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Exactly, the LMP due dating is based on CD14 ovulation, so you could easily be fine as far as dates go if you ovulated around CD19...that's almost a week later than the "suggested" EDD.

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Originally Posted by la mamita View Post

Exactly, the LMP due dating is based on CD14 ovulation, so you could easily be fine as far as dates go if you ovulated around CD19...that's almost a week later than the "suggested" EDD.

I figured that probably was it. This was strictly based on observation of EWCM and nothing else...but I started EWCM on Friday, Oct 8th and had it through the 16th or 17th (TMI I know but hard to know for sure about the 17th because discharge could have been from DTD). The heart rate was 110 at the u/s which I read was fine it seems for age of 5w6d (which is what I was measuring). My DS measured small too...which of course never freaked me out like it does after having a m/c. I started my m/c on Sept 22 and it was fairly uneventful after the first day (typical period bleeding after I passed the clots/tissue the first day).


If this is accurate then it might push my EDD into early July ~ although they never adjusted my due date with DS for measuring small...and he was 8 days early. I go back on Tuesday for bloodwork and then after Thanksgiving I go for a pelvic exam and I do hope he will use the doppler to hear the heartbeat again...and hoping that gives me enough comfort until the u/s in December! This PAL is enough to put someone in the mental ward in a real quick hurry. Thanks for the response la mamita!

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Hey ladies!!

Just checking in. Sounds like everyone is doing great so far. I had my 12 wk appt yesterday (actually 11w1d). I was so nervous and of course expected the worst. We heard the hb almost immediately with the Doppler. It felt like a huge load was lifted off my shoulders.

We actually asked for a quick US because we wanted pics to put in our frames to give to family tonight. At first, him/her was wiggling about. But I guess the sound of the US freaked him/her out and all movement stopped. She tried bouncing and wiggling the wand but evidentally he/she is going to be stubborn like daddy. But we got a great pic and saw the little flicker on the screen. Hopefully, I can stop worrying a little and just learn to relax.
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la mamita, I'm in the same boat as you. I only had one period between my miscarriage in August and finding out that I was pregnant in October. I'm going for an ultrasound to get a better idea of my dates on Dec. 1. It seems like a long time to wait!

I'm so anxious about this pregnancy. I'm 11 weeks now, and my morning sickness is getting a little better, which I know could be normal, but it also freaks me out because when I miscarried at 9 weeks over the summer, my morning sickness also subsided.

I think the Dec 1 ultrasound will at least make me feel more secure that I don't have a "missed miscarriage".

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Just posting to bump this thread and see who is here! I am finding myself needing reassurance tonight. My MS dropped off a little today although tonight I am finding myself with a little heartburn. My anxiety had really tapered off with the increased MS and of course I was begging for a reprieve from the MS...and now that I have it I am begging for it's return. I go on Tuesday for a pelvic exam and to hear the heartbeat so I am hoping that brings good news. No reason at all for me to think there is anything to worry about ~ except the loss in September that still echos in my head.


I am 9 weeks today (per the ultrasound dating) or could be as much as 10w5d (per formula). I have had lots of MS this last week and constant nausea and today was actually a pretty good day. Had more energy although I did take a bit of a nap and slept late. Just needing to hear other mamas in the same boat chime in if you are around tonight!

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hey there just popping in to give you some reassurance!

There have been afew days now that I've though oh gosh I think my symptoms are gone! but then the next day I seem to wake up sick as ever.  I am now approaching 12 weeks and I think they ARE actually lessening after bleeding and cramping and two previous losses the sickness has almost been welcome, but I've also learned that I need to relax in this pregnancy because it isn't any pregnancy before or any after it's this one right now and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible and worry less.



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Thanks ~ of course right after I posted this I started with the MS again and craving an avocado (DH is currently on the town searching it over to get me one). I was helping DS brush his teeth and coughed...and immediately started gagging and thought I would soon have my head in the toilet although I managed to avoid it...I am now feeling the pang in my tummy of the MS...and it is so comforting to feel! Thanks for popping in to give me the reassurance. It is just so scary sometimes. I had lost a lot of the anxiety this week because I was so sick...and begging for a break from the sickness. Just wish there was a balance where the anxiety would go away and I could enjoy the reprieve from the sickness!


Tuesday I go for an appt ~ HOPING that brings me comfort to hear the heartbeat!

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I have an appointment on Wednesday and will have my 2nd ultrasound.  I'll be 10 weeks and 5 days, so I am hoping everything looks good!

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Loki - How did your appointment go?

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Just checking in with the ladies who have had appointments the last few days. I know the anxiety associated with the ultrasounds, so thinking of you...

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My ultrasound went fine, there was a 10 week 5 day baby with a little beating heart...he/she was moving around like crazy, which explains why I thought I had been feeling movement for over a week now!  I'm happy everything looked good!  I hope other people got good news at their appointments as well.  ((hugs))

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Mine went well. I was VERY anxious and my blood pressure showed it ~ 150/97. He tried to listen with the doppler but assured me it was likely just too early to hear so we did a little mini ultrasound (belly) and of course a belly ultrasound at this point in time is hard to read (9 weeks). He could see the heart fluttering and movement...and said the baby looks just fine. He did not do formal measurements or measure the heartbeat which (of course) I really wanted because I am so number hungry. He assured me that with his experience (of which he has plenty) that everything looks to be progressing along just fine and not to worry.


I am trying hard to not worry ~ and today the puking has taken my mind completely off the worries and made me focus plainly on the toilet! I am so grumpy/grouchy these days that it is not even remotely fun to be around me. I am trying to hard to pull myself out of this funk but between being so sick and being so worried ~ I am just a complete ball of a mess! My birthday is Friday and we have plans with friends...and then next weekend we are going out of town with some close friends...so I am hoping that helps to take my mind off of all of that and gives me some good days to focus on. My next ultrasound is Dec 27th ~ the screening for abnormalities. So that is my next "goal" in life!


Thanks for asking...how are you doing these days?

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posted over in the discussion about NT scans but I had mine today! It was great to see my sleepy but perfectly healthy possibly girl baby!



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All is well here. I just had my NT scan and the baby measured 11w4d. Heart rate 158. Kicking and squirming and nuchal fold measurements indicated no reason to worry. Yeah!

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YAY!!! congrats on the healthy baby and peace of mind!

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