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we're on our way to U~!!!

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after assuming we wouldn't get a court date until november, we were notified on saturday morning that we have a court date... on thursday!!! we were visiting my hometown for a wedding, waiting to eat breakfast at our favorite restaurant when I casually checked my email and were told we had a court date on thursday, and could we please arrive as soon as possible. We weren't sure that even WAS possible, but we managed to book flights that day, still go to the wedding we had just driven 13 hours for the day before, and we left the wedding at 10:30 pm (just as it was getting really good!!! ) to drive 13 hours back home!! My husband and I took turns driving and sleeping, and we made it home, ran some errands, packed, and went to a hotel near the airport. Made it to the bank this morning for cash, and we now sit in the airport waiting to board! No confirmed driver from the airport (though I think she will be there???) and no confirmed accommodation, but I'm hoping that by the time we arrive in amsterdam for our layover, all that will be waiting in my inbox, and I will REALLY be able to relax...a little....
I'm just now starting to get excited -- since we heard the news on saturday morning, I have mostly just been trying not to hurl. Now that everything is mostly sorted, I'm getting a little bit !!! We will arrive tuesday night, and meet our babies the next day, and go to court the following day!!!!
I'm going to start blogging again, but won't put my blog online until after everything is a bit more settled.
it's all finally happening!!! as crazy as it is, it's actually happening!!
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You have just MADE. MY. DAY.
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Congratulations. And FINALLY! I can't wait to read your blog when you're ready to share.
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: bouncy:adop theart:v iolin:jump ers

It's so hard to believe it's all really happening...you have waited so long...I'm crying I'm so happy
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I'm so happy for you Tiffani!!

Enjoy those babies!
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How wonderful! I hope you have safe travels and bring those little ones home safe and sound.
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Oh Oh Oh, Hurrrrraaaaaaay!

I hope you have completely uneventful travels. And that the bureaucracy fairies sprinkle their magical dust all over you!
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That's awesome! YAY!
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How freaking exciting!!!!!! So very happy for you! It's been such a long time coming!!!
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What a whirlwind! Crazy to see something happen so quickly when we're used to the waiting game!
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dawncayden pretty much said what I was going to say:


That is WONDERFUL!!! So happy for you, and your family, and I cannot wait to hear how everything goes! Safe travels, and best of luck!
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Congrats! I'm so happy for you.
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Yay, so happy for your family
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Congratulations! It has been such a long and emotional journey--I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about it when you can

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There. are. no words.

Just well wishes, wishes for safety, for allignment, for ease, for simple clear communicating, time to absorb it all and be with it, time to ride it all the way home, with your entire family.

You truely deserve this you guys. You are all in my thoughts each day since i first read the news...

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Congratulations. I've been out of internet zone for many days and I just read this. So excited for you.
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Wheeeeee!!!!! So excited for you!!!!!!!!

Some of the previous posters with the insane amount of smilies expressed it perfectly.
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