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Chores for my 3 and 5 year olds

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I'm spending so much time picking up after my kids that I don't have any energy left to do any actual cleaning! So my oldest one, who's 5, helped me make this chores list. Does this seem reasonable for their ages? Would you recommend rewarding them for doing their chores? I wasn't planning on it, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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I recommend - no rewards.

I would chat to him and explain how hard it is for you to do all the work and then leave it up to him to decide if he wants to help or not.

Can you have one area of the house for them so that if they mess etc you can just close the door until you can clean it?
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Honestly, I think it's necessary to teach children to pick up their own toys and to help clean their rooms. At 5 your child will likely need some direction. I think your chore list looks great, and it's wonderful that you involved your child in the creation of it.

ETA I wouldn't reward them, either. I may tell them that if they help you to keep your home clean by picking up their toys, etc., you'll have more time to spend with them doing fun things. Of course, that's its own reward, but it's a natural reward.
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are they home all day or not? for our family, this would work well (the "before bed" aspect of it) because we're only home in the evenings, so that's when stuff would happen - after dinner, before bed. if they are playing with toys in the living room all day, then it would be easier for them to handle cleaning up before lunch, before dinner and before bed. that way, it won't get out of control.

what does cleaning their room entail? at this age, i feel like my kids need pretty specific instructions.

i agree with no rewards. helping out is part of being a family, and taking care of our things is the responsibility that comes along with having them! that being said, i do often motivate my kids by reminding them of what is coming next (therefore, as soon as we get the cleaning done, we get to do xyz, but if it takes too long we might not have time for everything we want to do) . . . and occasionally if i'm asking them to do something out of the ordinary, i will offer a coin. that only works with my 5yo, not my 3yo, because my 5yo will actually save up and buy something but 3yo just gives his money to his brother!
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i love that chart! I might steal that idea. A picture of what you want the room to look like is perfect!

Here's what we do. My kids are 6, 5, and almost 4. Every Friday my 3 kids get $2 each (well, my 3 year old doesn't really, but we give her some change for her piggy bank every now and then and she's happy ) They get $2 just for being a part of the family and helping to do their part (listening to Mommy & Mama, being nice to their sisters, helping each other, keeping their rooms and play area's picked up, etc.). It's not a reward, but it's how we choose to give them their allowance. And daily I threaten, "Do it, or I get a quarter!"

I really like your chart though!
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LOVE the picture idea. I think I read it somewhere but your list kind of cements it for me.

I want my children to have household responsibilities that are not linked to financial rewards, and then to give them the opportunity to earn money by doing my chores.

My three year old (four tomorrow!!!) has the following:

-clear place at table (all meals)
-make bed (morning and nap)
-clean up toys in playroom (before bath)
-pick up bath toys

I want them to do more but I don't have time for follow-up. I need to get on it.
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Thanks for the input! We'll try this out for a while and just make it part of our routine at night (homework's done, toys are picked up, bathtime, teeth brushed, story, etc.). I'm on the same page as far as rewards. I'm hoping it will my life a little easier while also teaching my kids about being responsible and helping out at home!
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