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Originally Posted by JustVanessa View Post
Don't stress, bloating is normal, I am always really bloated in the first trimester.
Me too, have it now, ugh, ugh.
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Originally Posted by JustVanessa View Post
Don't stress, bloating is normal, I am always really bloated in the first trimester.
Awesome, thanks! I feel better now that I threw up this morning. (And so it begins...)
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I am so glad you ladies are having this too. I thought I was crazy (this is my first too). I have almost fallen asleep at work (school teacher) several times. I also almost fell asleep on my way to work a couple of times...kinda scary. I had to roll the windows down in the car and get some fresh air! I try to take a nap in the afternoon, and nothing! I feel like I've climbed Mt.Everest ALL DAY LONG (or how I would imagine that would feel)!!!
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I am completely exhausted, and I have a cold with a ridiculous cough. Coughing takes all the energy I have! and I've never been a napper so its very hard for me to lie down in the middle of the day, even when I can. Can't wait for the tired to subside!
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I'm so tired I can't even remember if I responded to this thread already lol

I can't believe the level of fatigue this time. I remember feeling similar with our first but of course, I had the luxury of lying around resting whereas I actually have to attempt to be a decent mother this time :P

Christine, I can relate about the cough, we have the cold here too. It's on it's way out thank God.
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Tired in my bones. That exhausted feeling you get after you've done good hard physical labor. I slept 12 hours last night. I hate my bed, I wake up every single morning with a back ache. Sadly it's on the 2nd floor of our apt and I can't manage to maneuver the boxspring up the 180 degree turn in the stairs. I have a split board under the mattress, but I'm not sure that is helping. Seriously considering getting a new bed. Growing babies is tiring work!
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I am also exhausted. Sleeping way more than usual, and always yawning.
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it's exhausting making a human being...that's what i tell Ty every time he makes fun of me for sleeping all day and still being tired.
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I have also been experiencing this same type of fatigue and my MW suggested I start taking iron. In the history of the world and my previous three pregs, my iron has never been even close to low at any point. She ordered blood tests but in the mean time I've been taking Spa-Tone iron supplements and I feel ten times better. Still not 100% but I'm at least able to do the minimum to keep the house running now. Before I spent every waking moment longing for my bed. I tried doing some brisk walking but I only felt worse.
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I feel like such a lazy butt lately because I can't stop napping! Every day it's like I can barely get off the ground... when my kids get up I put on a movie and nap on the couch and then convince them to go outside so I can sneak in another 20 minutes.
ON TOP OF THAT I'm usually taking another short nap in the afternoon, then sleep 8-9 hours at night (although that's heavily broken). HOW MUCH SLEEP COULD I POSSIBLY NEED?!
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I remember being tired the first two times, but this time it's just so much more overwhelming. I can barely get off the couch before 10am every morning, so my littles are just watching videos and foraging in the kitchen for snacks while I "sleepervise." Then I take a sleepervising nap almost every day, and I'm tired again by 10pm. Now I have a horrible head cold, too, and I'm just useless! Poor, wonderful DH has been cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, watching kiddos ALL WEEKEND while I sleep!
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Originally Posted by bax View Post
OMG. I just that is great, mind if I steal it to use?
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