theme.  :D  If that's overwhelming, I'm going to try for 1 full week devoted to the holiday of the month and 1 full week to a character trait (a single one that will get all the focus for that week).

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I so appreciate all the great ideas on this thread! I am going to start one this year for my son and I am really looking forward to it.

I found a couple other great ideas I wanted to share. One was sending e-cards to relatives and friends. I loved this because it was free and my son always likes getting those jib jab cards or other cool emails that come to me but I know he will love. I really think he will like making one of these.

The other idea was frozen ice ornaments. Basically you get a tin foil pie pan.  Fill it with little objects and then place a string in the pan. Fill it with water and freeze. Remove it from the pan and hang it outside to either melt slowly or stay frozen depending on where you live.

Here's the link to the instructions if it works



I did the re-wrapping of the Christmas books last year. That was fun too - it was cute to re-read all the little baby books from years ago!

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