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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post
We attempted this weekend, even though I was feeling really nervous about my tear/stitches. I felt some stinging, tensed up, and then Baby Andrew woke up from his nap. So Andrew was crying, I was wincing, and I think my DH wanted to cry! We're 6 w PP here. Maybe soon, but need the fear to subside more. Who else had a bad tear and are you feeling afraid about re-injury?
With my first, we didn't "succeed" until 3 months pp, although we were "trying" from like 6 weeks.

Totally normal to be afraid because of tears. Although counterproductive, because, as you saw, it will make you tense.

The best thing is to give yourself lots of time and lots of lubrication (artificial if you need to, which I did with my first-- breastfeeding hormones can get ya that way). That will help prevent any re-injury, which if you're 6 weeks pp you probably don't have anything to worry about anyway... it's just like the first pp poop, though, you get all nervous and tense which probably makes it even more difficult, rotfl, but then once it's over it's suddenly easy and not bad.

Yeah, I know-- hard to have "lots of time" with a baby...

It'll happen, though
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I had a very bad tear with our first, and this tear was close to that. I second what others have said...lube is good. Plus, if baby wakes up or things aren't going well, don't be afraid to stop and try again another day. I think sometimes the pressure to get it done, and done fast (if baby is waking) makes it more uncomfortable than anything.
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i had a bad tear (well 3 of them) this time and with my first(not my 2nd though, just a small episiotomy with him) - i was really nervous this time because i'd never had a tear on the side/front before.. we dtd at just over 5 weeks and i could barely tell anything was different .. the main things i noticed were the lack of the big belly and how much bigger i am than i was pre-pg .. i don't know if i'm just weird or what but ive never had any pain related to my stitches once they healed at 3-4 weeks pp
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