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Is it worth starting thursh treatment if..

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I am pretty convinced DD and I have thrush. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner... I have been having breast pain since about 2 weeks after DD was born, she's 2 months today. At first I thought it was poor latch and getting used to nursing, then I thought it was because I stopped using nipple shields but the pain is getting worse and worse. My nipples hurt to the touch, they are red, if my shirt rubs against them I want to cry and when she latches it's a cross between burning fire and razor blades. Sat night I had a shooting pain in my right breast and that's when it occured to me that it could be thrush. DD doesn't have white spots as far as I can tell, she has had a persistent rash since she was about 1-2 weeks old, but DS had a rash about every day of his life since his skin is so sensitive so I figured that was just her too... she does however have a white film on her tongue, it looks like she has milk there or something I have just figured it was from eating etc, but now that I think I have thrush I am wondering if that's why her tongue is white...

anyway I called my OB they gave me a script for diflucan, which is what I wanted to begin with because I don't like the idea of a cream on my nipples when she nurses so much... so when I called them they stated over and over that I needed to get DD treated too. I told them I know that and I had a call into her ped.

The ped finally called back but they don't want to treat her till they see her tomorrow for her 2 month appt at which time they will look at it see if she needs treatment and discuss treatment options. So my question is, should I even treat myself now, or wait till I see what they say about her? and if they don't think she "needs" treatment then what? it seems foolish to treat myself if she has it and is going to give it back to me... please help!
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I would start now on yourself. In addition to the meds, a low-sugar diet for both of you plus probiotics is in order.

The tongue being white is a sign of thrush. You can get liquid or powder probiotics and give them to her.

I am dealing with a really nasty case right now and even two rounds of nystatin did nothing for me. I won't medicate her because she has a lot of intolerances but I am brushing probiotics onto her tongue at night before we nurse plus using them myself and also using using Motherlove's Thrush salve on my nipple during the day. I've been doing this the last few days and it seems to be finally starting to get better. I hope.

ETA: http://www.motherlove.com/product/23...nd-Thrush.html - it can be used on her diaper rash too. Also, if the thrush in her mouth clears up but not the diaper area you may want to consider food allergies as a source for that issue.
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Here ya go! From the amazing, Dr. Jack Newman...

Dr. Jack Newman's Candida Protocol
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And, FWIW, I too went through the "is this a latch issue?" thing...but by the time I finally determined it was thrush BOY was it horrible. I used nystatin (which I am not adamantly opposed to, because it's messy and rarely resolves thrush due to it being in a glucose base which just feeds the yeast) and when that did nothing but make it worse, I used gentian violet. I had to treat for a lot longer than normal (a week before it was resolved) because my thrush was so severe, but it worked! After that, I decided "when in doubt, treat for thrush!" I was determined to never let it get that bad again. I had another two instances, months later, where I thought it might be a latch issue. Thrush didn't seem as likely since I wasn't leaking as much, etc., but I treated for it anyway (I figured if the treatment didn't resolve it, then I'd know it was a latch issue and would proceed with that)...both times it was gone in a couple days, so it was thrush! But it never got more than mildly annoying, yay!
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Yes! Start working on it right away. Thrush is persistent stuff! If you don't see symptoms in your baby yet, you might be able to get rid of it without medication. Here's what I did with dd that worked great:

1. Remove sugar from your diet, limit or reduce refined flour and anything sweet, including fruit.

2. Take a good probiotic and give one to your baby (bifidus powder for baby mixed with a little breast milk or water)

3. Make a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 4-5 parts water. Spray or wipe this on your areolae after each time your baby nurses. Let your nipples air dry whenever possible.

4. If your nipples are dry, cracked, leathery, sore, apply vitamin E oil or coconut oil to them after they dry.

Continue this for a month after your symptoms are gone. My ds had horrible thrush by the time I noticed it, so I gave him nystatin in addition to the protocols listed above. We aren't totally out of the woods after 3 weeks, but both his mouth and my breasts are MUCH better.
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thanks everyone. I honestly still haven't started my treatment yet because I am not convinced anymore that it IS in fact thrush. The pain has been getting progressively better the past couple of days, my nipples aren't as red or sore either, DD has absolutely no signs of thrush per her ped (the film on her tongue is milk he says), i never did have any itching on my nipples, it was just the pain and burning when she latched. I am leaning towards it being a lazy latch from time to time. I am keeping a close eye on it, and also have the script the doc called in for me, if I feel like it is thrush I will definitely start the treatment and do some of the other things you all have suggested! I really appreciate it!
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My son and I had a nasty bout of thrush that I couldn't get rid of until I treated with Gentian Violet. It was messy and made us both PURPLE... but it worked. We did the nystatin/no sugar/probiotics and although it seemed to get a little better we still battled with it. So, if I get it with my daughter I will definitely go with the gentian violet! Good luck!
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