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Upcoming Move

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Does this look like a smooth move for us? I am interested specifically in the sale of our house/finding new housing. I would appreciate anything you could tell me about it. I have butterflies in my stomach. I am excited about the move and excited to go back to NM, but the finances scare me. Thanks.
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Overall, I do feel that the move will be smooth. But I can see a little bump in the road. I feel that something slightly unexpected will occur along the way. But it does not feel like it messes anything up or makes it not a good experience. It's just an unexpected change in plans. Not the moving plans, but more like how it all goes down. I can't tell you what it is, b/c then it wouldn't be unexpected, but I am giving you this heads up so that when you hit this little bump, you recognize it and just simply change things up and work through it. It's really not a big deal, it's just a frustration. I think it's more like your nervous factor manifesting. So once you deal with that head on, then it will be like nothing is really that big of a deal and you will realize that.

I like that you are moving. I think it's a good decision!
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