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Hi all! I'm new to this forum. I've always planned to homeschool but have kind of waffled over method. We have been waldorf inspired to this point but as my ds (3.5) is getting older I decided that I want him to do more of the directing of the learning. If he wants to learn about letters and such before he's 7 he should be able to, you know? He has also started gymnastics recently as a way for him to be with other kiddos his own age and I decided that if I want him to be able to really play and relate to other kids his age in the big city we live in he needs to be exposed to the pop culture that they all share while at school, so I recently got the cable hooked back up and he has been decided what he wants to watch (mostly Dora and Diego

Anyway, so now we will be doing a child led education but I am still going to keep an eye on the yearly educational goals and gently encourage topics he may not encounter on his own so that he is on track with his friends and just because that is important to me. From the unschoolers I know in real life I thought this encouragement would disqualify us from being unschoolers but I'm finding here that there is a wide range of unschoolers and maybe we do belong somewhere
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Hi and welcome. I check in here every once in a while, so I may see you around. I also have a blog if you'd like a peek into another unschooling family's lifestyle and how we learn. We love our life together and enjoy the learning that happens each day. It's our own brand of unschooling!

Enjoy the conversations happening here in this forum. I have found it a friendly place to explore topic along the theme of lifelong learning.

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Yep. Unschooling is a spectrum...just like APing.

You'll have to come hang out with us soon.
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