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storing toys

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DD doesn't have a ton of toys, but enough that if they're not picked up twice a day my house looks like a toy aisle threw up. We have one basket of toys in the living room, one in the basement, one in her room and books everywhere. The problem with the baskets is that they're not very sturdy and everything tends to fall out and the baskets tend to break if they're not handled carefully. Needless to say my toddler doesn't. They were only a few bucks at Wal-Mart so I'm not to worried that they're almost destroyed, but it does mean I'm looking for another toy storage option.

I don't want a storage shelving unit or anything like that b/c there's not that many toys and I do want something that will blend in with our normal furniture. How do you store toys in communal living areas? I've seen some coffee tables with storage in them, but the larger ones are all fairly expensive.
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How about a storage ottoman or 2? I've seen them for relatively little cost at stores like Target and Walmart.

I know you're trying to steer clear of baskets, but we have a few of these from Target (on sale for $28 a while back) and they're extremely sturdy and nice to look at. They have a strong metal frame.
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I have these laminate shoe shelves. Right now I am using 2, stacked on top of eachother to hold baskets of my sons nature toys (shells, stones, etc.), wooden cars, farm accessories and animals. Then another shelf is placed near his kitchen and holds a couple plastic shoe boxes of dress up stuff like glasses, and hats, and then other miscellanious things. I love that it helps keep like toys together and allows my son to easily find what he wants to play with and put away with ease.
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