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Our DS is 7 yo & unvaxed. He was BF til 26 mos - self weaned. We take a lot of extra C, D & B complex.

I homeschool but he's still takes this lesson & in activites. We're much healthier as a whole than the vaxing families.

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Bfed each for atleast 3 years.Health benefits was the main reason.Would have done it regardless of my choice in vaccinating.I recall reading a research article on the effects of breastmilk on the gut.It was very informative.

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My son was partially vaxed up to 6 months then I stopped them completely.  He nursed until he was two, and then he weaned himself when I got pregnant with his sister.  His sister is now 2, no vaxes at all, and still...nurses from time to time.  She'll sit on my lap and say "I turtee," (aka I'm thirsty).  I would have done it even if I had vaxed them....child-led weaning.  I think it does help, though, that they are rarely sick like many other kids and I feel the extended breastfeeding definitely helped them.  Of course even some EBF kids, or any length of BM kids, can get sick a lot as well so it's not a blanket statement but it is a gut feeling on my part.

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I didn't vax and I wanted to bf as long as possible to help with immunity so he is just about done with bf and he is now 4. So yes, I went long for health sake. 50 months. 

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My dd is selectively vaxed and nursed for 32mths.

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ds2 is 8 months and still going. I've put some solids on his tray like peas, banana, avacado, squash, things like that and he really doesn't care for it. He ate like 3 peas today for breakfest. He really likes breastmilk and I'm happy to give it to him for as long as he wants.

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The two issues are unrelated to me also, however if my unvaxed son was receving formula I would be a bit more nervous.

I plan on BFing for at least 2 years, however the next nine months of that will be doner milk as I just found out I am pregnant and I have virtually no milk right now greensad.gif
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DS 1 nursed for 2.5 years, though he did receive some vaxes.  DS 2 is still EBF at 7 months, and I plan to let him go as long as he likes, or until about 2.5 or so, and definitely some of the reasons we're EBF rather than starting any solids is the vax thing with DS2.  DS1 is 5 now, and I can count on my fingers the number of times he's been seriously ill.  I do attribute a lot of that to the extended BFing, though I think some has to do with good genes, good hygiene, and good luck. 

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