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Avery Campbell is here!

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Born 10/6
Weight 5lbs 11oz
Length 19 1/4 "
EDD 11/16

We're still not online at home and I feel like I've missed out not being able to check in at MDC. I have 2 minutes online before I'm needed back at home, but I'd love to share our story at length another time. Basically I went into labor at 34 weeks was able to have a VBAC though in the hospital rather than at home, shortly after arriving at the hospital the talk switched from the questionable safety of a VBAC to whether my placenta was abrupting or not. Turns out it had started to break away from my uterus, but baby was never in jeopardy. He came out pink and crying and besides the once over in the NICU was able to room-in with me for the duration of his stay. We've been home since Monday and everyone is doing great!!
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Congratulations! That is wonderful!!!
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Congratulations, Nikki - I'm so glad everything went so well, considering he was born early. I'd love to hear your birth story, once you're able to sit down for a few minutes to write it. Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations mama and welcome Avery!
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Congratulations! So glad it was a healthy birth and baby!
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congrats on the vbac and healthy baby boy!
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Yay!!!! Congratulations. It sounds like despite the fact he came early, everything turned out wonderfully. Enjoy your little babe!
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Congratulations! Wow, so many babies already in our DDC.
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Congratulations Nikki!!! Welcome baby Avery!!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby Avery!!

I'm glad that he is healthy and doing well!
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Congrats Nikki! And welcome earthside, baby Avery!

What a great size he was for being a 34-weeker! Glad you all are home and doing well. Enjoy your babymoon!
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welcome, welcome Avery! congrats mama Nikki!
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Yay for VBACs and healthy babies! And what a great weight for 34 weeks! Welcome Avery!
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Congratulations, Nikki! So glad everyone is doing well! Congrats on your VBAC!
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Congrats! And I rejoice with you that you got your VBAC.
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Congratulations and welcome!
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