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I finally had a birth dream last night! Unfortunately, it was a sucky one! Nothing really tragic, just upsetting to me.

So, I dreamed I headed in to some generic hospital where, for some reason, I was set up with an epidural. FTR, I haven't had an epidural since my first birth. The next thing I knew, I "woke up" in my home with a baby girl in my bed, and absolutely no memory of the delivery at all.

I knew that I had given birth, but I was so disconnected from the whole thing that I just kept leaving her with dh. And, for some reason, I was having major trouble finding a toilet that worked, lol, which is NOT a good thing immediately PP!

In my dream, it actually took me a while for it to sink in that she was a girl. We learned that our baby is a boy not from an u/s, but from CVS testing when we ruled out Trisomy 18, so the sex being "wrong" would be a major problem!
But I woke up from the dream just as all that was coming together in my head.

Anyway, I just had to get that out somewhere where other people could relate to the crazy mind games!