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Talk to me about subsequent babies and labors.

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So, are subsequent babies always bigger? Are subsequent labors usually always shorter? (I'm hoping for a "no" to the first question, and a "yes" to the last. )
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IME, the answer is yes and no. Ds2 was a 30 hour labor and 9 pounds, ds3 was a 30 hour labor and 9 lbs 8 oz.

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My first was 6 lbs 4 oz and the labor was 6 hours.
My second was 7 lbs 8 oz and the labor was 6 hours.

Pushing time was drastically decreased though. Like 2 hours with my first and 15 minutes with my second.
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First: 7lbs 10oz - 11 hours labor w/2 hours pushing
Second: 8lbs 8oz - 5 hours labor w/15 minutes pushing
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my first baby was 8lbs 9oz, my second was 8lbs 3 oz, and my third was 9 lbs 8 oz. So not always.

My first labor was 8 hrs (pit induced from nothing), second was long and plodding and slow, but not overly horribly painful or anything. My third was fast and easy (thank you hypnobabies!).
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Mine didn't follow any kind of plan. My biggest baby was also my 1st baby, earliest gestation, and easiest labor. Go figure.
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First: 6 hours and 7 lb. 8.5 oz.
Second: 3 hours 45 minutes 8 lb.

FWIW, the second labor was easier, had a shorter pushing phase, and less tearing despite the baby being bigger
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For me, yes.

DD1 - 8lb 13oz 21 hours of hard labour
DD2 - 9lb 8oz 45 minutes of quite manageable labour

But didn't follow the pattern of second babies coming earlier, much to my chagrin! DD1 was 43+1, DD2 43+6!!
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Both of mine weighed exactly the same at birth (7 lbs 3 oz) and my labors were exactly the same length too (7.5 hrs, both homebirths). Actually if I got to choose I'd much to prefer a labor like my first...in spite of being the same length, my second labor was much more intense. Pushing time was less (5 min. vs. 20 min) but I had a 2nd degree tear instead of a 1st degree one like my first. I'm just odd, I know! We'll see how #3 goes, hopefully some time next week. As far as my midwives can tell he's right on track to be about the same weight as the other two.
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I was the first baby and over a pound heavier than my brother. (8lb 6oz, 7lb 4 oz)
I don't know labor lengths though, at least not my brother's. I think his was shorter though.
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Yes and yes for me:
DD1 7lbs14.5oz, about 4hrs active labour, 5mins pushing (though i spent a long time (over an hour) fighting the urge due to poor care/advice so i didn't push until crowning)
DD2 8lbs8oz, 61mins active labour, 6mins pushing (baby was at spines 6mins before she was born).

I will say though, that the extra 8.5oz was basically irrelevant given i'd already done it once before. Getting a nearly 8lb babe out of a previously unstretched vagina was harder than getting a bigger babe out of a seasoned vagina. i tore 2nd degree 1st time and only 1st degree 2nd time. Neither of them restituted (didn't turn to deliver their shoulders) so i have plenty of room, both of them seemed to near-enough shoot right out.
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As a generality? No and No.

But in my case, it was yes and yes.

And the labors with the bigger babies were both shorter and better.
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baby 1: 27 hours of labor, 4+ of pushing, 7#10 oz, a very very hard labor (15 days late, pit drip, then stopped labor due to a problem, then pit to restart, many interventions, gah!)

baby 2: 3-4 hours of labor, 20 or so min of pushing, 7#11 oz, a very very easy labor (took castor oil and OJ like the mw said! at 12 days late)

baby 3: 5-6 hours of labor, 1 or so hour of pushing, 8#4 oz, a fairly easy labor (only 3 days late, not castor oil, no pit, no interventions)
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My first baby was 7 lbs, 11 oz, born at 38 + 3, 14 hour labor (all hard, with sporadic but intense contractions from the beginning) Only 19 minutes of pushing. I had a labial tear, no stitches. I will be interested to see what happens next time, since I always hear this about bigger babies & shorter labors!
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for me- no and yes
#1 hospital 13 hrs 8lb 5oz
#2 -UC 5 hrs 10 lbs
#3 -UC 4 hrs 11 lbs
#4 -UC 2 Hrs 8 lbs
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For most people I know, yes and yes. Although both my kiddos weighed about the same.

#1- 8.11, 48 hr+ labor
#2- 8.9, ~10 hr labor

45 min pushing for both, but still the pushing phase was sooo much easier with #2. I did not feel like I had even given birth 10 min later, perineum-wise.
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No and no.

7lb9oz and more than 24 hours
9lb2oz and about 8 hours
8lb10oz and about 7 hours
7lb15oz and about 15 hours

The only thing I can say about my own labors is that my fastest was the only one in which there was not a single medical intervention during labor or delivery.
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Not in my case, unfortunately...

#1 : 8lbs, 2oz. 8 hour labor (induced w/ Pit), went from 5 to 10cm and pushing her out in 20 minutes. It was fabulous!

#2 : 9lbs, 12oz. Two days of induced labor, although I don't necessarily count the first day because things didn't really get moving until they broke my water the morning of the 2nd day. So if you go from that point, 12 hours of 'real' labor, pushed for more than 2 hours, they did an episiotomy because they thought her shoulders would get stuck (they didn't)...it was not really a good experience.
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In my case, yes.

DD1 - 7lbs, 7oz, 5-6 hour labor, 60 minutes of that was pushing
DD2 - 8lbs, 1 hour 40 minute labor, 5-15 of that was pushing
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My first was a 24h labor, an hour of pushing, 6 lb 11 oz baby, at 37w0d.
My second was a two contraction labor- one at 3:30, and one at 10 when she was born. She was 5-13 at 37w1d.
My third I labored for two days, pushed five minutes (after some wierdness where I was complete and had an urge but physically couldn't), and had a 7 lb 7 oz baby at 38w4d.
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