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Has anyone used this product?

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It looks so AWESOME! I leak a bit all day, and I don't know if it is 2 ounces. I do know that using the lilypadz is nice, but a little inconvenient, and blocking the milk isn't as comfortable as letting it leak a little if it needs (into my nursing bra's which are thick enought that no one can see but I can feel...) so this product really look like a great idea. I hate to purchase it if it doesn't work or is uncomfortable.
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No mine will only take her milk from the source but I would have loved one o these with my first..

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It is comfortable but it's huge so I wouldn't want to wear it out of the house. Also if you use it, don't bend over to put the baby in the swing after they fall asleep nursing. I forgot I had it in my bra and the milk poured out all over me and the sleeping baby, haha.
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Yeah, my biggest complaint with the milksaver is that I do a lot of my leaking at night, and it's not closed on the top so you can't turn over once you've gotten it adjusted into place. Otherwise, it's a great idea. I just wish they made one that was closed all around and you opened when you needed to get the milk out.
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So, how often are you supposed to empty them, assuming you're going to feed that milk to your baby? Because, I know milk can sit out at room temp for most of the day, but this is warmer than room temp since it's against your body. I just wonder about bacteria and such.
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I used nipple shells with my first because I had flat nipples, and they collected milk. The instructions said to discard that milk though, and not to feed it to the baby. I don't remember if they said why, but I had assumed it was because of the higher temp. At any rate, it would make me feel a bit nervous about using something like this.
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Interesting! I'd use one.
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I empty it right after I nurse the baby and the milk has stopped leaking. I don't think it's a safety issue. I'm not leaving it against my body for 8 hours or anything.
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I really wanted one of these, but by the time I found out about them, I had stopped leaking.
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I realize this doesn't help with regular leaking, but my friend took this idea and used it for letdown leaking. She would take a small container and put it over the nipple on the side she wasn't using first and collect all the milk from that letdown. She saved something like 50oz without even having to pump in a few weeks.
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